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  • Roses in Skincare: Absolue Perpetual Rose™ and Grand Rose Extracts

Roses in Skincare: Absolue Perpetual Rose™ and Grand Rose Extracts

Article Published: 27 April 2022

Learn how Lancôme uses precious roses in skincare products and serums to create a luxurious beauty experience and discover the patented Absolue Perpetual Rose™.

The rose may be the world’s most well-known and adored flower. A symbolic flower in so many moments of life, it’s also a primary part of Lancôme’s heritage as a beauty brand. The first rose was created for Lancôme in 1973 and is known for its exceptional color and long-lasting blooms. It was the first rose used in biotechnology for skincare. Now, 37 years later we feature a new variation of the precious flower at Lancôme with the Absolue Perpetual Rose™.

What Is the Absolue Perpetual Rose™?

A unique hybrid rose with more than 80 white, scented petals, The Absolue Perpetual Rose™ has been carefully curated for use in our skincare. An ode to the luxurious anti-aging skincare products we create, it’s almost as though the Absolue Perpetual Rose™ is powered by the secret of youth… Unlike other roses that just bloom once or twice per year, this rose continuously blossoms in every season, thus showing its exceptional vitality as a true phenomenon of nature.

We asked Lancôme's International Scientific Director, Dr. Annie Black, to explain what the composition is of the Absolue Perpetual Rose™ extract and why is it unique compared to other roses. According to Dr. Black, The unique terroir of the Plateau de Valensole contributes to the one-of-a-kind potential of our Perpetual Rose™. Part of the Verdon Natural Park, near the Gorges du Verdon and its lakes in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, the privileged location benefits from a climate which is half-Mediterranean and half-Alpine and allows for exceptional quality roses to be grown on the Plateau. The beautiful rose fields of the Plateau de Valensole are carefully overseen by third-generation farmer, Madame Emmanuelle Ravel, who ensures each rose receives the love and care it deserves. The exquisite rose fields contain over 5,000 different rose bushes which bloom on three acres of land and are grown according to organic farming principals.

The Perpetual Rose™ Extraction Process

The Absolue Perpetual Rose™ is organically grown and special care and consideration are in place for the extraction process. Hand harvested in the early morning when the flowers start to bloom, the roses are swiftly brought to the nearby factory for extraction. The secret is to waste as little time as possible between the harvest in the fields and extraction process.

The Absolue Perpetual Rose™ is extracted for its use in skincare in a unique and sustainable way. It is captured through a unique green technology process that enables upcycling of ingredients that were previously discarded for use in our skincare formulas. In this process, CO2 is leveraged to extract the exclusive rose molecules while producing minimal rose bio-waste.

The Perpetual Rose™ in Absolue The Serum

Grand Rose Extracts is Lancôme’s Proprietary Blend of rose extracts sourced exclusively from the South of France and is infused in our new Absolue The Serum Skin Surface Cell Renewing Serum. In this formulation, The Absolue Perpetual Rose™ is paired with Rose Centifolia Extract, also known as Rosewood, an ingredient that was usually discarded during extraction, but is now upcycled and used for the first time as an antioxidant.

Absolue The Serum is a luxurious formula that revitalizes skin with millions of new surface cells. In addition to the Absolue Perpetual Rose™, this formula also features other key ingredients such as Vitamin E, Pro-Xylane, and a gentle Exfoliating Acid Complex. Immediately, skin is firmer and more hydrated, and tone is improved. Over time, skin looks smoother, and plumper, glowing with youthful-looking radiance.

Celebrate the exclusive Absolue Perpetual Rose™ as you discover the powerful results behind Absolue The Serum.


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