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How to Create the Inner Corner Eyeliner Look

Inner corner eyeliner is a trending eyeliner look loved and worn on many runways and by many celebrities – it’s a creative eyeliner look you can easily wear that still looks sophisticated. The method of applying eyeliner to the inner corner of the eye also helps to elongate the eye shape and create an alluring almond like effect.

Our Best Liquid Eyeliner for Inner Corner Eyeliner

Inner corner eyeliner requires a certain level of precision and thus it’s a look best created with liquid eyeliner. Creating a precise line is essential as a messy line can give the illusion of an eyeliner mishap or mistake rather than an intentional shape. For an ultra-precise line our Idôle Ultra Precise Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner is the answer. The felt tip applicator is super slim, flexible and ultra-precise making it easy to create the inner corner eye liner look. The precision tip teamed with ergonomic packaging makes it easy to create a small and precise line even if you’re a makeup beginner.

Beyond the ultra-precise tip another important consideration for inner corner eyeliner is choosing an eyeliner with good staying power – inner corner eyeliner is often prone to smudging as it’s so close to the tear duct so a waterproof formula is a must. Idôle Liquid Eyeliner has up to 24-hours of waterproof wear time and withstands smudging, flaking, and fading.

How to Apply Inner Corner Eyeliner using Liquid Eyeliner

How to Apply Inner Corner Eyeliner

Step 1: To create the inner corner eyeliner look, start by applying a regular winged eyeliner shape.

Step 2. Starting at the inner corner of the eye use short light strokes with the ultra-slim tip to line the upper lash line.

Step 3. Create a mini triangle at the inner corner of the eye. Start at the bottom of the inner corner duct and draw the liner towards the outer corner of the eye.

Step 4. Fill in the triangle at the inner corner of the eye and ensure all the lines are evenly connected.

Finish the Inner Corner Eyeliner with Mascara

After creating the inner corner eyeliner look complete the eyes with mascara. As the inner corner eyeliner look is all about elongating the eyes a mascara which lifts lashes is your best choice. Our Lash Idôle Mascara or Lash Idôle Waterproof Mascara are specifically designed to give lashes lift and volume and they make the perfect eyeliner and mascara pairing. Leaving lashes with a soft plush and feathery look and feel Lash Idôle doesn’t weigh down lashes or leave them looking flaky, crispy and dry. The formula is lightweight and contains white tea extract to provide antioxidant & conditioning care. A real highlight is the specially curved mascara wand which features 360 micro-bristles to grab every lash from root to tip (no matter the length).

To finish off the Inner Corner Eyeliner Look with Lash Idôle Mascara use the wand to create lift to the lashes, then alternate between both sides of the curved brush to build fanned-out volume & length. Try angling the lashes towards the outer corner of the eye to create a more elongated effect.

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