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Foundation for Oily Skin – 8 Makeup Artist Tips

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Makeup for oily skin isn’t just as simple as putting on some foundation and calling it a day – in order for your makeup to look the best it’s a good idea to incorporate some special techniques and makeup advice into your foundation routine. The good news is that liquid foundation can be used on most skin types and the days of powdery thick matte makeup for oily skin are gone. Whether you prefer a full coverage foundation or a lighter look — we sat down with Ricardo Costales, National Makeup Artist for Lancôme, to share his top makeup tips for oily skin.

Oily Skin Makeup 101: Your questions about foundation for oily skin answered.

“How should you prepare and prime oily skin for makeup?

Simple steps in your skincare and makeup routine can help makeup for oily skin look its best. Costales explains “It all starts with the perfect skin care routine for oily skin,balanced and well taken care of skin may produce less oil as opposed to skin that uses soaps and the incorrect skin care.” Costales recommends first cleansing skin with a gentle cleanser before applying our signature Advanced Génifique Serum – with its lightweight texture it quickly absorbs into skin making it perfect for use prior to applying makeup. Costales also stresses the importance of using a light moisturizer before makeup even if you have oily skin. If it’s the daytime – don’t forget to use a sunscreen to help provide sun protection – in this case, you may like to use a sunscreen as your two in one moisturizer (try our UV Expert Aquagel Facial Sunscreen and Primer with SPF 50+).

Beyond skincare, it is also wise to use a primer for oily skin. When applying makeup for oily skin, always work with something mattifying. Costales recommends La Base Pro which he describes as an “oil-free primer that hugs and kisses your skin.”

“How to choose foundation for oily skin?”

Selecting the right foundation for your skin type is vital to ensure a flawless finish. Costales shares “my favorite foundation for all skin types, but especially as a foundation for oily or combination skin is Teint Idole Ultra Wear Long Wear Foundation a perfect foundation that wears so beautifully and looks on point all day.” The formula is also mineral oil-free, ultra breathable and non-comedogenic making it a great foundation for oily skin.

“What is the best way to apply foundation for oily skin?”

“After priming the skin. I believe in being free to choose your favorite way to apply it. My favorite technique is using a fluffy brush to create an airbrushed look. If you need more coverage in certain areas, you can use a blender sponge or a flat foundation brush”. Costales explains that your skin needs to look like it breaths and looks natural during the day, but it is ok to go for a full coverage foundation and glam look for nighttime.

Our new Teint Idole Ultra Wear Long Wear Foundation has the benefit of being a buildable coverage foundation. This medium to full coverage foundation can be sheered out or built up depending on your desired level of coverage.

“What makeup finishes should I avoid for oily skin?”

Costales recommends people with oily skin select a matte finish for their makeup. “People with oily skin will love a matte finish to their makeup. My wish for anyone feeling oily is that instead of creating a mask and makeup that looks flat and thick — try playing with a much softer and natural finish.”

Our Teint Idole Ultra Wear Long Wear Foundation has a natural matte finish that leaves skin looking smooth and flawless with color that stays fresh all day day without fading or transferring while resisting humidity and sweat (fading foundation is a common occurrence with oily skin). Plus, the formula is our thinnest most breathable foundation and mineral oil-free for comfortable all-day wear. It’s a good idea to avoid dewy, glowing, and radiant finish foundation formulas on oilier skin types as this can sometimes cause the skin to look greasy – although those with a combination-oily skin type can use either!

Step Five

"What is the ideal makeup routine for oily skin?”

For oily skin types, Costales recommends using a face primer, foundation for oily skin, concealer, a setting powder, and a setting spray.

First Start with La Base Pro to help mattify the skin. Secondly apply Teint Idole Ultra Wear Long Wear Foundation for a natural matte finish before using Teint Idole All Over Concealer (a long-wearing concealer with a natural matte finish) to cover any areas that need additional coverage like dark circles or redness and discoloration.

Once you’ve finalized your foundation and concealer for oily skin, finalize the look by setting it into place with a setting spray and oil-controlling setting powder.

Tip: If you have a combination skin type stick to using powder in the t-zone (the center of the forehead and down the nose)

"Are there any makeup tips on how to make makeup last on oily skin?”

Obviously using a primer for oily skin to help combat shine is the first step in helping to make makeup last on oily skin. For extra staying power Costales shares “One of my favorite tips is to create a barrier between skin care and makeup. After finishing your skin care routine, use a setting spray like Fix it and Forget it Setting Spray and then apply your foundation. This tip will create a barrier and will make your foundation last even longer.” With an innovative silica compound Fix it and Forget It ensures that skin stays shine-free and natural looking all day long.

"What is the best way to touch up makeup for oily Skin?”

Touching up makeup on oily skin can sometimes be a challenge, especially if your skin has gotten oily throughout the day. To touch up foundation on oily skin Costales explains “Always blot your face especially your T-zone with blotting papers or a tissue, then apply few dots of foundation before using a clean fluffy brush in circular movements to apply the foundation. The result will be not masked/thick /unnatural looking, but fresh so you’re ready to face the world without wasting another minute of your precious time.”

"What are some makeup tips for oily skin?”

Finally, we asked Costales if he had any other makeup tips for oily skin to share. “When you are oily or combination to oily , the more you apply the more made up you will look. Applying foundation in a purposeful manner is key, since it will help your makeup look more natural and last longer”. Costales shares that “regardless of whether your skin type is oily or dry, your makeup application should look like your skin, natural and healthy...”

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