Café Bonheur - Lancôme’s Spring Collection

The Lancôme Spring Collection is here and over in Paris we are certainly having the weather to go with it! The sun came out last week and she hasn’t left us since. Parisians have been missing her warm embrace all winter long, and have made their way back outside to enjoy Spring’s pleasures earlier than expected, most of all, the café terraces that have suddenly come back to life.

Paris Rendezvous

Café culture is such a fixture in Parisian and French society. One can linger as long as they like and never be disturbed sipping a café crème, chatting with the neighbours at their tables, and most of all people watching the passersby. In fact, each café lines the sidewalks with tables facing outwards for all to take part in this French national sport. Spending a relaxing sunny afternoon this way is just my idea of happiness, a true delight I rediscover each year in Spring.

So it only makes sense that this same feeling has served as the inspiration for Lancôme’s Spring collection this year — Café Bonheur. Bonheur is one of the many words meaning happiness in French, and as Lancôme is all about spreading happiness they captured this joyful Parisian moment in a collection available to women across this world, and it’s as full of beauty as it is joy!

The darling packaging recalls the thatched chairs you’ll find in every combination of colors across Paris’s cafés, a symbol that has become incredibly iconic for the city of course. But what’s inside is even better, so here are a few of my favorites from the new Café Bonheur collection!

L’Asbolu Rouge Café Bonheur Topcoat — At first glance this sparkly clear lipstick looks like a bold choice for sunny Spring days, but the effect is perfectly subtle. It brings a bit of shimmer and shine to illuminate nude lips or layer on top of any of the other beautiful spring shades of L'Absolu Rouge to add a touch of iridescence worth showing off in the sunshine.

Le Harmony Eyeshadow Palette — Spring is all about feeling bright and fresh, so what better way to do so than with a fresh new palette for the season! A delicious selection of shimmering pastels add color and light to any number of looks you want to create!

Le Harmony Blush in Capitals — This darling tribute to the Lancôme brand is a playful interpretation of a blush to make adding a flushed and glowy touch to your look more fun than ever. The capital letters of Lancôme are made of an oil free, light weight formula that you can blend with a brush in a circular motion and use to highlight cheeks and more.

But that’s not all. New colors of L’Absolu Rouge, Vernis in Love, Le Monochramatique and more also make up this sweet and joyful collection. In French we often ask people if they have found their bonheur, or their happiness, and with Lancôme’s new Spring collection I can say oui, I certainly have

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