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Welcome Back, Juicy Tubes Lip Gloss!

Remember Juicy Tubes lip gloss? The iconic lip gloss tubes are back in new colors and with the same gloss and shine that you love.

Juicy Tubes Lip Gloss in purple, pink, brown, nude, and fuchsia lip gloss shades.

What does the year 2000 make you think of? For some, it’s velour tracksuits. For others, it’s the boy bands (all of them). And for many, it’s lip gloss that truly defined the times — specifically, Juicy Tubes lip gloss. And in case you missed it: This year, in honor of their 20th anniversary, they’re now back in the 10 original shades, along with 10 brand-new shades.

In addition to picking a lip gloss tube in your favorite juicy color, you can also decide between sparkly, creamy, and jelly finishes (which look shimmery, glossy, and sheer on lips, respectively). That makes it easy to find a shade that truly works for you, whether that’s the marshmallow pink lip gloss of your youth or a classic clear lip gloss to pair with your lipstick collection.

Also, it’s not just any lip gloss…but you knew that. Infused with vitamin E, the OG formula offers that ultra high shine and yummy flavors you know and love, plus four hours of lasting hydration. Additionally, the smart applicator dispenses the perfect amount of product to give you the right amount of shine in every swipe. Juicy Tubes is the truly glossy lip gloss you could — and can still — count on for comfort and shine.

Make the Most of Your Juicy Color

Plump It Up: Want to create the appearance of full lips? Start by applying your favorite shade of L’Absolu Rouge lipstick. Then, layer clear lip gloss like Juicy Tubes in 01 Pure Jelly over it by pressing the applicator over the lips.

Line and Shine: If you’re looking for added definition for your lips, start with a lip pencil. Sketch your cupid’s bow with a creamy lip pencil, such as Le Lip Liner, and then fill in your lips. Finally, top it with a pink lip gloss like Juicy Tubes in 08 Tickled Pink.

Make It Sparkly: Want a chic shimmer on your lips? Add a festive touch to your lip look with this pair: Start by applying L’Absolu Rouge lipstick. Then, swipe a sparkle-finish shade of Juicy Tubes, like Juicy Tubes in 07 Magic Spell. (Switch it up with a jelly finish lip gloss for shine or creamy color for a new shade that’s all your own.)


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