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  • How the Skin Under Eyes Differs from Your Face and The Importance of Under Eye Hydration

How the Skin Under Eyes Differs from Your Face and The Importance of Under Eye Hydration

Discover more about dry skin around eyes and texture under eyes. Learn about Lancôme’s products to smooth and hydrate dry skin around eyes with a hydrating eye cream for dry skin.

Woman showing how to apply eye cream under eyes using a tapping motion.

Dryness and dry skin around eyes can have a real effect on the appearance and texture under eyes. From flakiness to dry patches to dullness -- a lack of hydration can make wrinkles and fine lines look more pronounced. Let’s also not forget that dry patches around eyes and texture under eyes may affect the application and appearance of your makeup and concealer.

The Skin Under Eyes and The Importance of Eye Cream

The under eye area is quite different than the rest of the skin on your face. In comparison to your body, or say your forehead or cheeks, the skin around the eye area is thinner and has far fewer oil glands and collagen, making it more susceptible to dry skin around eyes, dullness, and fine lines.1 That very combination of delicate skin and a lack of oil glands also means it is one of the first places where visible signs of aging become apparent and is also a leading cause behind dark circles.2

Dryness on any area of the body (but especially under eyes) may contribute to a dull looking complexion, rough uneven texture (such as dry patches) and fine lines3 so moisturizing for under eye hydration is an important to step in your skincare routine. A good under eye cream can help to lock moisture into the skin giving the area a plump look and mask fine lines, creases, and wrinkles temporarily for a radiant youthful appearance and a softer appearance of any texture under eyes4.

Products Designed to Help With Dry Skin Around Eyes

Often referred to as a powerhouse ingredient in skincare, hyaluronic acid helps moisturize dry skin.5 Topical hyaluronic acid has been proven to provide both immediate and long-term improvement to the appearance of skin whilst also improving skin moisture content.6

Formulated as a hydrating eye cream with hyaluronic acid (and Bifidus Prebiotic) Génifique Eye Cream provides instant under eye hydration that lasts all day whilst working to accelerate skin’s moisture barrier recovery*. A strong skin barrier helps to lock in hydration and defend skin’s surface against pollution and external aggressors. A hydrating eye cream formulated with hyaluronic acid, the product is a powerhouse for dry skin around eyes and dry skin under eyes with research showing users found the hydrating eye cream left skin around the eye area softer to the touch, plumped with moisture, and visibly more radiant and smoother.**

Advanced Génifique Eye Light Pearl is a unique brightening eye serum for the under eye area, which has been formulated to reduce the appearance of under eye wrinkles and eye puffiness whilst increasing under eye hydration for luminous, youthful-looking eyes. After usage, users report the product immediately hydrated the area around the eyes and made the area look softer.***

Lancôme tip: Smooth Advanced Génifique Hydrating Eye Cream underneath your eyes prior to concealer application.

Hydrate dry skin around the eyes with Lancôme Advanced Génifique Hydrating Eye Cream and Advanced Génifique Eye Light Pearl.

* All results and benefits via testing conducted by Lancôme Laboratories

**According to a consumer test on 67 women, aged from 20 to 40 years old, having all skin types, 49% sensitive skin. Women presenting with eye bags and users of eye make-up.

*** Research Results:
- Immediately, 94% of women agree eye contour skin feels hydrated
- Immediately, 92% of women agree eye contour skin looks softer



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