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How to Select the Best Idôle Perfume for Your Mood

Hands holding up Idole classic and Idole Now for Idole perfume comparison

Our classic Idôle perfume is a scent that eludes modern femininity and is dedicated to the generation that dreams big: strong women, empowered and outspoken. At the core of each Idôle scent stands the iconic perfume ingredient, the rose. For an interesting twist or change in scent to match your personality or mood for the day, our Idôle scent comes in a multitude of variations so you can find the perfect scent for you.

Idôle for the Perfect Clean and Confident Scent: Classic Idôle

Idôle eau de parfum the best clean and confident perfume

If you’re looking to feel confident and empowered, the best Idôle perfume to embody this is our classic fresh floral scent of Idôle. So, what does Idôle by Lancôme smell like? With rose at the forefront and standpoint of the scent, Idôle features four roses and fresh jasmine for a clean, intense softness which blooms gracefully. Enveloping the fragrance like a cocoon, notes of bergamot explode with juicy pear and a touch of pink peppercorn. As a clean and confident scent, it’s a beautiful perfume for work, school, or every day and is sure to empower you with the feeling you can accomplish any goal you set.

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Idôle for a Fun and Spontaneous Scent: Idôle Nectar

Idôle Nectar eau de parfum the best fun and spontaneous perfume

For those who wish to feel fun, spontaneous, unique, and stand out from the crowd, our best Idôle perfume to embody this is Idôle Nectar. A delicious floral & sweet perfume with gourmand notes, Idôle Nectar combines the beauty of the classic rose bouquet with our hand-picked Isparata roses, centifolia roses, rosewater, and rose absolue layered with mouth-watering caramel popcorn with an irresistible layer of Bourbon Vanilla. An attention-grabbing scent, Idôle Nectar is a unique, avant-garde scent and it’s one that cannot be ignored. Bold and unique, it perfectly encapsulates Idôle’s mission to empower and inspire those who wear it.

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Idôle for a Radiant and Bold Scent: Idôle NOW

Idôle Now eau de parfum the best radiant and bold perfume

At the dawn of a new day, you boldly embrace change, facing what’s to come with a radiance that can’t help but inspire. Idôle NOW is our best Idôle perfume to embody what it means to stare squarely at the face of change and run towards it, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Upcycled Rose uplifts and invigorates, Orchid Accord adds warmth and elegance, and obtained using biotechnology, Augmented Vanilla produces an even more powerful, irresistible trail. This bold scent eludes a fiery intensity with the power to unite. You live unapologetically in your strength – your time is now. For days when you need a reminder to always be bold in what you believe in, choose Idôle NOW.

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Idôle for a Warm and Energizing Scent: Idôle Aura

Idôle Aura eau de parfum the best warm and energizing perfume

For those looking for a warm and energizing scent, our first sun-kissed scent Idôle Aura is sure to reinvigorate and transport you to a warm and sunny feeling. This comforting and energizing perfume combines the classic rose with dazzling and fresh jasmine with notes of warm salted vanilla. Idôle Aura eludes a unique and radiant ambience that energizes yourself and those around you. It’s our best Idôle perfume for helping you feel warm, fuzzy, and re-energized – imagine the feeling of excitement and butterflies you feel when you travel to a new destination or make a new milestone in life.

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Perfume Tips to Find Your Best Perfume

You found the best Idôle perfume for you, now take it a step further. Find the best perfume for you with our guide on how to find your signature scent and our interactive fragrance finder quiz can help.

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