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How to Create Longer Looking Lashes

Article Published: 8 February 2022

Learn how to select the best lengthening mascara from Lancôme to add length and get the look of long lashes using mascara and top makeup tips.

Long lashes can instantly open up the eyes and help to create a brighter, more open eye look and they’re the perfect commitment to any eye makeup look (especially winged eyeliner) and beautiful long eyelashes also look amazing when simply worn on their own. Learn how to create the look of long lashes using a lengthening mascara and discover eye makeup tips for longer lashes.

How to Find the Best Lengthening Mascara for You

Mascara for a Natural Long Lash Look

Whilst long lashes that replicate the look of false lashes or lash extensions are often a goal, sometimes on a day-to-day basis a natural lash look is best – especially for running errands or spending the day outdoors. For noticeable, natural-looking lashes with clean and defined length our Lancôme Définicils High-Definition Mascara is key. With each application lashes are left looking clean, defined, and long without clumping. Long lashes are created with ease thanks to Bio-selective polymers that cling to lashes for an even application and specially lengthen and outline from root to tip. The lash lengthening effects are further amplified with the carefully created mascara wand featuring “hedgehog” bristles which works to perfectly dispenses the ideal amount of product for an even application that creates naturally long lashes. It’s also available in a brown shade for an even more subtle lash look and a waterproof formula which is perfect for outdoor activities.

Mascara for Lifted, Long Lashes

For those times when you want to give lashes a little more lift and length (and perhaps even recreate the look of lash extensions) look no further than our Lash Idôle Lash-Lifting Mascara which instantly targets every single lash for instant lift and length and fans out lashes for an open eye effect with no clumps. The curved mascara wand helps to push up and fan out lashes and the 360 micro-bristles grab every lash from root to tip, no matter how short your lashes may be naturally so you can enjoy the look of longer eyelashes without clumps. The gel formula also won’t weigh down on lashes so you can be sure lashes look lifted and long throughout the day (up to 24 hours).

Using a Lash Primer for Longer Lashes

A good lengthening mascara will help to create the look of longer lashes – but you can amp up the length even more with the use of a good lash primer. Our Cils Booster XL Lash & Mascara Primer Base is the perfect accompaniment for your lash routine and creating the look of longer (and thicker) lashes. Infused with micro-fibers which cling to each lash for a longer and thicker look each coat of lash primer creates an even surface layer to maximize the results of your favorite mascara and helps create a clump-free mascara application. Beyond just helping to create the look of thicker and longer lashes – the lash primer also contains Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E and helps to improve lash results, thickness and curl over time.

Tips for Applying Mascara for Long Lashes

The mascara brush and the mascara formula you select to create long lashes is definitely important – but so are the application methods that you use to apply mascara. To create the look of long lashes, try:
- Using a lash primer prior to applying mascara
- Applying mascara starting at the roots of the lashes and then working your way to the tips of the lashes using an upward swiping motion
- Applying mascara in a wiggle and zig zag motion to catch each and every lash
- Applying two coats of mascara for the best results
- Curled lashes always look longer and lifted. Try curling lashes with a lash curler prior to applying mascara for instant lift and curl to the lashes.

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