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Dark Spots 101: How to Fade Dark Spots on Face

Woman with a dark spot corrector on skin to help with dark spots

Dark spots and discoloration on face can often be indicators of skin aging and result in a lack luster and uneven looking skin tone. If you’re looking to learn more about dark spots and what are some of its causes you’ve come to the right place. With our guide you can learn about some of the causes of dark spots appearing on face and which Lancôme products can help correct and reduce the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone.

Women with dark skin, medium skin, and fair skin with dark spots on skin and pigmentation

What Are Some Common Causes of Dark Spots and Uneven Skin Tone

Dark spots and discoloration can make your complexion and skin tone appear uneven – but what causes them? Dark spots can be caused by a variety of different things but most often they’re associated with sun damage and skin aging.

On fairer and lighter skin tones dark spots are most often caused by sun damage. Prolonged sun exposure can cause an increase in melanin (the skin’s natural pigment). That increase in melanin causes skin pigment on the skin to become noticeably darker. In addition to dark spots, or sun spots as they may be referred to appearing due to prolonged sun exposure, dark spots can also show up later in life and are commonly known as age spots. Age spots are likely to show up later in life and those with fair skin may start to see them on their skin much earlier. One thing to note – although sun spots and age spots are usually harmless – make sure to watch them and talk to your dermatologist if you notice any changes as recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation and the American Cancer Society.

Not all dark spots are caused by sun damage – trauma to the skin such as blisters, skin infection, or a wound may also leave scarring or dark spots on the skin especially for those with a darker Thankfully, these types of dark spots may decrease in darkness over time. It’s also worth noting that dark spots resulting from acne or pimples are often referred to as post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and are more likely to affect those with darker skin tones.

Woman with a dark skin tone and dark spots holding a brightening serum

Improving Dark Spots on Medium to Dark Skin Tones and Melanin Rich Skin

Our Clarifique Pro Solution Serum is a brightening serum which is suitable even for melanin-rich skin tones and can help to visibly improve dark spots on darker skin tones and people of color.** **From light to melanin-rich skin tones, 9 out of 10 women saw a visible transformation in their skin after using one bottle of Clarifique Pro-Solution – including those with sensitive skin or acne-prone skin. (10-week consumer study with 64 women)

Our Serums to Help Correct the Appearance of Dark Spots

Correcting the appearance of dark spots isn’t something that happens overnight — but incorporating a dark spot corrector into your skincare routine can be key in helping to diminish the appearance of dark spots. We suggest looking at serums or products formulated with Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Glycolic Acid, Poly Hydroxy Acids, and Retinol in particular.

Our Clarifique Pro Solution Brightening Serum is a concentrated brightening treatment that works to visibly brighten skin overtime. The formula contains Niacinamide in a form of vitamin B3 that is known to visibly brighten skin and reduce the appearance of dark spots in addition to a 10% concentration of the PHA: Polyhydroxy acid gluconolactone (10% PHA + Niacinamide delivers visible brightening results). The formula improves the appearance of dark spots over time without being harsh on skin and is perfect for skin with discoloration and dark spots as the serum targets skin to improve the look of uneven skin tone, dark spots, and skin discoloration. Clarifique Pro Solution has been clinically shown to visibly improve the appearance of dark spots, post-acne marks and skin discoloration.*

The serum is formulated with 10% PHA (polyhydroxy acid), niacinamide, and beech bud extract. Some concentrated brightening serums formulated with AHA or BHA may cause sensations like burning or tingling when applied whereas PHA has a larger molecule size compared to AHA or BHA which allows it to gently exfoliate the surface of the skin to minimize irritation and when it is combined with an ingredient like niacinamide it delivers visible brightening results without the harshness.
*Based on self-assessment results in a 10-week consumer study with 64 women

Many ingredients which may help the appearance of dark spots are included in the formula of our Rénergie H.C.F. Triple Dose Serum — an innovation as part of the Rénergie Ultra skincare line. This serum is specially formulated to improve the look of volume loss, visibly reduce wrinkles, & brighten dark spot appearance.

With a specialized concentration of ingredients H.C.F. serum incorporates brightening ingredients with optimal ingredient concentrations that complement the other ingredient properties within the formula.

Rénergie H.C.F. Triple Serum uses a unique combination of fast-working Vitamin C plus Niacinamide (Vitamin B3). These key ingredients in the serum work to brighten skin and visibly reduce the appearance of dark spots. Our serum uses a shelf-stable form of Vitamin C also known as “Activated C” – a potent, highly stabilized form of Vitamin C that goes to work immediately upon contact with the skin

The serum has been clinically shown to improve the appearance of dark spot intensity and dark spot size. With just 8 weeks of continued use, women agreed that dark spots appeared visibly smaller and brighter. Clinical studies showed dark spots were visibly smaller (-14.1%) and less intense (-15.0%)*
*Based on 8-week results in a clinical study of 45 women.

Aquagel Defense SPF 50+ sunscreen and Clarifique dark spot serum on a cloudy background

Use Sunscreen to Help Protect Skin and Prevent New Dark Spots from Forming

Regardless of what type of skin pigmentation or dark spots on your face you have – sunscreen is a must. Sunlight and sun damage can prolong the intensity and darkness of any dark spots and continued exposure to sunlight can ultimately leave dark spots looking worse. Daily use of sunscreen can help prevent new dark spots and patches from forming when used with other sun protection measures.

Certain products and ingredients (such as retinoids and retinol) are commonly found in products targeted to help correct dark spots and can increase skin's photosensitivity (meaning it becomes more sensitive to the sun and sun damage). This makes wearing sunscreen daily even more important. For daily sun protection with anti-aging benefits, try Rénergie Lift Multi-Action Face Cream with SPF 15. The luxurious day cream with SPF visibly lifts, firms, smooths, and provides hydration and protection against future environmental skin damage, including dark spots (when used with other sun protection measures).

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