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Body Care

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Absolue Soft Body Balm

Absolue Soft Body Balm

Smoothing & Firming

One size only for Absolue Soft Body Balm
6.7 fl. oz.
Old price New price $185.00

Confort Hand Cream

Nourishing & Softening

One size only for Confort Hand Cream
2.53 fl. oz.
Old price New price $30.00

Nutrix Royal Body Butter

Nourishing & Restoring

One size only for Nutrix Royal Body Butter
6.7 fl. oz.
Old price New price $49.00

La vie est belle Scented Body Lotion

Bright Iris & Warm Vanilla

One size only for La vie est belle Scented Body Lotion
6.7 fl. oz.
Old price New price $52.00

La vie est belle Scented Shower Gel

Bright Iris & Warm Vanilla

One size only for La vie est belle Scented Shower Gel
6.7 fl. oz.
Old price New price $52.00

Body cream vs body lotion – what’s the difference?

When it comes to body care, understanding the difference between body creams and body lotions is essential for achieving optimal body skin care. Body creams, like Lancôme’s luxurious Nutrix Royal Body Butter, are thicker in texture and provide additional moisture versus some body lotions, making them the perfect choice for dry skin or areas that need extra nourishment. On the other hand, body lotions, such as our lightweight and quick absorbing La Vie Est Belle Scented Body Lotion are ideal for everyday use or for those with oily skin.

Whether you prefer the rich nourishment of body creams or the light hydration of body lotions, Lancôme offers a wide range of body care products to cater to your unique body skin care needs.

What is a good body lotion for dry skin?

For those with dry skin, Nutrix Royal Body Butter is an excellent choice. It is a rich and nourishing body butter that will help restore your skin's moisture barrier and provide long-lasting hydration. Our body care products are specially formulated to meet the unique needs of different skin types. If you are looking for a lighter option, we also offer body lotions and body creams that are perfect for everyday use. For an extra sensorial experience, try our scented body lotions or hand creams, such as our Confort Hand Cream.

What is Lancôme's best body cream for aging skin?

Lancôme’s Absolue Soft Body Balm is a rich body cream and an excellent choice for aging skin concerns. This luxurious balm is specially formulated with face care ingredients, such as Niacinamide and our exclusive Absolue Perpetual Rose™ Extract, engineered for the body to help combat the visible signs of aging, leaving your body feeling supple, visibly youthful, and irresistibly smooth.

For the best results, always complete your body care routine by applying a broad-spectrum SPF sunscreen as the last step.

What is shower gel?

Shower gel is a luxurious and pampering body care product designed to cleanse your body while providing a refreshing and delicately scented experience. Our La Vie Est Belle Scented Shower Gel, infused with bright iris and warm vanilla, offers an indulgent shower experience while leaving your skin feeling rejuvenated and revitalized. Pro tip: Pair your scented shower gel with scented body lotion to make your scent last longer.

What is Lancôme's best smelling body lotion?

Lancôme's best smelling body lotion is ultimately up to you, but our La Vie Est Belle Scented Body Lotion stands out as an excellent choice if you are seeking an unforgettable hydration and fragrance experience in your body care routine. Infused with the captivating aroma of bright iris and warm vanilla, this body lotion not only nourishes and helps soften your skin, but also leaves you enveloped in a mesmerizing scent that lasts all day.

We recommend pairing our La Vie Est Belle Scented Body Lotion with our other La Vie Est Belle scented products, including our La Vie Est Belle Shower Gel and La Vie Est Belle Eau de Parfum. These products will not only enhance your overall body care experience but also ensure that you exude the beautiful scent of La Vie Est Belle from head to toe.

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