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Perfumes for Summer: How to Find Your Summer Scent

Lancome perfumes for summer featuring Idole eau de parfum

While the colder months tend to keep us inside, the fresh energy and warmth of summertime naturally sends us out into the world to come together again. When looking at perfumes for summer, consider summer scents that will add the right flavor to all your summer activities. Whether you’re looking for a summer perfume to wear throughout the season or a fresh scent for an outdoor garden party, Lancôme has a summer perfume for every warm-weather occasion.

How Do I Choose Perfumes for Summer?

Light, airy, and uplifting scents are ideal for capturing the essence of summer. Consider perfumes that align with the warm weather and evoke a sense of freshness. You may prefer the invigorating zest of citrus, the delicate allure of florals, the refreshing feel of aquatic scents, or the juicy fruity playfulness of summer perfumes. In the summer, you may also want fragrances that won't feel too heavy or overpowering in the heat. Look for scents with a subtle sillage, also known as the fragrance trail – the degree to which a perfume's fragrance lingers in the air when worn – allowing you to enjoy the fragrance without it becoming overwhelming.

Lancôme’s Summer Scents for Every Occasion

Summer Scents for a Day at the Beach or Pool

Headed to the beach or pool? Choose a summer scent that embodies that sun-soaked, carefree atmosphere. Summer fragrances that complement your pool or beach day vibes help you feel fresh and energized in the sun. Idôle eau de toilette is a green tea perfume and one of Lancôme’s freshest scents with green tea accord, blooming roses, and fresh bergamot. It’s an energizing encounter between floral and green notes that burst into a juicy freshness for a light, memorable trail on sun-kissed skin.

Idole Eau de Toilette

Idôle Eau de Toilette

Fresh & Energizing

Old price New price $60.00

Summer Scents for a Weekend Getaway

As bold as a summer sunrise or sunset, Idôle Now is our top pick for a beautiful summer scent. The unique floral is warm and energizing which captures the joy and excitement of summer. Refreshing florals of upcycled rose and musky orchid accord are met with a spiced layer of vanilla bourbon to give this scent its rich summer warmth – perfect for days underneath the sun and lounging around. From day to night, Idôle Now can be worn from a day at the beach or pool, to late summer nights on a rooftop.

Idôle Now Eau de Parfum

Bright Florals & Warm Vanilla

Old price New price $118.00

Summer Scents for Tropical Travel

Our perfect scent for a warm summer’s day La vie est belle Soleil Cristal radiates warmth and beauty making it a beautiful scent for summer, beach vacations, and tropical island hopping. Bright fresh white florals combined with citrus notes that add an energizing lift to the scent just like the morning sun and warm, enticing ylang-ylang combined with a hint of coconut create the perfect scent to transport you to a magical tropical escape. Warm yet fresh our “Crystal Sun” summer perfume is made for those who live to bask in the sun and chase summer all around the globe.

La vie est belle Soleil Cristal Eau de Parfum

La vie est belle Soleil Cristal Eau de Parfum

Sweet Vanilla & Tropical Coconut

Old price New price $120.00

Summer Scents for Garden Parties and Picnics

Striking a harmonious balance between floral sophistication and woody depth, La vie est Belle Rose Extraordinaire is an excellent choice for summer garden parties or picnics. Its blend of floral and musk notes creates a captivating and memorable trail that’s likely to leave an impression on those around you. Scents of rose and iris are prominently featured in this summer perfume, which perfectly capture the essence of blooms in a garden. Abundant florals enhanced by enveloping woody musk undertones add a feminine, sophisticated touch to any garden party or lush picnic setting.

La vie est belle Rose Extraordinaire

La vie est belle Rose Extraordinaire

Warm Rose & Woody Musk

Old price New price $158.00

Summer Scents for Everyday Wear

Our classic La vie est Belle eau de parfum is all about celebrating the beauty of life – and what better time to celebrate life's beauty than the summertime! With notes of iris combined with earthy patchouli, warm vanilla, and spun sugar, La vie est Belle is a floral gourmand fragrance with a twist of sparkling sweetness sure to amplify all those summer feels. Whether you wear it to work, to stroll around outdoors, or to an outdoor brunch with friends, La vie est Belle is about choosing your own path to happiness and inspiring that in others.

Our classic Idôle eau de parfum is modern, fresh, and bursting with bright citrus notes, combined with fragrant florals. Classic, yet unapologetically modern, Idôle is the perfect scent to inspire confidence all summer long. Radiant rose sits at the center of the perfume as Jasmine adds a clean softness, while notes of bergamot, juicy pear, and pink peppercorn add a pop of freshness. Modern yet sophisticated, fresh yet exciting, Idôle eau de parfum is a bold summer scent to complement your everyday rotation.

How To Smell Fresh All Summer Long

In the summertime when the weather is hot and the days are long, a long-lasting summer perfume is undoubtedly what you want. As you race from one summer activity to another, how do you make sure your perfume will last? Learn how with our tips on how to make your perfume last longer.

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