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  • How to Make Large Pores Look Smaller and Blur Skin with Makeup

How to Make Large Pores Look Smaller and Blur Skin with Makeup

Article Published: 19 January 2023

Learn makeup tips on how to blur pores and minimize the look of large pores with smoothing primer and foundation for soft and smooth looking skin.

Woman with textured skin and large pores applying blurring face primer

Large pores can be a frustrating concern to have – especially since they can have a direct impact on the way your makeup looks. If you have large pores you may find that your makeup has a tendency to look cakey or unnatural on the skin. If you want to make your pores look smaller and give a soft and blurred effect to the skin learn how to with this guide.

Hands with a pea sized amount of face primer on a spatula

Blur Pores with a Blurring Primer

Before applying your foundation – priming your skin is a non-negotiable if you’re looking to reduce the look of your pores. After moisturizing the skin (try a non-comedogenic moisturizer with salicylic acid) use a smoothing primer and ensure you focus application on areas where pores tend to be larger (often the forehead, nose, and chin). If you prefer to go foundation free (or only use concealer) you can also use a blurring primer on bare skin for a velvety smooth effect.

Our Priming Serum is a solid, smoothing and blurring face primer which can help soften the look of pores and blur skin — it can be worn underneath makeup to help smooth and prep skin for makeup or worn on its own for a smoothing effect.

To help smooth skin and blur pores use a grain sized amount of the blurring primer and warm the primer with fingers before smoothing over the skin. For best results apply and gently blend outward until skin feels smooth to the touch and pores look smaller.

Use a Smoothing Foundation

The foundation you use can also play a part in to how your skin and pores look as certain foundations can sometime accentuate the look of pores.

Our Teint Idole Ultra Wear Care & Glow Foundation is a skincare infused foundation which blends together the benefits of skincare and makeup together to create a caring foundation to hydrate and smooth skin for a natural glowing finish. One of the key ingredients in the formula is Mandelic Acid which smooths and refines the skin.

For a smoothing technique when applying foundation try using a damp sponge to apply the product and press it into the skin – this technique can help to smooth the product over the skin for a poreless look.

Smooth Pores with a Powder

After applying your foundation a setting powder can make the world of difference in smoothing texture and blurring pores on the skin. After applying your foundation and allowing it to set – finish everything off with a powder. You can choose to use a loose powder or pressed powder – but the key is often in the application technique you use. Rather than dusting a powder all over your face – try using a powder puff. Using a powder puff to apply powder can create a smoothing effect, mattify skin, and help to prevent makeup fading (it’s a great idea to use one if you’re wearing foundation on oily skin.

Find the best foundation shade for you.

Woman with smoothed and blurred skin after using a blurring face primer


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