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How to Conceal Dark Circles & Apply Concealer for Brighter Eyes

Two women applying concealer under eyes and illuminating serum on each other to conceal and brighten dark circles

Dark circles are undoubtedly one of the most common beauty concerns, so a good under eye concealer and application technique for how to conceal dark circles is a must. Under eye concealer is a staple makeup product in most people’s beauty routines whether you wear a full face of makeup or rock a five-minute makeup routine. But, even if you have the best concealer for your skin, you’re probably wondering where to apply it and what tips or techniques you can use to help flip the switch on under eye dark circles to reveal brighter, more radiant eyes.

How to Hydrate Under Eyes Before Concealer

Concealer is usually the first product you look to include in your routine when it comes to dark circles (after all, the right concealer can help them look as though they’ve disappeared) but don’t sleep on the importance of an under eye cream or serum – every skincare routine can benefit from the inclusion of one but it’s even more beneficial if you are someone who has dark circles under eyes.

Under eye cream is a top product recommended to include prior to applying concealer under eyes. Applying eye cream under the eyes before applying concealer can help hydrate the skin so product applies smoother, and you may not need to apply as much concealer under the eyes.

Advanced Génifique Eye Cream is our top pick for a best under eye cream to visibly smooth and brighten. Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid and Bifidus Prebiotic, Advanced Génifique Eye Cream helps to accelerate skin’s moisture barrier recovery*.

As it hydrates the under-eye area, Advanced Génifique also helps improve the appearance of fine lines caused by dehydration or due to thinning skin, which can eventually deepen into wrinkles. When dark circles are your concern, Advanced Génifique Eye Cream is a top pick because it’s specially formulated to target the unique skin around your eyes. It is clinically tested to visibly reduce dark circles & wrinkles under eyes over time†.

If stress shows up around your eyes and undereye puffiness is a concern, our Advanced Génifique Eye Light Pearl is a lightweight eye serum that layers beautifully with eye cream and adds another boost of brightness. The flexible, stainless-steel applicator instantly cools skin by -5°F‡ and can be used to massage in the formula with tiny circular motions, de-puffing bags under eyes and increasing hydration for a refreshed, reawakened look.

How to Brighten Under Eyes with Concealer

One of the easiest ways to help conceal and reduce the look of dark circles is by brightening the under-eye area. Rather than just loading up on a bunch of concealers to cover dark circles, start off by applying a concealer as an under eye brightener. Use 1-to-2 shades lighter than your skin tone to help brighten under eyes and lighten the look of any dark circles. Apply a light layer of this brightening shade under eyes before moving on to a concealer that matches your skin tone.

How to Cover Dark Circles Under Eyes

After brightening dark circles under eyes with a lighter toned concealer, select a concealer in a shade that matches your skin tone and apply it under eyes only to the areas where needed.

How to Choose & Apply Concealer for Dark Circles

Finding the right concealer for dark circles under eyes isn’t always the easiest task. While most concealers can easily be used under the eyes, not all concealers are created equal or are effective at covering dark circles. There are many variables as to what makes a concealer good for under eyes.

Teint Idole Ultra Wear All Over Concealer is our full coverage concealer and top pick for concealing dark circles – it can also be used for other areas of the face to conceal redness, breakouts, and discoloration.

The texture has a lightweight feel and ultra-blendable texture so the concealer doesn’t crease, cake, or settle into fine lines and wrinkles under the eyes, which can often be an issue with concealers. As it applies, the concealer is ultra-creamy and smooth and then sets to a natural matte finish that lasts.

The coverage offers buildable full coverage so even the darkest of dark circles under eyes and under eye bags can be covered with ease. Plus, the tapered precise tip applicator with a flat edge makes it super easy to apply concealer under the eyes.

The formula is hydrating and provides up to 24 hours of hydration to the skin – it’s formulated with skin-loving and hydrating ingredients including Glycerin, Moringa Seed, Rose Extract and Water Lily Extract.

If you’re someone who prefers medium coverage and a serum-based formula for added undereye hydration, Teint Idole Ultra Wear Care & Glow Serum Concealer is our top pick.

The texture is creamy and hydrating, ultra easy to blend into the skin, and is crease and cake resistant for up to 12 hours**.

The coverage offers medium buildable coverage for blurring and brightening dark circles. Its unique applicator has an ultra-pointed tip, curved side, and flat surface to guide multi-use application. Easily brighten under eyes and highlight to contour the look you want.

The formula is creamy and hydrating, infused with an 81% serum base that’s a great option if you have dry skin or if you find other concealers too drying – another common issue with concealers. Our skin-loving formula contains hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and peptides to hydrate and help strengthen the skin moisture barrier for 24-hour hydration and a natural, soft glow finish.

Techniques for How to Apply Under Eye Concealer

Woman applying concealer under eye to conceal her dark circles

Applying concealer under the eyes can benefit from using a specific technique. It’s best to avoid loading up on an excessive amount of concealer as not only is this a waste of concealer, but it can also make the under-eye area look unnatural. Rather than swiping on a whole load of product, try using the pointed and tapered applicator to intentionally place your product and make all the difference.

Dotting Technique: Gently dot a small amount of concealer to the darkest areas under eyes. When looking to simply brighten dark circles, this easy method can work.

Reverse Triangle Technique: With a small amount of product, draw a triangle under your eyes with the apex of the triangle aligning with the tip of your nose. The trick is to use minimal product to not over-lighten the area. This method helps to visibly open and brighten the eyes.

Less-Is-More Technique: Take a small amount of concealer and draw a line or dot at the inner corners of your eyes, in the middle of your under eyes, and draw a line from the outside corners of your eyes upwards towards your temple. With this technique, you’re strategically placing the concealer to create a lifted or “snatched” look.

After applying the product in your desired technique, remember to use your fingertips to gently press, tap, and blend your concealer into the skin. The warmth of your fingertips can be helpful in warming up the product and helping it to melt into the skin for a blended, brighter look.

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*Based on immediate expert grading assessment with product on
**In a consumer study
†Based on expert grading in a 6-week clinical study
‡ Instrumental test, 31 women, immediately after application of the product with the Cryo Pearl

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