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Advanced Génifique Serum + Absolue Soft Cream Duo

Radiance Boosting & Revitalizing

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Advanced Genifique Serum + Absolue Soft Cream Duo

Advanced Génifique Serum + Absolue Soft Cream Duo



These two shining stars are best-sellers each in their own right, but when combined together they work to provide a truly unstoppable radiant glow.

ADVANCED GÉNIFIQUE FACE SERUM (1.7 fl. oz.): Formulated with Bifidus Prebiotic, Vitamin Cg and Hyaluronic Acid to visibly smooth, hydrate, even out skin texture.

ABSOLUE REVITALIZING & BRIGHTENING SOFT CREAM (2.0 fl. oz.): A soft cream facial moisturizer with a unique, transforming texture that visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles, while rejuvenating skin with firmness, radiance and 24-hour hydration.

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