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Concealer as Contour: How to Use Concealer for Contouring

Contouring is one of the go-to makeup techniques for helping to sculp and shape the face – but did you ever think about using a different product like a concealer to contour? Often used to cover dark circles, redness, or break outs – concealer is a product that isn’t just limited to your coverage needs. Learn how to contour using a concealer.

Can I use concealer for contouring?

Yes! Liquid and Cream concealer formulas are suitable for contouring! With the right tools and techniques, anyone can create a sculpted look using concealer.

How do I choose the right shade of concealer to contour?

Choose the right shade of concealer to contour is the most important factor to consider when contouring with concealer. For the best results choose a shade of concealer that is two to three shades darker than your natural skin tone. It is best to use a concealer with a cool or neutral undertone as this will help to mimic the natural shadows of your skin whilst a warm toned concealer may look more like a bronzer.

Which concealer is best for contouring?

For contouring with concealer we recommend our Teint Idole Ultra Wear All Over Concealer. Our lightweight, full coverage concealer is suitable for use all over the face and its ultra-blendable formula doesn’t crease or cake, leaving skin feeling comfortable and hydrated for up to 24 hours. The concealer comes in a range of shades that can be used to contour, give a lifted appearance, and highlight different areas of the face. The applicator is designed for precise application, making it easy to create a defined and sculpted look.

Tutorial showing how to contour on a dark skin tone using cream concealer

What is the best way to apply concealer as contour?

Depending on the product you use, it may have an included applicator designed for precision application – or you may like to use a small and precise makeup brush to draw the concealer onto the areas where you wish to contour. Make sure to start slow and apply the concealer in thin layers as it is a fuller coverage and often higher pigmented product than traditional contouring products. It is better to apply a little and build it up gradually rather than to apply too much at once. Try using a makeup sponge like a beauty blender to blend the product into the skin.

What order should I use when applying concealer to contour? Should I contour with concealer before or after I apply my foundation?

Which order you choose to apply the concealer you use to contour will depend on your preferred makeup look. For a more natural, seamless, and second-skin look consider applying your contour before applying your foundation (this technique is also known as underpainting and involves applying your blush, bronzer, contour, and concealer before applying your foundation and can alleviate the need for using as much product). For a more classic technique and more done up look applying the contouring concealer after applying foundation.

Where to Contour

The best places to contour are the areas of your face where there are natural shadows and the areas which are typically associated with a sculpted face (think chiseled cheekbones)

These areas include: underneath the cheekbones, around the jawline, around the temples/hairline, and down the sides of the nose.

How should I blend my contour?

Blending is key when it comes to contouring with concealer. For the best results use a buffing brush or damp makeup sponge to blend out the concealer. It is best to use a brush or sponge in a buffing or tapping motion as this helps to effortlessly blend out the product and remove any excess that could make your contouring look too intense – fingertips may also be used but may not give as much of a natural contour effect. Don't forget to blend the edges of the contour to avoid harsh lines.

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