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How to Create Thicker-Looking and Voluminous Lashes

Article Published: 04 January 2023

Learn how to select the best volumizing mascara from Lancôme to add volume to get the look of fuller and thicker lashes using mascara and top makeup tips.

When it comes to lashes that look intense, dark and full – a volumizing mascara is the answer. Perfect to wear with a smokey eye or dramatic eye makeup look – thick and volumized lashes help add drama and intensity to the eyes.

How to Find the Best Volumizing Mascara for You

Mascara for Plush, Buildable Volume

For lashes that are soft, plush, and beautifully volumized – look to Le 8 Hypnôse Mascara. The unique dual-ended wand smoothly and evenly coasts lashes – the 8-shaped side builds plush volume while the flat side sculpts and lifts lashes – while the endlessly buildable formula allows for customizable volume. In addition to this mascara building volume – it also revitalizes lashes in 4 weeks for healthier-looking lashes. The mascara has a formula made of a 91% black balm with 8 revitalizing amino acids and shea butter which work to revitalize lashes overtime. As the mascara provides all day wear it also removes effortlessly with just warm water and a cotton pad which can help to reduce lash fallout.

Mascara for Big Volume

If your desire is big, voluminous and full lashes – our Monsieur Big Mascara is your best choice – it creates the biggest and boldest lashes of all our mascaras. Providing up to 12x more volume compared to natural lashes it’s ideal for a bold volumized lash look. The formula is ultra-black, volumizing, and long-wearing, providing up to 24 hours of wear for big and dramatic lashes. The combination of the oversized soft brush with wavy fiber bristles and a volumizing formula with high intensity ultra-black pigments results in big, volumized lashes with clump-free volume. *Instrumental test

Mascara for Instant Volume

For instant volume our classic Hypnôse Drama Mascara is an intense black mascara that creates lifted, volumized lashes in a single coat without clumping or flaking. The formula provides intense, deep color and glides over lashes to coat them from root to tip with effortless ease – but a lot of the volumizing benefits come from the brush. The full-contact S-shaped brush helps to grasp each and every lash and immediately coat lashes with a layer of mascara for a more voluminous, thick lash look.

Using a Lash Primer for Volumized Lashes

Whilst a volumizing mascara formula is obviously a big key to creating thicker looking lashes – you can help to enhance the effects of your mascara with our Cils Booster XL Lash & Mascara Primer Base. This award-winning primer works to coat eyelashes for a smooth and clump-free mascara application (and volumize lashes thanks to its included micro-fibers which help create a thicker lash look) while also working as a lash conditioner to nourish and rejuvenate lashes, improving lash results, thickness, and curl over time.

Tips for Applying Mascara for Volumized and Thicker Lashes

It’s all very well and good to select a volumizing mascara to create the look of more volumized lashes – but the technique you use to apply your mascara can make a big difference into the look of your lashes. To create the look of thicker and fuller lashes:

Shop our selection of Volumizing Mascaras for thicker lashes.

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