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La Vie Est Belle En Rose

Soon you’ll be seeing the world en rose and spreading happiness every where your scent goes…
Soon you’ll be seeing the world en rose and spreading happiness every where your scent goes…

Visionnaire Skin Solutions: Revealing Radiance with the New Vitamin C Serum

...but I’m learning Vitamin C can also do wonders for our skin from the outside too.
...but I’m learning Vitamin C can also do wonders for our skin from the outside too.

Visionnaire Skin Solutions: Resurfacing with the New Retinol Serum

More beautiful skin begins each evening with this night time serum.
There have to be some perks to aging, am I right?

My Festival Makeup Lineup

Sun is out, fun is out!
...the right makeup is all you really need to add some flare to your festival fashion.

Café Bonheur - Lancôme’s Spring Collection

...it’s as full of beauty as it is joy!
...it’s as full of beauty as it is joy!

Ski Week — Beauty Essentials for the Slopes

So here are my Ski Week beauty essentials you’ll want to pack if you’re headed to the slopes this season…
So here are my Ski Week beauty essentials you’ll want to pack if you’re headed to the slopes this season…

Amour is in the Air — 5 Ideas for a Fabulous Valentine’s Day

...I believe Valentine’s Day is for everyone…
...I believe Valentine’s Day is for everyone…

Need a lift? — Rénergie Multi Action Lifting & Firming Mask

Along with all that lifting of course…five stars!
What are you doing tonight? Do you need a lift?

New Year, New Absolue

First off, let me start this rendezvous by wishing you all Bonne Année!
Don’t forget that every new year can be a beautiful new start for your skin.

How to Elevate Your New Year’s Eve Look!

New Year’s Eve is the ultimate annual excuse to dress up, don’t you think?
Bring out the sparkle, the glitter, the fireworks!

The Gift of Happiness — A Mini Gift Guide!

Oo la la, I can’t believe Christmas is next week and I still have a long ways to work through on my gifting list.
...the best gift is happiness no matter the occasion.

La Vie Est Belle X Lady Pink

...to spread and share happiness through self expression.
In a little corner of my Parisian apartment I have every single bottle of La Vie Est Belle that I own displayed.

Christmas Comes Early! — Lancôme’s Holiday Color Collection

The days are still getting shorter and darker…
With it’s breathtaking presentation I couldn’t help but think this also makes the perfect present this holiday season!

What a Girl Wants: Camila Coelho X L’Absolu Rouge

Is it ever too soon to start thinking about holiday gifting?
The Camila Coelho x L’Absolu Rouge collection are perfect pops of color in ultra cute packaging…

Boo-tiful Costumes for a Chic Halloween!

My aim as always is to bring you ideas that are easy, affordable and chic!
Halloween is nearly here and the it’s the spookiest season of all!

Treat yourself! — Enjoying Lancôme’s New Rose Sugar Scrub & Rose Jelly Mask

Oooo la la how the seasons have changed!
So far me and my skin are loving them both!

Promaskinating with Advanced Génifique Hydrogel Melting Sheet Mask

Do you ever have those days where you wake up, look in the mirror, and just feel your skin is duller than usual?
Let’s call it promaskinating: putting things off for a while to treat yourself and your skin.

Lancôme x Proenza Schouler — A Fashion Forward Fall Color Collection

In the States as you all say au revoir to Labor Day...
…I’m ready for bolder looks and a few new things.

Maison Lancôme Minis — Scent Travels

August is a quiet month for Paris as most of us head out for our annual vacations…
If one could travel through scent then Maison Lancôme would be the place to begin.

Lifeproof - Make Your Makeup Survive the Heat!

August has arrived and in Paris we are riding this heat wave with as much grace as we can muster…
Today’s challenge is to remain shine free from morning to evening without retouching…

Happy National Lipstick Day! —A Gift For You!

This Sunday is National Lipstick Day…
…can we ever have too much lipstick?

Summer & SPF — Your Definitive Guide to Sunscreen

Did you know the sun sets at almost 11PM in Paris in mid summer?
Here’s a few general rules you should keep in mind when choosing your sunscreen…

Miracle Secret — Scents & Secrets of Happiness

Last week I took a little trip.
I think those are my secrets to happiness…

Age Is Just a Number — Rénergie Multi-Glow

Do you think age is just number?
To be young is wonderful, but to be older and wiser is something just as sweet.

Let’s Get Glowing — Bronze & Glow In Biarritz!

What does summer mean to you?
That’s what makes me feel beautiful in summer and I want my makeup to reflect that too.

Festival Fun Makeup — Summer with Monsieur Big Color Lash Topcoat & L’Asbolu Lacquer

There’s so much to look forward to in summer.
One of the best ways to have fun with it is to embrace ultra bold color…

A Rose By Any Other Name — The Perfect Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift

When your mom is on the other side of the world from you, you have to be a little bit more….
So this year I had a better idea, a new way to spoil moms with flowers if you will…

Fresh Makeup Ideas for Spring

I, for one, am suddenly full of fresh ideas, for work, outfits, and more. Makeup is no exception.
Spring arrived fashionably late as of several days ago, but no one is mad, just glad that it’s finally here!

Bird’s Eye View — Paris’s Best Lookout Spots

But, I certainly won’t blame you if the feel the need to capture it with your camera too…
Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of these articles going around the internet.

La Nuit Trésor À La Folie

To love à la folie means to love truly, to love deeply, to love madly.
There’s an old French song titled Je t’aime à la folie by Serge Lama.

April Showers — Rainy Days in Paris with Mr. Big Waterproof

You can count on Mr. Big Waterproof like that…
Rain rain go away, come back another day…

Home & Away — Jumbo & Travel Size Necessities

...the only question that remains is where will you go? Bon voyage !
The seasons are changing...

A Perfect Pair — Visionnaire Crescendo x Rénergie Lift Multi-Action Ultra Moisturizer

Somewhere around thirty a lot of us start feeling like regular exfoliation just isn’t enough.
A match made in skincare heaven!

Custom Highlighting Drops — How to Get the French Bonne Mine!

While I can’t take the light back home with me, I now have the next best thing…
When I tell people in Paris that I’m from California they always ask me if I miss it…

Skin Feels Good — Let Your Skin Breathe

I knew this would happen…
I love for my skin to breath, to let its own radiance shine through and feel the warmth of the sun.

The Look of Love — L’Absolu Rouge

Red is the color of love and passion, as intense as it is classic.
I can think of a few romantic ways to spend the upcoming Valentine’s Day in Paris.

Spring Color Collection — Too Sweet to Eat!

Each year in Paris there are little signs that spring will be coming soon.
The theme is sugary sweet, but it’s too sweet to eat!

Ultra Violet — Play with Pantone’s Color of the Year

The result was ultra violet eyes that brightened my outlook and took my outfit to the next level.
The days are grey and cold in winter and even in Paris they can feel a bit drab.

My Absolute Best Skin

By the second week of January it seems many of us forget about our New Year’s Resolutions.
Here are some more lessons I’ve learned on my journey that I hope will inspire you…

Out with Bang! — Be Bold This New Year’s Eve

So let’s go out with a bang!
2017 was one of the busiest years of my life, in a good way I’m happy to say.

Holiday Color Collection — My Christmas Wish

Something has been missing these last few winters in Paris.
...spread that sparkle of Paris at the holidays.

How to Warm Up Your Winter Makeup

"...there is something soft and chic about wearing warm tones and a touch of color to your look…"
It’s hard to say what time of year I love Paris the most, but I can tell you that a sunny and crisp autumn day strolling the city with my camera is hard to beat.

Winter is Here— Look Ready with Crescendo!

There’s a few reasons that Crescendo is perfect to use this time of year and here’s why…
Even though the temperatures are dropping it seems like the last days of the year are quickly melting off the calendar.

Share the Light — Paris Shines Brighter for a Very Special Event

Its precious bottle and delicate scent will enchant anyone lucky enough to receive it, a joy to give and receive.
A few weeks ago, the City of Light shined a little bit brighter as Lancôme lit up the Palais de Tokyo in Paris for a very special event.

Bi-Facil: Bye-Bye Halloween Makeup!

...Bi-Facil Face is the ultimate creative companion in makeup creation.
Let’s admit it, putting on Halloween makeup is about one hundred times more fun than taking it off.

Halloween Makeup Gets a Pop of Color with Matte Shakers

...a few easy peasy fun and not too frightful Halloween looks to share with you…
It’s the spookiest time of year because Halloween is right around the corner…

Les Soins — Your Favorite Beauty Treatments Brought Home

But you don’t always have to leave home to get the same results.
After a long fashion week of work and fun with friends, I’m due for a little relaxation and recuperation.

A Signature Scent — Tips for Choosing & Wearing Your Favorite Fragrance

…how to choose the right fragrance and the ways in which we can wear it.
I feel like there comes a certain time in every woman’s life where by now, she should have a signature scent.

The Light of Happiness — La Vie Est Belle L’Éclat

I don’t know when it started but it seems all my life my dad has called me "sunshine."
…a little spark that began to illuminate everything in my path for the rest of the day.

Date Night in Paris — Makeup with M. Big

Here’s how Monsieur Big will fix you up for Mr. Right…
Oh Paris! Such a romantic city.

My Summer Road Trip Beauty Essentials

August is the time of the Grand Vacances when most Parisians head out of town to enjoy long summer days, rest, relax, and have some fun.
Here’s what’s in my beauty cosmetics bag on my summer across the southwest of France…

Advanced Génfique Sensitive — Au Revoir Bad Skin Days!

Everybody has bad skin days. I know I do.
Every woman should have Advanced Génifique Sensitive in her beauty arsenal.

How to Achieve a Dewy Complexion — Dual Finish Highlighter

For me, summer beauty is pretty much all about skin.
…my makeup to really achieve the ultimate dewy complexion we all want.

Meet Monsieur Big — How A Mascara Stole My Heart

Have you heard the news? There's a new guy in town…
If you're looking for BIG volume, then look no further…

What’s in a Parisian’s Purse?

Don't you just love getting a peek into someone else's bag?
Which got me thinking…maybe you would like to know what’s in a French girl’s bag?

Miel-en-Mousse 2 in 1 Cleanser — A Sweet Treat for Your Skin

You may have heard the news the past week that Paris has been experiencing a canicule. That’s French for HEATWAVE.
With my new Miel-en-Mousse foaming cleanser it’s really been a treat so I really take my time at the sink.

Bonjour Bi-Facil Face! + Makeup Removal Tips

One of the only things I like more than putting my makeup on every morning is taking it off each night!
Yes that’s right, the bestselling eye makeup remover from Lancôme has now been re-imagined in a formula for the full face…

Énergie de Vie — Reveal Your Radiance for Summer with Two New Additions

I always feel like this time of year I'm my best self, in more ways than one.
That’s why I couldn’t be more excited that with the arrival of the season also comes some new additions to the Énergie de Vie collection.

Beat the Heat Parisian Style

Is it too soon to talk about summer?
…when the temperatures rise it's time to break out the summer beauty secrets to get by.

Les Bises — A Guide to the French and Kissing

When I talk about the French and kissing, surely your mind goes straight to the "french kiss."
It's the most kissable lip product I've ever owned for sure…

Mother's Day - A New Way to Say I Love You

I wonder how many times in my life I’ve told my mom that I love her...
Et voilà, two great gifts to show and tell mom “I love you” this Mother’s Day in a new a unforgettable way.

Paris in Bloom — Miracle Blossom

It is true that in Paris, April showers bring us flowers!
…it's spring in a bottle!

Matte Shakers - Ban the Boring!

Matte lips have been all the age for a while, and there are lots of reasons to love them…
Nothing is stopping you from loving matte lips now…

City of Lights - Click & Glow

Ever wondered why Paris is called the City of Light?
Each evening when the sun sets, the city lights up spectacularly.

Summer Swing: Festival Fit Makeup for Your Summer Style

We are in a full preview mode of summer already in Paris.
Break out the color, the metallics and more. Lancôme's bright and warm summer collection is the perfect lineup for your makeup this festival season.

Miracle CC Cushion — Color Correcting Made Cute & Easy

National Macaron Day last week reminded me of one of my favorite Lancôme discoveries in the last year.
They’re actually color correcting face primers, and since primers are becoming all the rage I thought I would introduce you to my favorite ones...

Visionnaire Crescendo — Your Skin’s Personal Trainer

Around the end of last year, I discovered an incredible place right around the corner from my apartment.
Crescendo is like a personal trainer for your skin in the form of a gentle and gradual peel.

Greenery — Playing with Pantone’s Color of the Year

It's around this time that the first hints of spring start popping up in Paris.
As it turns out, shades of green tend to be forgiving no matter your complexion…

24 Hour Wear — Teint Idole Ultra Long Wear Takes Paris Around the Clock

There are two things I look forward to in the morning.
Which got me thinking, what would you do with 24 hour wear?

Be My Valentine — Fragrance Gift Sets Filled With Love

It's mid-February and the day of love is fast approaching!
...this day is for everyone, love in all its shapes and forms.

Sourcils Styler — Achieve Your 2017 #BrowGoals

Confession: I did something a little bit crazy at the end of 2016 …
If your 2017 is all about #browgoals too, give this brow gel extraordinaire a try like me.

Visionnaire Yeux Eye Cream - A Fresh Outlook for 2017

Do you make New Year's Resolutions?
…it's good to start the year with a new outlook.

Winter Skin Remedies: Advice from an Expert

Last week the temperature here in Paris dropped to below freezing.
…we might be able to kick winter skin issues off the calendar entirely before the season even officially arrives!

My Holiday Gifting Guide: Beauty for Every Woman on Your List

December 1st popped up on the calendar last week and had me saying "where has the year gone?!"
…find the perfect gift for every woman on your list.

Paris en Rôse - Lancôme's 2016 Holiday Collection

In Paris now the ground is covered in leaves and the skies above are gray…
…may your makeup be merry and bright!

The New L’Absolu Rouge: A Fresh Update for a Lancôme Classic

They say lipstick changes everything…
…there is something for everyone, every occasion, and every look.

Auda[city] in London: A New City Chic Palette

The first time I ever went to Paris was actually via London exactly 20 years ago this month.
Isn't it fascinating how a city can inspire your style so much?

Halloween à la française : Chic Makeup-Centric Costumes

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because it's a great excuse to play with the transformative power of makeup.
…these makeup centric Halloween looks are meant to be easily achieved with items that are likely already in your drawer and closet at home…

Makeup Trends from Paris Fashion Week

Here we are on the heels of another Paris Fashion Week and "fashion month" around the world.
…makeup really is one of the best accessories!

Maison Lancôme: A Journey to the Source of the Finest Ingredients

Through them we can see just how the abundance of France inspired Lancôme founder, Armand Petitjean, to start a fragrance house so many years ago, and the Maison Lancôme collection certainly carries on that dream.
To celebrate the release of the new Maison Lancôme fragrance collection, I thought I would take you all on a little journey.

Double Take: The Suarez Sisters Take Paris to Try Grandiôse Extrême + Liner

Do you know the Suarez sisters?
As you can see, the pairing is a winning combination...

Teint Idole Ultra Cushion Foundation: Fall Back in Love with Full Coverage

The waiter at my usual café on the rue de Rivoli kept telling me I look tired.
…the perfect oil-free, high-coverage, long-wearing liquid foundation in a portable cushion compact that I adore.

Énergie de Vie: Today's Fatigue, Tomorrow's Aging

I was walking home the other night across Paris thinking how remarkably empty the streets are this time of year.
…a reinvigoration for the face we put forward to the world…

Wedding Season: French Beauty and Fashion Tips for Brides and Guests

The only thing that could possibly make me love summer more than I already do is the fact that it is also wedding season.
Here are some of my wedding beauty essentials for brides and guests alike…

The Golden Birthday: 28 Years Young in Paris

I'm not one to make a show of my birthday, but this year it's the golden one.
…here are twenty-eight of my thoughts on beauty and life, one for each of my years, that I would like to share with you...

Ô de L’Orangerie: My Summer Scent & A Secret Garden

My habits tend to change with the seasons.
If a scent is a story, then Lancôme has many beautiful ones to tell.

Dual Finish — A Photographer’s Friend + My Photogenic Tips

Multitasking? I happen to know a thing or two about that.
"I want every woman to feel beautiful enough to have her picture taken, because she is."

Spring & Summer Nail Art: Fruity Accent Nails Inspired by Juicy Shakers

I love a little accent nail.
But getting these cute designs at home in 15 minutes or less is affordable and fool proof...

Eye Did It! 3 Instant Beauty Updates in a Flash

I'm probably busier right now in my life than I've ever been.
See how easy it is to switch up your look in a flash with a few beauty basics? #EyeDidIt and you can too!

My Fragrance, My Engraving — A Gift Filled With Beauty

If there is one fragrance for me that is most iconic to Lancôme, it's La Vie Est Belle.
Two sides of the world, one fragrance, and always in each others' hearts.

Ban the Boring! Juicy Shakers Are Here!

Shake shake shake, dab dab dab!
I don't like to play makeup favorites, but the truth is I'm totally addicted to the new Juicy Shaker…

Summer Bliss Collection: Somewhere in Paris, It’s Always Summertime

There's a place in Paris where it's always summertime.
Wearing this beautiful new collection to this magical warm place, I certainly found my summer bliss...

Spring Fling: Getaway to the French Countryside

Ahhhhhhh…Spring is here and aren't we all breathing a small sigh of relief?
It's the perfect time to pack light…

The Absolue Difference — A Little Luxury, A Golden Glow

There is something about silk that just connotes absolute luxury. A certain magic to its touch.
Absolue Precious Cells Silky Cream is the pinnacle of pampering for your skin.

Eau Fraîche Douceur: A French Beauty Essential Ideal for Every Woman

As you can imagine, a lot of things have changed with my beauty routine over the years.
…I know will always be a mainstay for my skin - micellar water.

Rendez-Vous with Peju Famojure: An Editor’s Paris Fashion Week Beauty Essentials

This week Paris is bustling with yet another fashion week…
…she's revealed some of her fashion week beauty essentials and survival tips…

Parisian Pop: Effortless French Chic with a Pop of Color!

I was walking through one of my favorite gardens in Paris the other day when I came across something incredible.
…bring back the color because we're ready to play!

From Lancôme With Love: A Playful Spring Makeup Collection

Nothing speaks to my style quite like spring, and I was nearly speechless last week when I received the new Lancôme spring collection, From Lancôme With Love!
…floating over the rooftops of the French capital with my head in the clouds.

All About Brows: The ABC’s of Shaping & Sculpting

If eyes are the windows to the soul, then eyebrows are the soul's frame.
There are three essential points to your brows...

Visionnaire Nuit: Make the Most of Every Night

As part of the industry for a few years now, I'm what has come to be referred to as a "beauty junkie."
With Visionnaire Nuit I make the most of every night and so does my skin…

Parisian Holiday: A Collection As Enchanted As Paris Itself

The onset of winter isn't always easy on us.
Can you imagine a more captivating ode to a Parisian Holiday?

Breathless: My Favorite Black & White Film Heroine Reinvented in Living Color

Whenever I'm in search of some beauty and fashion inspiration, one of my favorite places to turn is classic French cinema.
…why not reinvent some of her looks from the film for today with a touch of color using my Color Design Matte Lip Crayons…

Hydra Zen: 24 Hour Stress Free & Hydrated Skin

For me, the last several weeks have been non-stop travel.
...a night of good sleep and some serious skin hydration was all I needed during my travels to take me back to the zen of being home in Paris…

Pretty Kitty: Last Minute Makeup for a Chic Halloween!

When it comes to Halloween costumes, I'm almost always scrambling to throw something together last minute.
You'll be the chicest little kitty to cross people's path on Halloween night.

Nail Art: An Adorable DIY Manicure that Gives New Life to Old Makeup

Achieving awesome nail art out of the salon isn't usually as easy as it looks.
But recently I've been testing out a few looks…

Day Trip to Giverny: Discovering Monet’s Garden & Lancôme’s Matte to Measure Collection

For this week's rendezvous I thought I would take you all along on one of the dreamiest day trips from Paris to the home of Claude Monet.
…this garden was his greatest muse.

Parisian Inspiration: Lancôme’s Fall Color Collection by Caroline de Maigret

Here in Paris, the weather is already softly falling into autumn.
It's beautiful. It's soft. It's versatile. It's effortless!

Auda[city] in Paris: A Little Bit of Paris in an Epic Eyeshadow Palette

Audacity (n.) - a willingness to take bold risks
…this palette is all about liberating your style, and giving us the ultimate beauty resource to experiment…

Travel Trousse: Beauty Essentials to Pack This Summer

The Parisian's favorite summer past time has little to do with Paris in fact. When summer rolls around they become great adventurers. They've saved up their vacation days…

No matter where summer takes the parisienne, her beauty essentials come too in her travel trousse.

Go For Gold: Absolue Precious Oil

One of the things I love about Paris is how it withholds its beauty from no one. Its best assets aren’t hidden behind closed doors reserved for the elite, they are on display in the streets for everyone to see.

. . . a little bit of luxury in life now and then can go a long way.

Miracle on the Move: Complexion Confidence All Day Long

Some mornings I wake up, look in the mirror, and am ready to face the day. It doesn’t take much. There’s those other days though, the ones where I wake up on the proverbial wrong side of the bed, feeling like it will take a small miracle to put myself together for a full day in the city.

Just another tiny miracle to get my makeup through the afternoon.

Le Temps des Cerises: A Moment to Treasure!

I had been watching and waiting anxiously for our cherry blossoms to bloom here in Paris. It’s a special moment every Spring that I remember each year as I stop to photograph and marvel at them everyday for as long as they last.

Each year I think 'wouldn’t it be magic if our trees were pink all year round? If they just stayed this way?'

80 Years: A Lifetime of Lancôme

This year Lancôme celebrates its 80th anniversary. Can you imagine the lifetime of stories they could tell from eight decades of excellence in their field…

Day in and day out I write, photograph, and film the world in and around these products we use everyday as women and why.

Bardot & Birkin: Becoming these iconic French beauties

Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin — surely you’ve heard these household names! While Bardot is a born and bred Parisian and Birkin an anglo transplant from London, the two alike have embodied that certain je ne sais quoi it takes to achieve French icon status.

The two have often been considered rivals, but both stars denied the competition over the years.

The Runway the Real Way: My Paris Fashion Week Makeup

Fashion Week has come around again in Paris and as usual, it’s such an exciting and inspiring time. I love to see the looks that come down the runway each season…

The reality is though that fashion isn’t always as accessible as we would like.

Fool Proof Nail Art for Spring

You know those women who always find the time to get a manicure, the ones whose fingernails are polished and shaped to perfection any day of the week? I wish I could tell you I was one of them…

Turns out beautiful nails are not as difficult as I thought!

FRENCH INNOCENCE: Parisian Spring Captured in the Perfect Collection

For me, the heart of Paris Rendez-Vous is visiting Paris every week with you to discover Lancôme’s many inspirations in the city we call home.

The taupe stone buildings like those lining the Rue de Rivoli, radiate warmth from the sun onto passers by.

New Skin for the New Year with the New Visionnaire

A new year always gives me the urge to start fresh on so many things. Beauty is no exception and by January winter has has taken its toll on my skin.

It glides on like silk, making skin instantly smoother and softer

The Perfect Rouge

I have a small confession. I’m guilty of doing a little bit of shopping for myself while out and about in Paris the last couple days looking for Christmas gifts. A little refill was in order for my go-to red Lancôme lipstick…

A bold red lip is a timeless classic.


In last week’s Paris Rendez-Vous, I gave some insights into the closets of Paris’s stylish female inhabitants. Their simple and classic mode of dress mingles perfectly with…

When it comes to lips and nails for the Parisienne, red is a neutral.


In case you’ve ever wondered, the French manicure is indeed actually French. Tracing back to Paris in the 1930s, its traditional nude or beige base with a white tip became popular in the United States in the 1970s. Fast forward to today…

There are a dozen ways to modernize a French manicure…

NEW YORK RENDEZ-VOUS: Jason Wu for Lancome

Just as I was ready to settle into my new routine for la rentrée, New York Fashion Week kicked off and swept me back to the states for work. As much as I love Paris, this occasion to jet off to the big apple twice a year is always exciting!

Wu’s elegant and fresh esthetic has an international appeal.

La Rentrée: Say goodbye to summer with a fresh face for fall!

Have you ever heard the French use the expression la rentrée? Each September, Parisians are abuzz with it, in a frenzy to suddenly get life back in order after their leisurely annual vacations come to an end.

I see this as the moment to start new happy and healthy habits.

GRANDIÔSE: Lancôme’s Mascara Innovation Bends the Rules!

We all have that beauty item, don’t we? That one thing from our beauty bag we would choose to
never go without. Mine is mascara, and apparently I’m not alone there either. Did you know…

Longer, thicker, defined lashes are the key to sparkling eyes…

A Scent to Remind You That Life Is Beautiful

What’s in a scent? For me, there’s an entire story. A fragrance can recall places, people and feelings. Smell is the strongest sense tied to memory, and for that reason even the perfumes I no longer wear I keep to decorate my vanity…

This is the scent of this season of my life.

Rendez-vous with Tokyobahnbao

A girl with a pseudonym like Tokyobahnbao is destined to have some personality, and after many years of following her online, I was looking forward to finally meeting this creative artist turned blogger for a Paris Rendez-vous.

I get inspiration from everywhere, but particularly just people I come across in real life.

Awakening the Senses at The Lancôme Institute

Every now and then I get so busy that I'm swept away by my work life and the hustle and bustle of my 20s here in Paris. At night I turn up exhausted and fall into bed, skipping my skincare routine entirely. In the morning it's back to go-go-go...

French women...have mastered always making time for a bit of pampering

Sleeping Beauty, Ageless Beauty

There is a beauty in aging. As we grow a bit older we should treasure the added wisdom that life experience continually brings. After all, we've had more time to get to know ourselves, and feel more confident of who we are.

Before bed, I take a moment to treat my skin so I can sleep soundly...

Unique Style, Right Down to Your Fingertips

Audrey is another American in Paris, one who has become more popularly known as Frassy. Her quirky pseudonym embodies the spontaneous overflow of fashion that is her philosophy on all things personal style. With such as an approach, she stands out in Paris.

Like me, Audrey moved to Paris to be creatively inspired.

Close Encounter with Louise Ebel

Louise is a young woman whose face many know before her name. On the pages of your favorite magazine or a recent campaign from a French fashion house, her doe-eyed glance and poise aren’t easily overlooked. Through the years as her alias Miss Pandora, we’ve watched her assume many roles...

Her complexion is so doll-like I wondered if she was real…

“Your New Sexiest Color Red”

Red lipstick should be every woman’s sultry secret weapon. These tricks customize red makeup for your skin tone—you’ll love how it looks on you.

Reprinted with permission from Condé Nast archive: “Your New Sexiest Color Red.”


Rendez-vous With My Very Own Valentine

Valentine was my very first parisienne friend. This is a very distinct moment in my life because I remember how nervous I was for our first rendez-vous. Somewhere after exchanging some emails and following one another’s adventures between our blogs, Hello It’s Valentine and Making Magique, I ended up making her a hat...

I like a lady who knows what she likes and who she is, unafraid to say so politely.

Dreamtone & Génifique: Fighting Off Winter Skin Woes

When it comes to winter, as long as I can cozy up in a warm café to write, bundle up for a nice stroll in my favorite places or pamper myself at home while I wait for warmer weather...

Basic moisturizing is the first step to remedying these seasonal beauty woes.

Bonjour: A perfect day for a rendez-vous in Paris...

This winter morning, the sun has come out to shine its bright gold rays on Paris. It’s a fitting forecast for a rendez-vous to welcome those of you who already know me to this radiant new corner of the Lancôme site, as well as to say 'enchantée' with an introduction for those just meeting me...

Just as it has in my own life, the city of Paris has played a unique role in the heritage of Lancôme and its art of capturing French elegance.
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