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How to Wear Blue Eyeliner

Blue is a color which can sometimes be met with some reluctancy – picture visions of over-the-top blue eye makeup reminiscent of the 80s and it’s easy to see why. However, blue eye makeup can look colorful and exciting — and eyeliner can be one of the best ways to experiment with blue on the eyes.

Who Should Wear Blue Eyeliner?

Blue is a universal color in terms of colored eyeliner – its cool tones can complement a variety of different eye colors – and can help to make the whites of the eyes appear brighter.

Blue Eyeliner and Eye Colors

Blue Eyeliner for Brown Eyes: With the dark and often warmer tones of brown eyes – blue eyeliner is one of the most flattering colored eyeliner shades someone with brown eyes can wear. Try bright blue eyeliner for bold pop of color or go for a navy eyeliner shade for a subtle hint of color.

Green Eyes and Blue Eyeliner: Green eyes are a shade that can pull off a variety of different blue eyeliners including navy blue eyeliner, pastel blue eyeliner, and bold electric blue eyeliner. The contrast against the green works really nicely.

Hazel Eyes and Blue Eyeliner: Hazel eyes with their rich brown and subtle green tones will find that blue eyeliner is a flattering shade thanks to the combination of brown and green tones in the eyes. Consider shades such as a bold and aquatic blue eyeliner, teal eyeliner, or electric blue eyeliner.

Blue Eyes and Blue Eyeliner: Blue on top of blue can be a risky combination for those with blue eyes as the two shades can compete against one another. Consider a navy-blue eyeliner shade if you have blue eyes – a pastel blue can also be unexpectedly flattering.

Blue Eyeliner for Your Skintone

Blue eyeliner is a shade that can look great on all skin tones. The bold color (or dark and navy if that’s your preference) can flatter skin with warm, neutral and cool undertones. In terms of skin tone those with fair and light skin tones will find they have a great canvas for true to color bold blue eyeliner and those with medium and dark skin tones will find blue eyeliner creates a bold contrast alongside their skin.

Close up of woman with brown eyes wearing matte blue liquid eyeliner in a winged eyeliner and graphic eyeliner shape

How to Apply Blue Eyeliner

5 Styles of Blue Eyeliner to Try

Classic Eyeliner: The classic eyeliner look of a thin line on your upper and lower lash line looks particularly great with the use of a navy blue eyeliner shade.

Waterline: A bold electric blue or teal blue eyeliner can give a bold pop of color to the waterline.

Underliner: Slightly like the waterline eyeliner effect – underliner is a great way to experiment with blue eyeliner – try a bold blue, pastel blue or teal blue shade.

Graphic Eyeliner: Blue eyeliner applied in a graphic shape can enhance the bold and trending effect of an electric blue eyeliner.

Winged Eyeliner: As winged eyeliner gives a lifted effect to the eyes, a navy blue winged liner can be a fun switch up from the classic color and add an eye-catching pop of color.

Which blue eyeliner should I use?

Blue eyeliner is an eyeliner shade where you may like to use different eyeliner formulas depending on the color you prefer and the technique in which you apply.

For waterlining or underlining – a pencil eyeliner is the ideal formula to use — and in terms of shades a pastel blue eyeliner shade or a navy blue eyeliner will also look great with a pencil eyeliner formula.

For a bold and dramatic blue shade (or a precision style finish) and creating looks like a winged eyeliner or graphic eyeliner a blue liquid eyeliner is your best choice.

Which is the best blue eyeliner?

Pencil Eyeliner: Our Drama Liqui-Pencil Dramatic Eyeliner Pencils are ideal for the blue eyeliner look – the longwearing waterproof formula is a liquid-gel-pencil hybrid which delivers vibrant dramatic color and rich pigment which sets to smudge, flake, fade, and transfer-proof finish.

Liquid Eyeliner: For a liquid formula our Idôle Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner is perfect for creating clean and crisp lines. Available in a beautiful cobalt blue shade these waterproof liquid eyeliners are available in ultra-pigmented matte and glossy colors that last for up to 24 hours. The easy to use liquid formula glides smoothly over the eyes with a one stroke application of color.

Electric blue bold eyeliner worn in a reverse winged and inner corner eyeliner shape on brown eyes

Blue Eyeliner Shades

Blue Eyeliner with a Glitter Finish: Drama Liqui-Pencil in 05 Siene Sparkles is a glittery blue eyeliner shade with blue sparkles and a glitter finish.

Blue Eyeliner with a Metallic Finish: Drama Liqui-Pencil 06 Parisian Night is a vinyl blue-grey eyeliner shade with a slightly metallic finish that subtly enhances the eyes.

Bold Electric Blue Eyeliner: Our classic Artliner in Blue Metallic gives a fun and bold burst of color to the eyes.

Cobalt Blue Eyeliner: Idôle Eyeliner in Aegean Blue is a classic blue with a greyish tone in a precise matte finish.

Denim Blue Eyeliner: For a classic medium dark blue in a matte finish: Le Stylo Eyeliner in 07 Minuit Illusion is a Denim Blue eyeliner in a matte finish.

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