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How to Wear Grey Eyeliner

When you think of eyeliner and colored eyeliner – grey eyeliner may not be the first thing to come to mind – but it is an unexpected color that can give a twist to your regular eyeliner.

How to Apply Grey Eyeliner

Grey eyeliner can be worn like any other eyeliner, and you can easily get creative with a range of different eyeliner looks and techniques.

Waterline: Consider wearing grey eyeliner on your waterline for an unexpected switch up of color that’s a little different than your classic black or brown eyeliner.

Graphic Eyeliner: Grey eyeliner can look particularly exciting when applied in a graphic eyeliner shape.

Winged Eyeliner: The elegant and eye-lifting shape of winged eyeliner can be applied when using a grey eyeliner shade.

Underliner: The eyeliner trend with an expected twist of focusing all the color on the lower lashline is ideal for a grey eyeliner look.

Who can wear grey eyeliner?

Like any other color, grey eyeliner can of course be worn on any skin tone and any eye color – but it can look more flattering on certain skin tones and eye colors than others.

Grey Eyeliner and Eye Colors

Hazel Eyes: Grey eyeliner is particularly flattering on those with hazel eyes as it can enhance the lighter tones in the eyes, creating stunning contrast.

Brown Eyes: Brown Eyes can also pull off grey eyeliner easily as the lighter shade creates captivating contrast against the rich depth of brown eyes.

Blue Eyes and Gray Eyes: Those with blue or grey eyes may find that grey eyeliner can wash out the natural color of their eyes and make them look dull.

Grey eyeliner worn in a winged eyeliner shape and a creative flame eyeliner shape

Grey Eyeliner and Your Skintone

Grey eyeliner can be flattering on all skin tones. On lighter skintones the color is likely to show up looking softer than a black eyeliner shade.

On medium to dark skin tones grey eyeliner can create a bold pop of color and contrast.

Which formula of grey eyeliner should I use?

When it comes to selecting the best grey eyeliner, a key factor to consider is the eyeliner's pigmentation. As grey eyeliner often shows up as a more subtle and subdued shade on the skin, it’s especially important to pick a formula with strong pigmentation.

Grey eyeliner can sometimes tend to look patchy and uneven on the skin so picking an eyeliner which is smooth and applies color in one stroke is vital.

Grey Eyeliner finish: Grey eyeliner typically looks best when worn in a matte finish (a highly shiny or vinyl-type look can be difficult to achieve). Grey eyeliner with a sparkling glitter finish can also look flattering.

Which is the best grey eyeliner?

When selecting a grey eyeliner and looking at the key factors of consideration (pigmentation, formula, and finish) our Idôle Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner ticks all the boxes. With waterproof ultra-pigmented matte colors (also available in blue, green, and brown) that last for up to 24 hours, the eyeliner has a smooth glide, one stroke application, ideal for a grey eyeliner color.

If you prefer a pencil eyeliner formula, try to our Le Stylo Waterproof Eyeliner in the shade 08 Rive Anthractice Dark Gray. With an ultra-creamy formula which glides effortlessly over the lashline (and the waterline) the eyeliner remains soft, smudgeable and blendable before it sets to a long-wearing waterproof finish.

Pro Tip: Use Idôle Eyeliner in Shadow Grey on the upper lashline and use Le Stylo Eyeliner in 08 Rive Anthractice on the waterline and lower lashline.

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