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Get the ultimate UV protection with Lancôme sunscreen. With moisturizers with SPF for face and body, our greaseless formulas leave skin hydrated all day while blocking harmful rays.

Sun Care

Sun Care

(5 products)
(5 products)
Renergie H.P.N. 300-Peptide Cream SPF 25

Rénergie H.P.N. 300-Peptide Cream SPF 25

Reduce Sagging & Wrinkles

Old price New price $145.00
One size available
1.7 oz.
Renergie Lift Multi-Action SPF 15 Day Cream

Rénergie Lift Multi-Action SPF 15 Day Cream

Lifting & Firming

Old price $164.00 New price $123.00

Absolue Premium βx Day Cream with SPF 15

Moisturizing & Rejuvenating

Old price $270.00 New price $202.50
One size available
2.6 oz.


A $96.00 Value

Old price $96.00 New price $72.00
UV Expert Defense SPF 50+ Primer & Moisturizer

UV Expert Defense SPF 50+ Primer & Moisturizer

Protecting & Hydrating

Old price $48.00 New price $36.00
One size available
1.0 fl. oz.

Sun care is an important part of your skincare routine. From sunscreen to facial moisturizers with SPF discover our range of sun protection and sun care products and learn when you should use them.

When do I need to wear sunscreen?

You should wear it at all times, but especially if you will be outdoors, even if it is an overcast day.

How much facial sunscreen should I apply?

To protect exposed skin on both the face and body, apply sunscreen generously until it is about the amount found in a shot glass. It is recommended to apply sunscreen to dry skin at least 15 minutes before heading outdoors. Sunscreen should be applied onto dry skin and rubbed in thoroughly.

What does SPF mean?

SPF (Sun Protection Factor) correlates to the sunscreen’s ability to block UVB rays. An SPF 30 blocks roughly 97% of the UVB rays with higher SPFs block slightly more. This number does not correlate to how often a sunscreen needs to be reapplied.

What is the recommended level of SPF sun protection for daily wear?

The American Academy of Dermatology recommends a minimum SPF 30 or higher for daily use.

How Long Does Sunscreen Last?

The protection of sunscreen lasts about two hours, which is why dermatologists and FDA recommend reapplying after that.

Can I wear sunscreen under makeup?

Yes – and you should! For underneath makeup choose a non-greasy, non-shiny sunscreen without a white cast. Our UV Expert Sunscreen Defense SPF 50 Primer + Moisturizer is an all-in-one, oil-free face primer and moisturizer with SPF 50 and quickly and easily blends into the skin for an invisible look with no white residue or shiny finish.

What is the best way to reapply sunscreen?

You should reapply sunscreen every 2 hours or immediately after swimming or sweating. A great option for reapplying sunscreen to your face without disturbing your makeup is to use a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen.

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