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How to Select the Best Mascara from Lancôme for Your Lash Look

Not all mascaras are created equal, but for the most part we all dream of having longer lashes and loads of volume. Different mascaras give different effects and create different lash looks to compliment your makeup. Regardless of if you want to create the look of longer lashes, lifted lashes with a full and fluttery effect or bold thick and volumized lashes Lancôme has a mascara for you.

The Ideal Base for Every Lash Look

Long and bold lashes don’t just start with mascara. Just as you may prime your skin for foundation or your eyelids for eyeshadow, you can also prime your eyelashes. So the next time you apply mascara try using an eyelash primer which can help to boost your lashes and provide the perfect base for your go-to mascara. Some of the benefits include: intensifying the color of your mascara and adding length and volume to short lashes.

For the ultimate lash prep try Cils Booster XL a lash-conditioner and mascara primer all in one. Just one coat primes lashes with a smooth surface of mascara and the white toned hue provides an opaque base to intensify the rich black pigment of your chosen mascara. Infused with micro-fibers to create a false lash look plus Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E lashes appear longer and fuller and its conditioning effects improve lash thickness and curl over time (so you can enjoy longer lashes with and without mascara)

Mascara to Create Your Lash Look

Thick and Volumized Lashes: Use a Mascara for Volume

Want to create the illusion of hundreds of lashes? Try a volumizing mascara. A mascara for volume is designed to thicken and volumize lashes these mascaras are often rich black and create the illusion of a thicker and darker lash line.

Le 8 Hypnôse Mascara is our best mascara for buildable sculptural volume and the carefully crafted ultra-soft vegetal fiber mascara brush smoothly coats all lashes evenly for volumized, full-bodied, plush lashes. As the mascara provides plush, buildable volume it does so without clumping and boasts full day wear of soft, volumized lashes. The formula is serum infused – with a formula that’s powered by wax free 91% black balm, 8 revitalizing amino acids, and softening shea butter. Beyond simply creating full-bodied volume, the mascara also revitalizes lashes over the time for healthier-looking lashes*.

The classic Hypnôse Drama Mascara is also a great option for creating thick and volumized lashes. The unique triple-coating system and oversized “S” shaped mascara brush hits each and every lash for instant volume without clumping or flaking that delivers maximum lash coating for instantly volumized eyelashes. Try layering Monsieur Big Mascara and Hypnôse Drama Mascara together for the ultimate thick full fluffy and lashes with loads of volume.

For even more voluminous lashes and up to 12x more volume* look no further than Monsieur Big Volumizing Mascara. With a specially crafted mascara brush featuring wavy bristles that hold the perfect amount of product to evenly coat every lash for fluffy bold thick and volumized lashes without clumps. The ultra-black formula provides you with the biggest boldest lashes you could ever imagine so you can say goodbye to fake lashes and eyelash extensions. Better yet the volumizing mascara also comes in a waterproof mascara variation giving you volumized lashes in any environment no matter the occasion.

Tip: Apply volumizing mascaras by really focusing the mascara wand on the base of the lashes during application. Wiggle the mascara wand at the roots of the lashes and continue to apply the mascara in a zig-zag motion.

The Lash Look: Volumizing mascaras are great to add more definition to your eyes and team well with a smoky eyeshadow look as they help to intensify and darken the very base of the lashes.

For Lifted Lashes: Use a Curling Mascara

Lifted lashes can help to create the illusion elongated eyes and longer lashes without the need of chemical lash lifts or extensions -- just think of how long and lifted lashes look after using an eyelash curler. Beautiful long and fanned out lashes give the look of natural elegance but they’re not always easy to create…

With a curved mascara brush featuring 360 micro bristles in 90 different bristle sizes to catch each and every lash -- Lash Idôle Lash Lifting & Volumizing Mascara is Lancôme’s best mascara for creating a lash lift and the illusion of beautiful fanned out lashes. Like a curling mascara it targets and volumizes lashes for instant lift length and fluttery fanned out lashes without clumps. Thanks to its gel formula the mascara doesn’t weigh down lashes making it that much easier to create lifted lashes with feathery soft texture and no flaking or smudging.

Tip: Hold the mascara wand at the middle of the lashes as the mascara sets to further intensify the lash lift effect.

The Lash Look: Pair fanned out lashes with a winged eyeliner for elongated eyes or with a classic red lip for timeless beauty.

Mascara for Length: Use a Lengthening Mascara

Looking for a mascara for long lashes? Whether you already have naturally long lashes and simply want to make them look longer or have short lashes that need a bit of help in the length department look to a lengthening mascara. Designed to add length and give you sky high lashes a lengthening mascara gives you those lashes you’ve always dreamed off.

To add length to your lashes try Définicils High-Definition Mascara -- a specifically formulated mascara for length with bio-selective polymers which cling to each lash to lengthen eyelashes from root to tip and give you long and clearly defined lashes. The fine comb-like mascara brush applies the perfect amount of product and separates lashes for definition without clumping so you can enjoy naturally long looking lashes.

Tip: After applying your first coat of mascara apply a little extra to the very tips of the lashes to make lashes look even longer.

The Lash Look: Naturally defined long lashes are perfect for those days when you want to create an effortless natural no-makeup makeup look.

Now that you know what Lancôme mascara to use to create long lashes volumized lashes and lifted lashes shop mascara at Lancôme.

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