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A Guide to Wearing Matte Liquid Eyeliner

Published: 17 March 2023

Learn how to apply matte liquid eyeliner and the difference between matte vs glossy eyeliner. Discover matte eyeliner looks and a matte liquid eyeliner for you.

Women wearing matte liquid eyeliner looks

Liquid eyeliner is a classic eye makeup product and it’s often the go-to for creating looks like winged eyeliner, graphic liner, and inner corner eyeliner – but sometimes the options are limited. You may find there isn’t a huge selection of shades to choose from or that you’re limited to only one finish. Our Idôle Liquid Liners allow you to get a little more creative with your eyeliner thanks to its matte finish available in blue, green, grey, and brown.

What is matte liquid eyeliner?

Matte liquid eyeliner can also be a great alternative to pencil or gel liners which typically provide a matte finish but don’t offer the same level of precision that can be achieved with liquid eyeliner.

Graphic eyeliner look with green matte liquid eyeliner and black glossy liquid eyeliner

Matte vs Glossy Liquid Eyeliner

The difference between matte and glossy liquid liners depends on how much shine they give off when you wear them. Matte liquid liners have no shine whatsoever; they're completely flat and smooth in appearance whereas a classic or glossy liquid eyeliner may have a slight sheen.

Matte Eyeliner Application

Matte finish liquid eyeliners can create a crisp, clean finish to the eyes. The texture of matte liquid eyeliner can be very different from traditional pencils or gels, which in most instances may take some time getting used to – however our Idôle Liquid Liners enables seamless application to the lash line for easy glide, one stroke application making it easy to apply eyeliner.

To apply matte eyeliner simply lay the eyeliner across your lashline and glide it along for the perfect matte eyeliner look.

Matte Liquid Eyeliner vs Glossy Liquid Eyeliner Comparison

Our Best Matte Eyeliner

Our Idôle Liquid Liners are perfect for creating the matte eyeliner look. The liner features a silky smooth high performing liquid formula and supercharged pigments for long-lasting color. The ergonomic packaging enables ultimate control for easy eyeliner application to the lash line and a seamless one glide stroke application and the flexible ultra slim felt tip gives bend when you need it so you can apply eyeliner quickly for a crisp clean finish. If you want to play with matte color – it’s available in four colored shades: Matte Syrup Brown, Matte Aegen Blue, Matte Shadow Grey, Matte Emerald Green (the black shade is in a glossy finish) Finish your matte eyeliner look with our Lash Idôle Lash-Lifting Mascara.

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