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Perfumes for Summer: How to Select Our Best Summer Perfume for You

As Summer rolls in and you can feel the warm sun on your skin a fresh and new energy fills the air and it’s the perfect time to switch up your scent. Whether you’re looking for a summer perfume to wear all throughout the season or just a fresher scent for outdoor garden parties or strolls through the park you can find a perfume for all your summer activities.

Our Best Summer Perfume for: A Day at The Beach or Pool

Our sun-kissed scent Idôle Aura is our top pick for a beauty summer scent as our comforting and energizing scent which captures the joy and warmth of summer. Fresh florals of rose and jasmine are combined with refreshing salted vanilla and a soft layer of musks to give this scent a summer warmth which is perfect for days underneath the sun and lounging around the pool or beach. From day to night, Idôle Aura can be worn from a day at the beach or pool to late summer nights on a rooftop.

Our Best Summer Perfume for: Tropical Travel

Our perfect scent for a warm summer’s day La vie est belle Soleil Cristal radiates warmth and beauty making it a beautiful scent for summer, beach vacations and tropical island hopping. Bright fresh white florals combine with citrus notes that add an energizing lift to the scent just like the morning sun and warm, enticing ylang-ylang combined with a hint of coconut create the perfect scent to transport you to a magical tropical escape. Warm yet fresh our “Crystal Sun” perfume is made for those who live to bask in the sun and chase summer all around the globe.

Our Best Summer Perfume for: Summer Garden Parties and Picnics

Our classic Idôle perfume is modern, fresh and filled with a combination of clean and bright notes combined with beautiful florals. Classic and unapologetically modern and sophisticated Idôle is our perfect scent for elegant summer garden parties or summer picnics with friends. A youthful and radiant rose sits at the center of the perfume as Jasmine adds a clean softness whilst notes of bergamont, juicy pear and pink peppercorn add a burst of freshness. Modern, sophisticated, yet fresh and exciting our classic Idôle scent is a beautiful scent to add to your summer scent collection.

Our Best Summer Perfume for: All Summer Long

Our classic La vie Est Belle perfume is all about celebrating the beauty of life – and what better time to celebrate its beauty than the summertime? Life is beautiful, but most would agree life in the summer is even more beautiful. With notes of iris combined with earthy patchouli, warm vanilla and spun sugar La vie Est Belle is a warm and spicy fragrance with a twist of florals and sweetness and it’s sure to have you enjoying the summer. Whether you’re wearing it to work, to stroll around on a walk outdoors or to go and meet friends for an outdoor brunch La vie Est Belle is about choosing your own path to happiness and inspiring others. Wear our classic scent to enhance the joyful spirit of summer and embody the warmth of the season.

How to Make Your Perfume Last for Summer

In the summertime when the weather is hot a long lasting summer perfume is undoubtedly what you want. As you race around from one summer activity to another a question may come into play – how do you make your perfume last during the summer time? Learn how with our tips on how to make your perfume last.

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