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How to Create an Ethereal Beauty Makeup Look

Emma Chamberlain’s ethereal makeup look using Idole Tints Liquid Eyeshadow Eye Blusher

If Clean Girl Makeup fell into a romantic daydream, it would be ethereal beauty makeup. This whimsical, yet minimalist makeup look is characterized by a smooth, dewy complexion, rosy cheeks, pops of color, and all-over shimmery highlights. Ethereal beauty makeup can be thought about as the romantic sister to the popular clean girl makeup look. Like clean girl, ethereal beauty is about enhancing your natural features using minimal makeup products, but with a fantastical take, using modern shapes, rich colors, and otherworldly shimmer to give the look its signature enchanting feel.

What Is Ethereal Beauty Makeup?

Ethereal beauty makeup refers to a makeup aesthetic that creates an angelic, soft, almost dreamlike appearance, emphasizing smooth, dewy skin and rosy cheeks. The look is popularized for its emphasis on simplicity and natural beauty, focusing on creating an airy, effortless look that enhances one's features without appearing heavy or overly done. Luminous skin and delicate details create an enchanting effect that inspires a feminine and romantic feel. Ethereal beauty makeup is easy enough to apply as an everyday look, and special enough to wear for date night or an evening out.

How Do I Make My Makeup Look More Ethereal?

Remember, the key to achieving an ethereal makeup look is to keep it soft, natural, and luminous. Focus on enhancing your features while maintaining an airy, dreamy aesthetic. You don’t need a ton of products to achieve this look, and choosing multi-use makeup products, like lipstick or eyeshadow, is highly encouraged. Elements of ethereal beauty makeup include:

Model with hydrated and luminous skin prepping for an ethereal beauty makeup look

Hydrated, Luminous Skin

To ensure that signature ethereal glow, start with a hydrating skincare routine. After cleansing and toning, apply a hydrating serum or essence – we recommend Advanced Génifique Face Serum for its silky, light-weight texture that quickly absorbs into the skin like a drink of water. Follow with your favorite brightening serum to give skin that otherworldly radiance. Clarifique Pro-Solution Serum includes 10% PHA (polyhydroxy acid) combined with niacinamide for visibly bright, even skin. Complete your skincare routine with our 3-in-1 primer, moisturizer, and sunscreen, UV Expert Defense SPF 50+ Primer & Moisturizer for a protected and perfected makeup base.

Model with a smooth and dewy complexion, a signature of ethereal makeup

A Smooth and Dewy Complexion

To achieve a smooth and dewy complexion, you may like to use face makeup with hydration benefits, like natural glowy foundation and serum concealer to help bring out your most radiant complexion.

PRO TIP: If you prefer an ultra-smooth blurred look, apply your favorite face primer, like our Priming Serum before face makeup to blur and minimize the look of pores, plus help improve makeup staying time. You can also wear this makeup primer alone for a soft, blurred look.

Application of Idole Tint shimmery eyeshadow and Idole Tint used as an eyeliner
Application of Idole Tint shimmery eyeshadow and Idole Tint used as an eyeliner

Ethereal Eye Makeup with Matte & Shimmery Eyeshadow

For ethereal beauty makeup, your eyes are the shining star. Play with your eye shape, colors, and finishes to create your look. To do this, use a versatile makeup product, like our Idôle Tint Liquid Eyeshadow & Eyeliner which comes equipped with a 2-sided applicator to apply smudge-resistant, buildable colors as eyeshadow and as eyeliner. Try a round shape, like doe eyes, or more angular, like a snatched fox eye. You can also lean into the natural eye space you have and try a graphic Euphoria style makeup look with eyeliner. Put dark shades aside and opt for softly pigmented rosy, peach, and neutral colors to create a romantic feel. Shimmery eyeshadow or a wet glossy finish adds ethereal enchantment, while a matte finish plays up the pillowy softness of a look.

Model wearing Lash Idole Mascara for lifted and feathery lashes a signature of ethereal beauty makeup

Lifted, Feathery Lashes

Wispy, fanned-out lashes add an airy and romantic effect to the eyes. Use your favorite lifting or volumizing mascara, like Lash Idôle Mascara, to achieve this. The lightweight gel formula won’t weigh on lashes, leaving them feathery soft with no flaking or smudging all day.

Lash Idole Mascara

Lash Idôle Mascara

Lash-Lifting & Volumizing

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Model applying Idole Tint as a cheek hack for rosy cheeks a signature of the ethereal makeup look

Rosy Cheeks Using Soft-Toned Blush

Blush is applied to give a natural flush to the cheeks and the bridge of the nose, playing up the softness – and cuteness! – of the look. Pinks, nudes, and mauves are recommended to create rosy cheeks and enhance the overall ethereal aesthetic. Grab a blush, or to scale back on products used, grab a multi-use lipstick, we recommend L'Absolu Rouge Intimatte Soft Matte Lipstick blushing nude lip colors and apply as blush. The lightweight pigments and added ceramides make this formula ideal for comfortable lip and cheek application.

MUA HACK: After creating your ethereal eye look, use the same shade of Idôle Tint Liquid Eyeshadow & Eyeliner on the cheeks to create a monochromatic makeup look. First, warm the formula on the back of your hand and apply it with a brush, or apply a few dots directly onto cheeks and blend with your finger or brush.

Model with shimmery highlights and shimmery eyeshadow using Idole Tint Liquid Eyeshadow as an eyeshadow and highlighter

All-Over Shimmery Highlights

With ethereal beauty makeup, it’s all about the delicate details. Shimmery highlights are encouraged on the eyes and the face, just enough for a whimsical effect. Take Idôle Tint in shade 01 Sunburst to layer shimmer onto the eyes and add highlight to the high points of the cheeks. Add a touch of highlight to the tip of the nose and rub any excess product onto the cupid’s bow for otherworldly radiance.

Model wearing a romantic shade of Intimatte Blushing Nudes soft matte blurred lipstick
Model wearing lip gloss for luminous and emphasized lips a signature of ethereal beauty makeup

Softly Pigmented, Neutral Lip Colors

Lips are often kept in natural, soft-matte nude lip colors for the ethereal beauty look. Smooth on the same L'Absolu Rouge Intimatte Soft Matte Lipstick blushing nude shade used on cheeks or another neutral shade to suit your desired look. The soft, blurred finish of this lipstick is your perfect match for creating a perfectly undone, blurred matte lip look, an effortless look similar to the K-Beauty trend, popsicle or ombre lips. A glossy lip finish can be used to add the perfect touch of luminosity. Glide on your favorite gloss, like our classic Juicy Tubes Lip Gloss in shade 03 Dreamsicle for a kiss of shine and an emphasized, pouty lip look.

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