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130 Years of Eiffel — Happy Birthday to the Iron Lady!

...ten interesting facts about the Eiffel Tower to celebrate 130 years!
...ten interesting facts about the Eiffel Tower to celebrate 130 years!

♫ Under the Paris Sky - My Favorite French Song for a Sing Along ♫

... it reminds me to stop and appreciate that life is beautiful!
... it reminds me to stop and appreciate that life is beautiful!

A Snow Day, The Paris Way

Last Tuesday morning as I was having my coffee on another grey Paris day…
...I think you’ll find Paris is wonderful with a bit of winter snow…

Browsing Les Bouquinistes — Paris’s Seine-side Booksellers

On a beautiful fall day in Paris there are an abundance of places to visit…
They are truly a living piece of history.

Gougères — A Delicious French Touch to Your Holiday Entertaining

Thanksgiving is this week! Can you believe it?
It’s fool and fail proof, trust me I’ve tried it!

Les Bonbons — Trying Traditional French Candies

Trick or treat, trick or treat, give me something good to eat!
Most of our traditional candies here date back hundreds of years and are tied to beautiful places across the country.

How to Flâner like the French

When people ask me what I like to do in my free time in Paris…
…it is the perfect way to enjoy your city, get some exercise, and find inspiration!

All Rivers Lead to Paris — Sail Through the Last Days of Summer

It seems that stateside, Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer each year.
So we decided to ride out the last days of the season in style, on a boat, barefoot in bathing suits…full speed ahead!

Get in the Spirit! - Bastille Day Beauty

National spirit is off the charts this week in France!
It seems everywhere you go the flag is flying high.

The Best Day Trips From Paris

In the summer time in Paris my phone rings and my inbox fills up with messages from far away friends.
So here are my tips for the best day trips from Paris.

The Best Way to See Paris This Summer — Scoot!

If you ask me, some of my favorite summer memories of Paris…
Catching that wind in your hair on hot days...

The Art of l’Apéro

The days in Paris are getting longer as we approach mid year.
That’s right, imagine a very chic and European happy hour.

Bird’s Eye View — Paris’s Best Lookout Spots

But, I certainly won’t blame you if the feel the need to capture it with your camera too…
Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of these articles going around the internet.

Women’s Day 2018 — Women That Went Down in History

If you pay any attention to the news you know the last year has been big for women.
Happy Women’s Day to the women of France, the United States, and beyond!

Book Club — My Favorite French Reads

What a shock! Arriving back to Paris this week…
...if you’re waiting out the cold like me…

Angelina — Waiting Out Winter with a Chocolat Chaud

Oh winter has been tough this year!
This isn’t your ordinary hot chocolate, this is the real deal and perfect for those like me…

One Enchanted Stroll — A Christmas Walk Through Paris

This is my ninth holiday season in Paris, so I can tell you with confidence that here, it’s easy to get in the holiday spirit.
...making Paris even brighter this time of year.

Bûche de Noël: France’s Spectacular Christmas Cakes

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is the moment when bakeries all across Paris bring out their most beautiful bûches de noël.
...spread that sparkle of Paris at the holidays.

French Lesson: Restaurant Etiquette & Expressions

…there are surely some French expressions and manners that will come in handy to know.
If you come to France to do one thing, it might as well be to eat!

Paris Inspires — My Favorite Quotes About Paris

...I try to never take its splendors for granted, how it inspires me to photograph, to write, and to dream.
There is something about the French capital that brings out the creativity in all of us.

Hotel de Crillon — If These Walls Could Talk

If these walls could talk, oh the stories they would tell.
The last five years each time I passed through Place de la Concorde I gazed longingly out the taxi window…

My Favorite Glacier — Ice Cream at Berthillon

Ask anyone in Paris what their favorite glacier — ice cream shop — is and they will almost all say Berthillon.
I can't keep such a delicious spot a secret so I thought it was about time I share it here.

The Countryside in Paris — Pique-Nique at Hôtel Particulier Montmartre

There are so many ways to enjoy summer in Paris, and a Parisian picnic is a perfect one.
It will be hard to top this pique-nique for sure.

The Belle Époque Guide to Paris

The Belle Époque was a golden age of Europe at the end of the 19th century and the first decades of the 20th.
…characterized by optimism, celebration, and indulgence, and absolutely nowhere was this more evident than in Paris...

Mastering the Art of Joie de Vivre

It’s about cultivating joy, living slowly, and appreciating things big and small.
One French phrase we all often hear is joie de vivre.

How to Order Coffee Like A Parisian

One thing I love about traveling is observing coffee culture, to experience the way people all over the world bring coffee into their day in taste and ritual.
France is no exception to either of these, and coffee is an integral part of the day…

French Lesson - Terms of Endearment

French is arguably the most romantic language of all.
Ready to try out these French phrases? Don't be shy.

Five Things French Women Splurge On

After many years in France, one thing is for sure — I will never be French.
As well as their fashion, French women seem to be known for being discerning consumers who go for quality over quantity.

It's Christmas Once Again in Paris

Growing up, the local news station in my hometown had a little Christmas jingle that would play over and over again.
...the holidays in Paris are truly a magical time.

Beaujolais Nouveau: An Annual Celebration of One of France’s Most Famed Wines

While back in the States everyone is gearing up for Thanksgiving, here in France we are celebrating a November tradition of our own…
I can't imagine anything more French than a national holiday for wine.

The Spooky Guide to Paris

Halloween is here and I, for one, am very happy about that!
…I also happen to love a good fright and an epic Halloween costume.

Lancôme Loves St. Jude: Spread the Love

Dear friends, a new post comes a little early this week as I wanted to share with you something special.
Make a purchase. Make a difference.

Madeleines: A Quick and Classic French Recipe

One of the most magical things about living in Paris is walking through its streets filled with the scent of fresh baked goods.
In France they are a symbol of conviviality…

Journées du Patrimoine : Peek Behind Paris’s Closed Doors

There's a peculiar thing I like to do in Paris.
…if these walls could talk, what would they say?

Tea Time in Paris

The beginning of September in Paris is the time of la rentrée, the moment when Parisians come back from their month of holidays to get back into the swing of normal life.
Like wine or perfume, the French take tea very seriously.

Les Croisières: Cool Off with a Parisian Cruise

To be honest, it's almost a shame so many people leave Paris in August.
Of course, when the sun is out, so is the sunscreen.

Saint-Germain-des-Près: A Mini Guide

I never shy away from a good excuse to explore another part of Paris.
…it seems to have struck the perfect balance of sophistication and la vie bohême.

Fête de la Musique: The Sound of Summer Solstice

If you want to see Paris like you’ve never seen it before, then you must absolutely spend a summer solstice here.
…the night easing into itself just like the music blending together in the streets…

Le Diner en Blanc

If you want to attend the chicest picnic in the world, you might not be surprised when I tell you you'll have to come to Paris for that.
Leave it to the French to take a casual picnic to the next level...

Visit French Wine: A Summer Escape From Paris

One of my favorite things to do in Paris is visit my neighborhood wine shop, or cave à vins as we call it, to discover new wines for specific occasions.
…wine in a way is the story of France itself.

La Nuit des Musées

There are few things more spectacular than watching a sunset over the Seine.
Seeing Paris’s museums by night is a whole new way of visiting them.

Canal Saint Martin: A Mini Guide to this Casual Corner of Paris

The temperatures are finally catching up with the sunshine here and our Parisian spring is in full swing.
Life here centers around the canal of course...

La Coulée Verte: Spring Blooms on Paris’s High Line

Have you ever heard of the High Line in New York City?

To err is human. To stroll is Parisian.

One Enchanted Evening: Lancôme’s Paris Press Event

For the past several weeks there has been one particular rendezvous on my calendar that I was especially looking forward to.
This enchanted evening was truly a dream come true for me.

Le Saint-Valentin: Paris’s Most Romantic Places

It's no secret that Paris is one of the most romantic places in the world.
Since love is in the air, most of all this week during Valentine's Day, I thought I would share with you my top picks for the most romantic places in Paris…

Bright Lights Paris: How to Shop, Dine, & Live Parisian Style

Here on Paris Rendez-vous, I try to give you some insights into the life of French women.
…I hope you'll enjoy visiting Paris with us through Angie's words and my photographs…

Galette des Rois: A Fun & Delicious French Tradition

If you're walking around Paris in January you will notice something quite special in the window of nearly every bakery.
…it's the perfect excuse to keep gathering with friends and family and indulging together…

Champagne Etiquette: Selecting, Serving, & Enjoying One of France's Greatest Exports

Once upon a time I worked in an antique shop in my hometown.
If you're like me, then you will be ringing in the New Year with some bubbly.

Le Grand Palais des Glaces: Ice Skating in Paris

Ice skating has always been close to my heart.
…Paris has a way of making even the most special moments that much more magical.

The Gift of Beauty

What is the art of French gifting?
To give the gift of beauty and femininity is a very French gift indeed.

Montmartre: A Mini Guide to One of Paris's Most Vibrant Neighborhoods

From almost anywhere in Paris you can look up and spot the Sacré Coeur watching over the city.
It seems all winding cobblestone streets in Montmartre lead to the Sacré Coeur…

The Parisian Kitchen: Rendez-vous With Chef Bénédicte Mesny

It's hard to believe Thanksgiving is here already.
Bénédicte's charlotte aux fruits rouges will be the perfect French touch for your holiday party…

La Manufacture du Chocolat: Alain Ducasse’s Truly Parisian Chocolat

...the famous chef asked Berger to lead the way in achieving his dream of a truly Parisian chocolate.
Today I'm guilty of treating myself to both…

Père Lachaise: A Spooky Place in Paris

The truth is there are some things from home in the States that I miss here in France. Celebrating Halloween is one of them.
And voilà, just my kind of Halloween spook I was looking for…à la française of course.

Markets of Paris: Seasonal Shopping à la française

Sundays are a special day in Paris for me.
It gives a sense of community to each arrondissement, socializing and sustaining us.

Rendez-Vous with Carrie Anne James: French Lessons with the Founder of "French is Beautiful"

I fell for the darling Carrie Anne James the way many modern romances begin nowadays…
I've learned the art of the red lipstick, to celebrate one feature at a time, and the pleasure and benefits of self-care.

Piscine Molitor: Swimming in Paris’s Historic Pool

I have long been fascinated by the Piscine Molitor in the west of Paris.
From its opening, thirty of years of splendor brought life to the Molitor year round.

Paris Plage: A Beach on the Banks of the Seine

For those Parisians who can't make it to the beach in August, the beach comes to them!
…why leave this amazing city when in summer we have it all, even the beach!

Fête Foraine: A Summer Treat in the Tuileries

One of the best things about Paris in the summertime is that everyone gets to feel like a kid again…
…grown-ups get a break from the usual responsibilities too.

Les Grandes Vacances: August in Paris

August is a peculiar time in Paris...
…we see it as an opportunity to enjoy the city with fewer crowds.

French Faux Pas: Cultural No-Nos in France

The phrase faux pas literally translates to a false step...
…knowing what faux pas to avoid can make or break being accepted...

Vive la France! Celebrating Bastille Day in Paris

“Vive la France!” If you were in Paris last week you would be hearing this phrase a lot.
...you can replace the barbecue with picnics, the beer with wine, and the Statue of Liberty with the Eiffel Tower and voilà…

Ma Vie Quotidienne: Life is beautiful in Paris

"What is it like living in Paris?" I'm often asked this by new acquaintances on my travels…
But what makes a place our home?

La Vie Nocturne: Nightlife in the City of Light

They say New York is the city that never sleeps, but take it from me: no one stays up all night in better style than Paris…
...the perfect compliment to any evening attire is a fine misting of La Nuit Trésor.

Paris Terrasse: Outdoor Drinking & Dining in the French Capital

Summer is a generous time in Paris. The sun is never stingy, shining upon us and hanging high in the sky until nearly 11PM each night…
These warm afternoons stretch into magical summer evenings that seem to never end, drawing us all outdoors to spend time with friends.

A Wedding in Paris: Rendez-Vous with Fête en France

Ever wondered what it would be like to get married in Paris? Many couples make this dream a reality each year with a destination wedding in the city of lights. Whatever festivities they plan, Paris...

Paris is such a beautiful and romantic place, it's the perfect backdrop for any wedding whether it be a small elopement or large event.

Paris à l'air libre: Discover Paris by Bike with Vélib!

À l’air libre…in French this means “in the open air”. In spring and summer there is no better way to experience the city than by bike. Paris is an incredibly friendly place to cycle in. Bike paths are clearly laid out, the terrain fairly flat, drivers surprisingly courteous, and then of course there is Vélib!

Vélib has become one of the best ways for tourists to see the city affordably and efficiently.

Parisian Apartment Decor: Interior Design Tips to Achieve French Flare

Before I moved to Paris I found a little book at the store called The Paris Apartment. It sounded interesting enough, so I found a spot to sit between the book shelves and flipped through every one of its page filled with interiors of dreamy Parisian apartments and French inspired interiors. From that moment on it was my dream to one day have a Paris apartment of my own to decorate with such beautiful details.

Fast forward nearly a decade and that dream has come true. I have a little piece of Paris to call my own and decorate. And yet another dream of mine came true.

French Paradise: A voyage from Paris to the South of France

If Paris is heaven, then the south of France is paradise. The Côte d’Azur has long been the iconic getaway of all Parisians. When the weather warms up they flock to this gorgeous place for sea and sun stretching from Cassis to Nice. Their getaways begin...

If this place isn’t paradise I don’t know what is.

A Picnic in Paris: Let Spring Shine

I love Paris in the Spring time!♫ Sing it with me! Yes I’m singing because the sun is shining on Paris and spring is here! I love how much life in the city differs each season. Paris has a different rhythm at each time of year as Parisians pick up their seasonal habits for enjoying the city.

With acres of gorgeous parks across our city, it’s not easy to choose where to spread out the inaugural picnic.

French Cooking Classes with Le Foodist

A word to the wise…do not go to a cooking class hungry. Now that I’ve shared that tidbit of
wisdom with you I can let you in on my other latest and greatest Parisian tip…Le Foodist!

All classes are in English, which means all the easier...for you to try if you make it to Paris.

PRINCESS FOR A DAY: A Visit to Versailles

What would it be like to be a princess for a day? A little trip to Versailles just outside of Paris may be the closest a girl can get. Walking through the great hall of mirrors…

Her charm was not enough to make life at Versailles easy for the princess.

The Scenic Route

So often here during our rendez-vous, I say Paris is the most beautiful city in the world. It is in my eyes at least. But I have to wonder, “Do I show you enough?"

This iconic French car has been around since it was created to replace horse drawn carriages

CULINARY CLASS: How to Make Classic French Crêpes!

One does not need to attend the prestigious Cordon Bleu academy in Paris to learn how to serve up a delicious dish from France! In every French chef’s repertoire is a classic crêpe recipe.

Once you have this classic recipe down, there is no limit to the ways you can serve up French crêpes

PARIS PASSAGES: Historical Precedents of the Modern Mall

If there is a place that can ignite a person’s passion for history and architecture, it is Paris.

Paris’s passages, or arcades and galleries as we also call them, are the true precursors of the modern indoor mall. . . .

Habitudes: Simple Parisian Pleasures for Your Daily Life

The Parisian habitudes I’ve adopted allow me to savor little joys throughout each day. Wherever you are, try out a few aspects of the Parisian way of life and see for yourself…

As seductive as all of its glitter and glamour can be, it wasn’t what sold me on living here...

Modern French Cuisine

The mere mention of French food conjures up images of fine dining with white table cloths and indulgent dishes with no shortage of butter. Traditional French cuisine boasts some of my all time favorites on the menu…

Hip bistros once popping up in the edgier east of Paris, are now culinary landmarks for foodies

New Year’s in Paris: Bonne Année!

Excusez-moi if I sound a bit sentimental today but I tend to get this each approaching New Year. It reminds us that time flies and is above all precious. Some years are more challenging than others…

2015 marks the start Lancôme’s 80th year

Christmas in Paris

This year the holidays are extra special for me. I’ve decided to forego the annual trip back to the states and stay in town for my very first Parisian Christmas!

Each arrondissement is responsible for decorating the quartier for the holidays

French Lesson: Season’s Greetings & Conversation Starters

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year of Paris Rendez-Vous with Lancôme. In that time we’ve explored so many amazing highlights of the French Capital in food, fashion, beauty, and more. I hope by now you feel a little closer to the City of Lights…

It takes time and good practice to be well-equipped to converse in any language.


The first oyster I tried was in Paris late one night at a Brasserie called the Pied du Cochon. It was my first several months in France, and thus it was important to be in the spirit of trying new things.

I follow the oyster rule and refrain in the months that don’t end in 'R'.


Waking up in Paris everyday for me feels like a gift in itself. It seems my favorite ones I have received here over the years are intangible, as many of the best gifts in life are...

Be thoughtful and write a hand written note to accompany your present.

MORE THAN A MACARON: French Pastry Lesson

While it seems to be the dessert du moment, let’s not all forget that French sweets are so much more than the macaron.

In France, even the average corner bakery will rarely disappoint.


How often do you have the occasion to dress up and do something glamorous? It seems in the modern age these occasions are less and less. But one of the things I love about living in Paris is...

Opera Garnier…is one of the most beautiful and ornate buildings in the world.

NUIT BLANCHE: Up All Night In Paris for the Annual White Night

Normally I would advise you all to be in bed by midnight. Beauty sleep is so essential to looking and feeling good. But now and then it’s okay to break our beauty rules, and the annual Nuit Blanche is the perfect occasion…

Nuit Blanche translates to “white night”, and more than ever on this Saturday, Paris earns its title as the City of Lights.


You know how the saying goes…it’s five-o-clock somewhere! Throughout my travels I’ve found one of America’s most popular exports is the afterwork tradition of Happy Hour. Not surprisingly…

Not surprisingly, unwinding with colleagues or friends after a successful day of work is a universal joy.

LES BALLERINES: Beauty Inspiration from Degas’ Beautiful Ballerinas!

What do the Parisians do on an off day in Paris? When I have several days free in the city, one of my favorite things to do is buy an all access museum pass and revisit my favorites. With much of Paris away...

The Musée d’Orsay is where you’ll find a gorgeous selection of Edgar Degas’ famous ballerinas.

"An Antique Table"

After sharing some of my tips for being the perfect Parisian hostess on our last Paris Rendez-vous, I thought you might be ready to do some entertaining à la française of your own! For your next soiree, check out some amazing dinner party recipes I've handpicked to share with you from Gourmet Magazine. Bon appétit!

Reprinted with permission from Gourmet: “An Antique Table”


Perfect Paris Souvenirs

Every time my father comes to visit me in France, he makes the same silly remark without fail: “I know why all women love Paris—there’s so much shopping!” He’s right, but by now after many Paris Rendez-Vous we all know there are so many more reasons to love this city, like macarons, flea markets and beautiful parks to name just a few.

The word 'souvenir' actually means 'memory' in French.

"The Insider’s Guide to Paris: Where to Eat"

When in Paris, you won't want to miss one of France's greatest attractions, its mouthwatering restaurants. In this haven for foodies, it's hard to keep up with all the hippest new places to dine, though. Thankfully, Bon Appétit has us covered with its article on where to eat with the “cool kids” in Paris. Enjoy!

Reprinted with permission from Bon Appetit: “The Insider’s Guide to Paris”


Tips for Being the Perfect Parisian Hostess

The French have a special talent for entertaining. I’ve taken some cues from them over the years on the art of the dinner party. After recently throwing my own little dinner soiree, I decided to share some tips for being the perfect Parisian hostess!

Dinner should have at least three courses—a main course, cheese plate and dessert.

"Paris: City of Light & Love"

With so much to offer in this city, even I need to be reminded of some of my favorite places and can always use new tips to discover new ones. From where to eat, to where to sleep, and some shopping in between, this article has got us covered.

Reprinted with permission from Brides: “Paris—City of Light and Love”


Coffee Break in Paris and Beyond

A friendly, Paris rendez-vous is typically proposed in one of two forms; an apéro or a café, meaning a cocktail or a coffee. Either one is perfectly conducive to meeting to talk fashion, share beauty tips or even do a bit of business.

They have a beautiful green room with a living wall of plants…

"The Insider’s Guide to Paris: Where to Stay"

Since starting my blog, Making Magique, the most common question I receive is "Where should I stay in Paris?" The city has some of the world’s most extraordinary hotels, big and small. However, you can also rent a Parisian apartment…

Reprinted with permission from Bon Appetit: “The Insider’s Guide to Paris”


"Treasure Hunting: Editors’ Favorite Flea Markets"

After introducing you to the joy of treasure hunting at Paris' brocantes and flea markets in my last post, I thought I would share with you Gourmet's favorite spots to do just that.

Reprinted with permission from Gourmet: “An Antique Table”


Thrifting at Paris’ Best Spots for Antique and Vintage Treasures

I like my cities with a bit of history. Perhaps I didn’t get enough of it growing up in Southern California. Everything there seems so new compared to Europe. Now in Paris, history is abundant. You’re surrounded by…

Between rue de Rivoli and the Seine, rue Saint Paul is lined with tiny shops stuffed with treasures.

Fact and Fiction: A Few of My Favorite Books Set in Paris

In Paris, the imagination reacts sooner than one can stop it—especially if you’re a writer. For this reason it’s certain the city will never fail to go down in history, in not one, but hundreds of versions. Its splendor sets the perfect scene…

Paris is both a setting and character.

Le Brunch…in Paris!

Whether you’re in France or America, there is no dispute that brunch isn’t just a meal—it’s an event…There are plenty of places ranging from casual to chic, and popular to well-kept secrets, that I frequent.

The décor is feminine, quirky and colorful…

Shakespeare & Company: A place that reminds me of home…

It seems a paradox that such an iconic Paris landmark as Shakespeare & Company would remind an American like me of home. Nothing about the bookstore’s antique façade, view of Notre Dame or stone-walled interiors say America. The familiarity is stacked upon its shelves as it houses the greatest words...

The more years I spend in Paris, the more it feels like home.

“The Insider’s Guide to Paris: Food of the New France”

The next generation of great bistros is about bare-bones spaces on untouristed blocks (this is the address…right?), where you’ll find brief but desirable, shockingly affordable menus prepared by bed-headed chefs in jeans.

Reprinted with permission from Bon Appetit.


My Favorite Paris Destinations

It seems like an anecdote fit for France, but indeed I was in California the day I met a boy in a coffee shop who taught me all I needed to know about Paris’ geography. “You live in Paris? I’m moving there!” I exclaimed, as if it was fate to find this rare breed on my side of the world...

In Paris, your arrondissement says a lot about who you are and what you like.

Paris Pratique! Language of Love: Introduction and tips to becoming a Francophile

It is often said that French is the “language of love,” appropriately so because beyond the romance, it is truly a labor of love to learn. While I had some lessons before moving to France, it took much more than a bit of studying to become fluent...

It is often said that French is the 'language of love'

“Paris—City of Light and Love”

A pair of lovers is strolling along the River Seine when 20,000 twinkling bulbs jolt the Eiffel Tower to life, illuminating the night sky. A couple share a kiss as they glide beneath the Pont Neuf, the oldest bridge in Paris, aboard a Bateaux-Mouches sightseeing boat. In this glorious city, romantic things happen everywhere, virtually every second of the day.

Reprinted with permission from Brides.


The Great Debate: Ladurée vs. Pierre Hermé

When my American friends come to Paris, I see it as my ambassadorial duty to show them the best the city has to offer. After seeing the usual landmarks, no visit to Paris is complete without...

Lesser known patisseries have managed to impress on occasion, but not all macarons are created equal.

Paris: Outdoor spaces to enjoy in any season…

The first time I visited Paris, I was asleep. I was also only 7, but you might still wonder how that’s so. It was mostly planes, trains, and automobiles getting there and finally a big bus, which, for a tiny tourist like me at the time, was the perfect place for a nap. As we passed Notre Dame, I opened my eyes only for a minute and felt so lost. But on my second visit just before my 19th birthday, everything changed...

Parc Des Buttes Chaumont:
a haven on the edge of the city for Paris’ bohemian at heart.
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