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Le Smoking — How To Style My Favorite Parisian Wardrobe Essential

The days in Paris are getting longer as we approach mid year.
It’s all about building on the classics and working in her personal touch, or her current favorite trend.

5 Parisian Style Hacks for Fall!

...you’ll find them true to the effortless chic philosophy we live by here in the French capital…
When fall arrives I feel like we all start scrambling to get our wardrobes back in order.

Meet Two Parisian Beauty Entrepreneurs — Rendez-Vous with The Report Hair

It's no secret that the French are known for being at the helm of innovation and trends in beauty.
And so The Report Hair was born out of a need for something different from both sides of the industry.

Rendez-Vous with Laura Sfez: Designing, Makeup, & What the French Think is Sexy

In Molière’s L’École des Femmes, the main character is a middle aged man so intimidated by femininity that he seeks to control it, much to his romantic demise.
…this Parisienne designer knows more than a thing or two about femininity. She practically defines it.

Haute Couture: A French Tradition of Fine Fashion

On the heels of the latest Paris Fashion Week, I thought it would be the perfect time to talk about a tradition in fashion unique to France - Haute Couture.
They are the garments that keep the dream of fashion alive in a way nothing else quite can…and we have Paris to thank for that.

French Foulards: Master the Art of the Scarf

Paris is the perfect place to study the art of the scarf.
With this epic eyeshadow set and a beautiful french foulard, there are no limits to how you can reinvent your everyday look…

Vintage Shopping: Discover Paris' Fripperies

When I first moved to Paris, vintage became a bit of a wardrobe obsession. I was a student on a shoe string budget. With time to kill after school….

The excitement walking in each time overwhelmed me. I never knew what treasures I would find that day….

Rendez-Vous with Nathalie Colin: Parisian Beauty & Style with Swarovski’s Creative Director

Nathalie Colin is one of those women who is really doing it all. She is shimmering with style, raising a family, and has an impressive career. I started following Nathalie two years ago on her blog WINK, where she shares her sparkling daily routine as Swarovski’s creative director.

The pastels are very much in style right now, with floral inspirations for a timeless and romantic look.

SOLDES: Paris’s Semi Annual Sales Heat Up Winter!

While the holidays may be over, the shopping frenzy in Paris doesn’t calm down with the debut of the year. In fact, quite the opposite.

. . . twice a year for one month businesses are allowed to mark down prices and advertise sales . . .

Parisian Holiday Style

The holiday season is here, and for Parisians just like the rest of us this means plenty of parties to attend and dress up for. For the Parisian woman and her wardrobe, now is the time of year to...

in Paris it’s never chic to look inappropriately dressed for the weather.

RENDEZVOUS WITH INES OLYMPE MERCADAL: Beauty & Design Through Generations

Take it from me, stepping into the life of a Parisian designer for a day is a pretty dreamy thing. Since I discovered them, I’ve quite literally been stepping into the gorgeous shoes of Atelier Mercada…

'Mom taught me everything' Ines explained to me at my recent rendezvous with her in their Saint Germain flagship boutique.


It was once said to me by an acquaintance here that the reason for Parisian’s often somber and simple way of dress is that the city itself is so bright and ornate. It’s true that …

While the Brits may have invented the classic trench, it was the Parisians that made it chic.

FRENCH IDOLES: Rendez-Vous at Paris Fashion Week

After New York, London, and Milan, fashion week finally comes home to Paris by the end of September. While Spring collections are walking down the runway right now, out on the street fall fashion is just getting started.

While models may steal the show inside, here the stars are French fashion magazine editors.

HATS OFF TO PARIS: Top off your beauty look with this perfect Parisian accessory.

When you first think of hats and the French, the beret always comes to mind. Over the years it has become an iconic symbol of the French abroad, a cute cliché if you will. But it would be a shame ...

Paris is home to artisan hat makers and vendors very much appreciated by its stylish population.

A Parisian Love Affair with Lingerie

There are certain things the French are known for doing very well, such as pastry, couture and skin care. And of course, lingerie!

In the postwar era, Paris’ fashion houses recognized the desire women had to reconnect with their femininity…

Paris Street Style & Haleigh’s Camera-Ready How-To…

Of all the cities synonymous today with style, Paris holds a special prestige. The world has long looked to the French capital as the forefront of trend. Never is this more evident than during Paris Fashion Week, the 10 days twice a year when style is on everyone’s agenda.

Paris is a street-style photographer’s dream.

A Hint of Cayenne Warms Up a Parisian Classic

For each of us with our respective cities, there are certain things, big or small, reoccurring and inspiring us. Paris possesses enough detail to design a collection around each corner you cross. Yet it’s often the overall lightness of its white buildings and grey-blue rooftops that are said to encourage the average inhabitant to...

This stunning red hue with a hint of orange and a dash of pink borders on classic and daring.
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