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How to apply lip gloss on the go like a Parisian

Once an all-American-girl territory, now lip gloss is firmly ensconced in the Parsian’s beauty must-haves.

how to apply lip gloss on the go

Always on the go, seeking the best results with plenty of know-how, French women have embraced Lancôme’s lip gloss collection: L’Absolu Gloss Cream & Sheer & Velvet Matte.

Lip gloss - with style

Sparkles, glitter and a sticky wand are things of the past. Today lip gloss is all grown up and sophisticated thanks to Lancôme’s L’Absolu Gloss and its chic shades. The real difference? The three distinct lip gloss finishes available, ranging from sheer to creamy and velvety matte.

Like a touch of pearl? Opt for the more neutral L’Absolu Gloss Sheer Beige Muse #222 or the pretty pink Premier Baiser #383. Prefer a velvet finish? Try the bold L'Absolu Velvet Matte Rouge Artiste #144 or the darker L’Entracte #181 lip gloss which Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge lipstick fans will love.

On the metro

No time to put on a full face of makeup in the morning? Whip out a mirror on the metro and slide on a quick coat of L’Absolu Gloss Nuit & Jour #202 lip gloss. Its creamy finish is just the thing for a natural look at the office. Its sleek wand promises easy application, whatever the situation. It’s so easy, it can be done in a couple of minutes, so you won’t miss your stop.

In a cafe

The Parisian loves to spend a little downtime at the café. Sipping an espresso, while people-watching or mentally organizing the rest of the day. Calling the ‘garçon’ when asking for the bill? Make his day with a soft pink L'Absolu Gloss Sheer Pourquoi pas? #317 lip gloss smile. Pick your café strategically, the ones from the Art Deco period have plenty of handy mirrors for swift lip gloss application!

In the street

Rushing from A to B and forgot to add that little ‘je ne sais quoi’? A hint of color can dress up any look, especially on the way to a meeting or a rendez-vous of the romantic kind. Catch your reflection in a boutique window and treat yourself to a sheer L’Absolu Gloss Premier Baiser Sheer #383 or add a dash of style to your lips with the appropriately named Avec Style Velvet Matte #321 lip gloss. This is one make-over that won’t make you late to your date.

In a nightclub

When it’s time to create an impression, the refined Parisian isn’t afraid to go for a bold, confident statement. Get the perfect party pout while the cocktails are being served, with the iconic pink Rose Lancôme #378 Velvet Matte lip gloss or go for a creamy, daring Graffiti Gloss Cream #382 red. Either way, you’ll be back at the bar before the ice cubes start melting.

At the supermarket

Some might say the grocery shopping is not really a place for make-up but there’s no harm in always looking your best, with a subtle confidence-boosting coat of lip gloss, even when you’re picking up your weekly necessities. Pick a discreet creamy shade like L’Absolu Gloss Rose Caresse Cream #319 or go for a signature bright red Caprice Cream #132 to up the stakes in the fruit and veg aisle!

Lip Gloss Color Guide

Wondering how to pick the best lip-gloss to suit your hair color? Here’s our quick color guide.

For Blondes
Lancôme’s makeup experts generally recommend nude tones for blondes such as the L’Absolu Gloss Beige Muse Sheer #222 lip gloss or the creamy Nuit & Jour Cream #202. For more color, try the pinks like the classic signature Rose Lancôme #378 for something matte or try the pearly yet demure Sur les Toits Sheer #351 for that glossy shine effect.

For Brunettes
With a darker hair color, brunettes can be a tad more adventurous opting for a range of shades from pinks like L’Absolu Gloss Avec Style Velvet Matte #321 lip gloss, the raspberry inspired Clair Obscure Cream #422 or the hot pink Premier Baiser Sheer #383 for something more striking with a mirror shine. The darker your hair, the more you can veer to the reds and oranges, choosing the bright Beaux Arts Matte #356 or the classic Caprice Cream #132a lip gloss.

For Redheads
Redheads should color coordinate with their tresses and stick to the red lip gloss colors with an orange undertone making #144 Rouge Artiste Velvet Matte a good matte choice, or perhaps the confident coral pink Graffiti Cream #382 ?

3 Gloss Top Tips

Volume works
Did you know that even voluminous lips can get away with wearing lip gloss? The trick is to apply in the center of the lips only.

Cupid’s Bow
To make your pout even more perfect, add a touch of Dual Finish Highlighter on your cupid’s bow. The perfect finishing touch to trick the light!

Hydrate ahead
It’s best to apply moisturizing products like L’Absolu La Base before your lipstick or lip gloss application for better adherence.

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