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Finding the Right Shade of Foundation for You: Foundation Color Match Tips

Two women with foundation swatches on their cheeks and holding up Lancome’s e-shade finder color match tool and foundation

Finding your perfect foundation color match isn’t always an easy task – especially if you’re buying online. Foundation creates the canvas for your makeup look, and selecting the wrong shade of foundation can leave your skin looking dull and dreary or give you that dreaded foundation line around your chin. Whether you’re buying a foundation online or want to head in store to purchase without using a tester, you can avoid choosing the wrong shade of foundation by using our foundation matcher tool E-Shade Finder.

Our Foundation Shade Finder: E-Shade Finder

E-Shade Finder is our online foundation match finder tool which allows you to find your foundation shade virtually so you can easily find your foundation shade match without having to leave your home or go to a store. Our accurate shade finder tool, E-Shade Finder analyzes your skin tone and undertone using a database of over 22,000 different skin tones so you can find your perfect foundation shade. Using artificial intelligence and our 360° selfie video, our tool helps to give you an accurate foundation shade match recommendation.

How to Find Your Foundation Color Match with E-Shade Finder

Step 1: First and foremost, it’s important to position yourself in an evenly lit area when looking to find your foundation color match. Avoid areas where there is a lot of artificial light, low light, or an over exposed area. If possible, try to stand near or facing a window as natural light will give the most accurate representation of your skin tone

Step 2: Start the 360° video – a unique selfie video technology. Once you’ve loaded up the video, allow our advanced technology to analyze your skin tone and undertone to help you find your perfect foundation shade match. For the best results, position your face within the frame and slowly spin in a circle while the tool captures your skin tone in every light angle.

Step 3: Once the technology has analyzed your skin tone, you will be presented with three recommended foundation shades. The tool makes it easy to see your best foundation shade match and provides two alternative shade recommendations which can be especially helpful if you tend to be a lighter foundation shade in the winter and a darker shade in the summer.

Choosing the Right Formula of Foundation

Getting the right foundation shade match is one thing, but what about choosing the right foundation formula? Not all foundations are created equal, and each gives a different effect or level of coverage. Teint Idole Ultra 24 Hour Long Wear Foundation is the star of our foundation matching tool, which isn’t surprising since it’s available in 50 shades. These shades are carefully curated for a diverse range of skin tones — deep shades are enhanced by the pigment Ultra Marine Blue to create pure deep foundation shades without a gray cast. For olive skin tones, the pigment Chromium Oxide Green was used to create balanced shades that aren’t too yellow or orange and instead complement the natural skin tone. It also provides 24 hours of long-wear with humidity and transfer-resistant properties, while leaving a flawless, natural matte finish.

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