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Absolue Skincare Collection

Absolue skincare. Revitalize skin with Absolue, our most luxurious skincare collection. Smooth, brighten and rejuvenate with indulgent formulas featuring the exclusive Absolue Perpetual Rose Extract.
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Perfumer and cosmetician Armand Petitjean founded Lancôme in 1935. In 1965, with the creation of Absolue, Petitjean crafted Lancôme's most premium skincare collection, inspired by nature and science. Throughout the years, he harnessed the power of the rose making it the origin of Lancôme's iconic skincare ingredients.

FRANCOISE LEHMANN Lancome Global Brand President

Skincare Science Expertise

Lancôme has been at the forefront of rose science research since it was first debuted in 1973 as a biotechnologically transformed ingredient. Since then, Lancôme has devoted its resources to harness the power of perpetual rose through patented green technology utilizing CO2 to extract rose molecules while using less water, solvents and creating less bio-waste.

The Absolue Perpetual Rose™

Grown on the Plateau Valensole in the South of France, this unique hybrid rose blooms with vitality in all seasons – a phenomenon of nature. To preserve the integrity of these exceptional roses, they are hand-harvested with care in the early morning when the flowers begin to bloom. The Perpetual Rose™ is believed to have moisturizing, skin-soothing properties, as well as anti-aging benefits.
Design to refill. Replenish your Absolue product with a refill capsule to promote less waste today, for amore sustainable tomorrow.

Absolue Soft Cream - Worldwide Bestseller

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