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Skin Screen Information Notice

Lancôme, part of L’Oréal USA, Inc. (collectively, “Lancôme”), has instituted the following Information Notice related to any personal information that Lancôme may obtain, possess, use, process, transfer, or store about you (“You”) because of Your use of Skin Screen. For further information about Lancôme’s’ privacy practices as they relate to this service or other personal information Lancôme collects about You when You use our website or other Lancôme services, please review Lancôme’s PRIVACY POLICY.


The purpose of the collection, storage, processing, and use of personal information for Skin Screen is to provide You with a meaningful, efficient way to evaluate products for potential purchase and use. When You use Lancôme’s Skin Screen, Lancôme collects and processes certain data, see “How It Works,” infra, to deliver a better beauty experience to You. Lancôme may use information about You to (A) communicate with You about Lancôme’s beauty products and services; (B) answer questions; (C) create better experiences; (D) provide tailored advertising, content, services, recommendations, and communications; (E) fulfill product purchases and process payments; (F) analyze use of Lancôme products and services, without any associated personally identifiable information of users, so as to improve effectiveness of Lancôme Site, customer service, and offerings, including improvement of the virtual Skin Screen tool and underlying algorithm; (G) conduct research, including high-level analytics without associated personally identifiable information; (H) to comply with applicable laws or legal obligations; (I) for corporate governance, including mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and other corporate restructurings; and (J) TO ENFORCE THE TERMS OF USE, which additionally govern and apply to Your use of Skin Screen.

How It Works

You must grant a Beauty Advisor permission to take a series of photographs of Yourself using Lancôme’s photo booth technology . Your photographs are processed and analyzed locally on the iPad connected to the photobooth. Lancôme will use an algorithm to analyze the photographs to detect face landmarks to localize the region around key facial features (i.e., outline of eyes, lower part of nose, outline of lips, etc.). This information is used for visualization (e.g., present skin concern zones on the selfie) and to provide You with the requested service (e.g., analyze the correct areas of the face needed to identify skin concerns to provide you with skin care recommendations). It is not used to identify or verify the identity of any individual.

Lancôme will use additional and separate algorithms to analyze the photograph to assess signs of skin ageing using multiple dimensions (e.g., location of wrinkles, redness, microvessels, cheek pores, pigmentation around eyes, UV damage, ptosis of lower face, density of pigmentation, etc.). This information is used to calculate skin concerns (e.g., blotchiness, lack of radiance, size of pores, pigmentation, fine lines, firmness, depth of wrinkles, UV damage), which are used to provide You with results.

Based on results of the foregoing and the information you provide, such as gender, age, Your skin type, Your skin concerns (such as sensitivity), eye concerns, skintone, and products used, you will be provided with Your results and recommended products. Results may include information such as skin radiance, even tone, pore quality, pigmentation, firmness, fine lines, and wrinkles; a comparison to people within your age range and/or skin quality; and a suggested skincare routine.

At the conclusion of the consultation all consultation data is sent to L’Oréal’s central cloud-based hub. Lancôme and Lancôme’s parent company, L’Oreal S.A., will use information as described in this Notice, including for analytics, market research, and to improve the algorithms to enhance products and services.

Your Consent For Collection and Use of Your Personal Information

When You use Skin Screen, you specifically consent that: • Lancôme is collecting, capturing, possessing, storing, or obtaining the picture You provide or is taken of You by a Beauty Advisor, and data obtained or created from Your picture (including the automated recognition of various facial landmarks), that might qualify as biometric data, biometric information, or a biometric identifier under various laws. • Lancôme may share, disclose, or disseminate information about You with any other affiliated company or brand (including its parent (L’Oreal S.A.) and subsidiaries) as well as its service providers (such as the provider of cloud services used to provide You with the service). Lancôme’s parent company, L’Oreal S.A., will use information as described in this Notice, including for analytics, market research, and to improve the algorithms in order to enhance products and services.


Lancôme’s Skin Screen Information Notice coexists with, supplements, and does not supplant, obviate, replace, or otherwise supersede or suspend any other policy applicable to Your use of Lancôme website and Skin Screen, including the TERMS OF USE and PRIVACY POLICY.

Lancôme’s Skin Screen Information Notice is subject to periodic updating, including to the extent that Lancôme begins collecting personal information for any other purposes not specified herein. Lancôme reserves the right to amend this policy at any time, which amendments will further apply to Your use of Skin Screen subsequent to their enactment.

Data Retention

Lancôme only briefly stores photographs. Once the information is returned to You, Your photographs are deleted from the iPad (generally after completion of the session but may be retained for up to five (5) days.

The coordinates of facial landmarks, information you provide, measurements made by the algorithm(s), calculations made from such measurements (i.e., short and sparse eyelashes), the results from the analysis provided to You, and all recommendations provided to You are stored in a central cloud hub to help Lancôme and its affiliates (including its parent – L’Oreal S.A. - and subsidiaries) improve its products and its users’ experiences, including for analytics, market research, and for the enhancement of L’Oréal’s products and services. Coordinates of facial landmarks and information derived from the analysis of Your selfie (i.e., Your skin results) will be stored only as long as needed for Lancôme and its affiliates’ (including its parent – L’Oreal S.A. - and subsidiaries) business purposes and in any event, no longer than 3 years after our last interaction with You

After completion of the analysis, the scores are displayed in the application on the iPad so the Beauty Advisor may provide you with your results and discuss recommended products. This information is retained on the mobile application for up to five (5) days.

Right to Delete.

Depending on your location, You may have the right under the law of your state of residence to request deletion of, data about you at any time. In order to so indicate, You shall submit the request using the methods outlined in Lancôme PRIVACY POLICY.

If You request deletion of data about you, You understand and acknowledge that Lancôme will keep a log of Your doing so, which log will include information such as Your name, date of request, manner of request, and date of fulfillment:

PLEASE NOTE that should You request deletion of data about You at a time when Lancôme is compelled by law or order of court of competent jurisdiction to maintain such data, Lancôme will not immediately comply with Your deletion request. We may also deny a deletion request where otherwise permitted to do so by applicable law.

Data Storage

Lancôme uses a reasonable standard of care to store, transmit, and protect from disclosure any data used in Skin Screen consistent with the sensitivity of the data. However, no electronic data transmission or storage of information can be guaranteed to be 100% secure.


Lancôme may share, disclose, or disseminate personal information with any other affiliated company or brand (including its parent and subsidiaries). For example, as disclosed in this Notice, Lancôme’s parent– L’Oreal S.A. – uses information stored in the central cloud based-hub for analytics, market research, and to improve its products and services in order to enhance products and services. Lancôme will also disclose personal information to Lancôme’s service providers (including service providers who help Lancôme provide You with services). Lancôme may disclose information in connection with the sale or purchase of our assets, or in connection with any bankruptcy or reorganization proceeding. Lancôme may also disclose personal information to comply with federal or state law, local law, municipal ordinance, or court order, including in connection with a validly issued warrant or subpoena (or other legal process); to verify or enforce our TERMS OF USE or other applicable policies, to respond to an emergency; or otherwise to protect the rights, property, safety, or security of third parties, visitors to our Sites, or the public.

For more information on Lancôme disclosure practices, or for additional information about rights available to you, please visit our PRIVACY POLICY.

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