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Glowing Skin Secrets and Dewy Foundation for a Glowing Makeup Look

Model with Glowing Makeup showing How to Get Glowing Skin with a Dewy Foundation

Healthy, dewy, luminous, and glowing skin always looks great – no matter the time of year, but it’s not always the easiest to achieve – but thankfully even if you don’t have naturally glowing skin – with the right makeup products you can easily create a dewy, glowing makeup look.

Prep skin with a Radiance Boosting Face Serum for Glowing Makeup

The first step to any makeup application is to prep the skin for a gorgeous glowing base. Our Advanced Génifique Face Serum is a radiance boosting face serum that helps strengthen the skin’s protective moisture barrier for a healthy glow. The formula includes Hyaluronic Acid — an ingredient known for its ability to enhance moisture-retention and skin-hydration, Vitamin C — an antioxidant known to help neutralize free radicals, brighten, and smooth the skin and Bifidus Prebiotic an ingredient which helps create favorable environment for good bacteria that is present on the skin’s surface.

With a silky lightweight texture Advanced Génifique Face Serum quickly absorbs into the skin making it a perfect product to prep the skin for a glowy makeup look. Use the self-loading dropper to dispense the perfect amount of product and ensure you allow the product to absorb into the skin before applying foundation.

Dewy Foundation for A Natural Glow

When looking to create a dewy makeup look – picking the right foundation is the most important step. Put down the matte foundation and instead look for a foundation which is specifically designed to give skin a healthy glowing finish.

Our Teint Idole Ultra Wear Care and Glow Foundation is perfect for creating glowing makeup thanks to its 82% hydrating serum base with hyaluronic acid (which can help to hydrate skin) and mandelic acid (which can help to visibly smooth skin). The serum infusion means the foundation has skincare benefits within makeup - including visibly improved skin tone and overall skin texture, look, and feel.* in a consumer study after 3 weeks on 107 women.

The formula has a buildable medium coverage that delivers a healthy glowy finish to the skin that lasts for up to 24 hours. From light to medium – it’s easy to alter the coverage depending on if you prefer a fuller coverage with a natural glow or a lighter coverage with dewy glow. Using your fingers to apply is a great technique for a lighter “skin-like” glow as the warmth of your fingertips can help to warm up the product as it’s applied for a more natural glowing finish. No matter your skin type or desired level of coverage — the skincare infused formula leaves skin with a 24-hour healthy glow and is available in up to 30 transfer-resistant properties for a glowing finish all day long. Plus with the added benefit of SPF 27 it’s perfect for a natural glow day time foundation.

Use a Highlighter or Illuminator for Glowing Makeup

A foundation with a glow finish is a sure way to create a dewy finish to your makeup – but for a little extra glow try adding a highlighter to your makeup look. Our Dual Finish Highlighter is perfect for creating either a subtle glow or intense glow to your makeup. With an ultra-creamy formula this powder highlighter melts into the skin for a brilliant highlight that doesn't cake or look unnatural on the skin. Infused with light-reflecting pearls for a smooth, buildable glow it can be used either dry for a subtle highlight, or to create a glowing makeup look.

Highlighter Application for a Dewy Glow

When applying highlighter, it’s important to be strategic in your application methods to avoid a greasy, shiny, or overly metallic look to the skin. For the perfect glow apply highlighter to the highest points of the face: the tops of the cheekbones, the brow bone, the tip of the nose, and the cupids bow. Make sure to focus highlighter only on these areas and blend out any harsh edges with a soft brush to ensure a naturally glowing look. For an added glow apply a little shimmering highlighter powder to the eyelids.

Ditch the Powder for a Glowing Finish

Using a glow foundation is the most important step in creating a glowing makeup look – but another important consideration is setting your makeup into place without disturbing the glow you’ve created. If you’re usually tempted to reach for a mattifying powder to help eliminate shine or lock your makeup into place skip the powder and try a setting spray instead. Our Fix It Forget It Setting Spray is an ultra-hydrating, antioxidant rich setting spray that helps keep makeup looking fresh for up to 24 hours. For an even more luminous glow, mix-in your favorite liquid highlighter into the spray and apply liberally over the skin.

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