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How Advanced Génifique Eye Cream Targets Under Eyes

Protection and visible correction. Those are the words that perfectly describe Advanced Génifique Eye Cream. Our hydrating eye cream instantly smooths fine lines and targets eye wrinkles and dark circles over time for visibly brighter eyes. Forming part of our signature Génifique skincare line, a collection of skincare containing award-winning products Advanced Génifique Eye Cream is suitable for all skin types and ages. No matter your age you can experience the benefits of Advanced Génifique Eye Cream. For those who haven’t quite started to see signs of aging the product helps to protect the eye contour area to prevent future damage. With occlusive benefits and hyaluronic acid the eye cream provides 24-hour hydration and helps the skin to retain water thus improving the skin barrier function. For those with mature skin and wrinkles, the eye cream works to decrease the appearance of visible signs of aging including dark circles fine lines and wrinkles.*

Advanced Génifique Eye Cream Benefits

When it comes to skincare many have the expectation to see immediate results from first use, and this can often be a big demand to fulfill. After all the skin around the eye area is more delicate and thinner than the skin on the rest of your face making it more susceptible to wrinkles & dark circles. Choosing an eye cream that produces results and has specific targeted benefits is a wise move, especially if it provides instant benefits.

Immediate results

Thankfully you don’t have to wait long to see some results. Tested for its efficacy and performance Advanced Génifique Eye Cream provides the under-eye area with all-day hydration and has been proven to instantly improve skin radiance and smoothness. Plus the eye cream even provides immediate results against aging as it targets fine lines under eyes so they appear visibly smoother.*

Results with continued use

Good things (and good skin) can take time and consistency. Within the contents and application of just one jar of Advanced Génifique Eye Cream the product provides a visible improvement in the appearance of eye wrinkles crows feet and dark circles. Just as the eye cream improves the appearance of skin and under-eye concerns it also improves other aspects in the long run. After use skin feels firmer, softer to the touch and plumped with moisture and appears smooth and radiant.**

How Advanced Génifique Eye Cream Works

Advanced Génifique Eye Cream has undergone testing to demonstrate its efficacy.* The formulation features a combination of high-performance ingredients which work together to protect the eye contour and target multiple signs of aging. So what are some of the ingredients that contribute to the formulation of this eye cream for dark circles and under-eye wrinkles?

Formulated with ingredients including Bifidus Prebiotic and Hyaluronic Acid the overall formulation of Advanced Génifique Eye Cream helps to accelerate skin’s moisture barrier recovery. A strong skin barrier helps to lock in hydration and defend against external aggressors including pollution, cold and dry weather. The silky lightweight gel eye cream also contains the addition of Vitamin C a powerful antioxidant known to help brighten and smooth the skin.

Advanced Génifique Eye Cream Ingredient Highlights:

Bifidus Prebiotic: Helps provide a favorable environment for good bacteria that is present on the skin’s surface, promoting a more balanced skin barrier.

Hyaluronic Acid: Produced by our bodies naturally hyaluronic acid is found throughout the skin. A humectant ingredient hyaluronic acid is known for its ability to enhance moisture retention and skin hydration.

Vitamin C: An antioxidant known to help neutralize free radicals, brighten, and smooth the skin. This formula uses Vitamin Cg, a water-soluble, stable Vitamin C derivative that is known to be gentle on the skin and that will not degrade when exposed to air, heat, or light.

Buckwheat Seed Extract: A gluten-free knot grass, known to help maintain the skin in good condition.

How to use Advanced Génifique Eye Cream

Women with dark skin, medium skin, and fair skin with dark spots on skin and pigmentation

Designed to be used twice daily, apply Advanced Génifique Eye Cream directly to the under-eye area for a visible decrease in the appearance of dark circles wrinkles and fine lines under eyes.

  • Step 1: Swipe a pea-size amount of eye cream under the eye and on the brow bone with a light touch.
  • Step 2: Smooth away the appearance of fine lines under eyes by using two fingers to massage the cream outwards, towards your ears.
  • Step 3: Pat your eye contour with your fingertips to expertly apply the eye cream for reducing the appearance of dark circles.

Tip: Make sure to remove all traces of makeup with a makeup remover prior to applying eye cream.

Tested for efficacy, Advanced Génifique Eye Cream visibly improves skin radiance and smoothness plus provides improvement in fine lines under eyes, dark circles, and eye wrinkles over time.*

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* All results and benefits via testing conducted by Lancôme Laboratories

**According to a consumer test on 67 women, aged from 20 to 40 years old, having all skin types, 49% sensitive skin. Women presenting with eye bags and users of eye make-up.

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