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How to Create a Creative Graphic Eyeliner Look

Article Published: 30 March 2022

Learn how to create a graphic eyeliner look using liquid eyeliner and get makeup and eyeliner look inspiration. Discover makeup tutorials and tips.

Creative Graphic Eyeliner Look with Long Lashes

Winged Eyeliner may be the most iconic and well-known version of eyeliner but Graphic Eyeliner can be a fun way to put a new and interesting spin on the classic eyeliner look.

Our Best Liquid Eyeliner to create the Graphic Eyeliner Look

Graphic eyeliner with clean sharp and precise lines isn’t necessarily the easiest eyeliner look to create. It often requires a very steady hand and expert level makeup skills – but with the right product it suddenly becomes much simpler. With a super slim, flexible, ultra-precise felt tip applicator Idôle Ultra Precise Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner is the perfect liquid eyeliner for creating the graphic eye liner look. The ergonomic packaging allows for ease of eyeliner application even if you have unsteady hands and the felt tip provides a seamless application of product in just one stroke so you can easily create clean crisp lines and the graphic eyeliner looks.

The liquid eyeliner is also highly pigmented – with a bold satin black color the eyeliner delivers pigmented black eyeliner in just one stroke and with up to 24-hour waterproof wear your graphic eye liner look is sure to last with no smudging, flaking or fading.

How to Apply Winged Eyeliner with Liquid Eyeliner

How to Apply Graphic Eyeliner Look

Step 1: Start creating the easy graphic eyeliner look with Idôle Ultra Precise Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner.

Step 2. Use light pressure on the ultra-precise tip to create a wing by gliding from the center/mid-point of the lash line towards the end of your eyebrow.

Step 3. Ensure you use light short strokes to perfect the graphic eyeliner wing rather than drawing one straight line.

Step 4. Create the graphic eyeliner shape by connecting a sharp line from graphic wing and pointing it to the crease.

Step 5. Thicken the graphic eyeliner lines by adding pressure and stamping the side of the felt tip along your graphic eyeliner look to intensify and perfect.

Finish the Graphic Eyeliner Look with Mascara

For any eyeliner look a finishing touch of mascara is a must. After creating your graphic eyeliner look using Idôle Eyeliner reach for the accompanying mascara Lash Idôle or Lash Idôle Waterproof Mascara for the perfect eyeliner and mascara pairing. Our lash lifting mascara doesn’t weigh down lashes and leaves them with a feathery soft look and feel. The curved mascara wand also features 360 micro-bristles which grab every lash from root to tip (no matter the length) so lashes are left looking long and fluttery.

To finish the Graphic Eyeliner Look with Lash Idôle Mascara use both sides of the curved brush to build fanned-out volume & length.

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