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How to Wear Green Eyeliner

There are many different eyeliner shades that can be fun to experiment with and green is one of them. From dark and elegant greens like jade and emerald to fun and exciting pastel shades like mint – consider switching things up with a green eyeliner rather than the classic black (or try a brown eyeliner, blue eyeliner, or gray eyeliner!)

Who Should Wear Green Eyeliner?

Green Eyeliner Shades

Green eyeliner comes in a variety of different shades, tones, and finishes. Popular green eyeliner colors include:

Olive Green Eyeliner, Jade Eyeliner, Forest Green Eyeliner, Emerald Green Eyeliner, Khaki Eyeliner, Sea Green Eyeliner, Neon Green Eyeliner.

Green Eyeliner for Your Skintone

Green eyeliner can be worn on virtually every skin tone. Darker shades like forest green, ivy and emerald are universally flattering. Olive and Khaki shades look great on medium skin tones. For a bold color or unexpected twist, medium to dark skin tones look great in a kelly green or neon green eyeliner shade whilst fairer skin tones may like a pastel green or sea green shade.

Green Eyeliner and Eye Colors

Green Eyeliner for Brown Eyes: Brown eyes are like a blank canvas for a variety of different eyeliner colors. Any darker green shade will work with brown eyes — but they can also pull off bright greens and pastel greens.

Green Eyeliner for Hazel Eyes: Hazel eyes are an eye color which can especially benefit from green eyeliner. The combination of brown and green allows for a range of green eyeliner shades – consider a dark green, shades like jade or emerald. Try to avoid bold neon greens or pastel greens, instead opt for shades which allow the natural green tones of hazel eyes to stand out.

Green Eyeliner for Blue Eyes: Blue eyes are often best complemented with warm rich tones so if you’re looking to wear green eyeliner for blue eyes try an olive green or khaki green shade.

Can Green Eyes wear green eyeliner?

Those with green eyes can wear green eyeliner but their eyes are typically complemented better with warm shades to create a contrast. Green on green isn’t the best choice for green eyes – but if you’re looking to try the green eyeliner trend – opt for an olive-green shade, khaki shade, or a green shade with some golden shimmer.

Cool Pinky Nude Lipstick worn on a pale porcelain light skin tone

How to Apply Green Eyeliner

6 Green Eyeliner Looks to Try

Classic Green Eyeliner: For a switch up along the regular black eyeliner – apply a thin line of dark green eyeliner along the upper lash line (and/or lower lash line) for a subtle color addition.

Waterline Green Eyeliner: The waterline is a great place to add in some green eyeliner even if you’re a beginner with eyeliner. Swipe a dark green, jade, emerald or forest green eyeliner along the waterline or choose a shade of green that’s a little brighter.

Green Underliner: For an unexpected moment of color — smudging a dark green or olive green eyeliner along the lower lashline to create the underliner effect is a way you can emphasize the excitement of green eyeliner. You can also play around with a sea green or neon green.

Green Graphic Eyeliner: Play around with green eyeliner applied in a graphic shape – for a trending green eyeliner look use a bold green.

Green Winged Eyeliner: With green eyeliner you can choose to go bright, bold and fun with a neon green or sea green shade or chic and elegant with a darker shade like emerald or jade. Apply the classic winged eyeliner shape and have fun with color.

Green Smokey Eyeliner: Green eyeliner in a rich emerald green, jade, or forest green shade (preferably with a bit of shimmer) works great for a smokey eyeliner effect. Just apply the green eyeliner and smudge it out for a different take on the classic smokey eye or winged eyeliner.

Which green eyeliner should I use?

Green eyeliner is a shade that works well in every eyeliner formula – whether pencil, gel, or liquid.

Which is the best green eyeliner?

The best green eyeliner for you will depend on your color preferences, the eyeliner look you wish to create, and your preferred formula.

For clean, crisp and precise lines (perfect for creating a thin eyeliner on the upper lashline, a winged eyeliner or graphic eyeliner look) a liquid eyeliner is likely to be your best choice. Our Idôle Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner comes in a rich and elegant matte green shade that last for up to 24 hours .With ease of use as a key feature, each stroke of the eyeliner glides on smoothly and delivers strong color.

For a smudged-out eyeliner look, waterline look, or underliner look (or if you simply wish to create a thicker eyeliner look) Our Drama Liqui-Pencil Dramatic Eyeliner Pencils deliver vibrant and dramatic color and rich pigment. The formula is a liquid-gel-pencil hybrid allowing you to get the benefits of each different type of eyeliner. The creamy formula has some play time so you can smudge and blend as much as you like before it sets to a longwearing waterproof finish that doesn’t smudge, flake, fade or transfer. Try Glittering Lights for a unique glittering, sparkle finish in a khaki green shade.

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