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Peach and Coral Lipstick and Lip Gloss for a Summer Makeup Look

A peach lip color can be chic, summery, and the perfect shade to wear during those warmer months and beautiful summer days. Whilst red lipstick, nude lipstick, and pink lipstick may be the three tones which are often in the spotlight – don’t forget about peachy lip colors and coral lipsticks. Somewhere between the lines sits a peach lipstick it’s like the middle area of wearing a bold lip color or a nude one. It can be subtle enough to look understated or to wear to the office – but it still packs a peachy punch.

From sheer and subtle to bold and matte or fresh and glossy – there’s a peach lipstick shade or coral lipstick for you – and although coral lipsticks and peach lip shades do tend to look the most flattering on warmer skin tones — any skin tone can pull it off with the right complementary makeup.

A Matte Peach Lipstick or Coral Lipstick for a Bold Pop of Color

For a bold and dramatic effect try switching up from a creamy or glossy finish peach lipstick and instead try a peach matte lipstick. A peach matte lipstick set against glowing and luminous skin looks perfect for a bold summer makeup look. Try to keep your eye makeup minimal with just a coat or two of volumizing mascara – or try a monochromatic makeup look with a peachy eyeshadow and peachy blush pairing. Try Drama Ink Liquid Lipstick in the shade 154 Dis Oui a neutral coral lipstick in a liquid lipstick formula which sets to a semi-matte finish that lasts all day.

For a classic summer coral lip try L’Absolu Rouge Cream Lipstick 120 Call Me Sienna a warm deep coral lipstick – try using a tissue to blot off any excess color and give the lips a slight matte effect. 120 Call Me Sienna a warm deep coral lipstick – try using a tissue to blot off any excess color and give the lips a slight matte effect.

A Peach Nude Lipstick for a Neutral Look

Peach lipstick can also be worn in a way that looks more natural and understated – for example a peach nude lipstick shade can be a more subtle way to wear the trend without it overpowering your makeup or looking too intense. Swap out your regular nude lipstick shade for a peachy nude color – this will allow you to bring a little pop of summer color as part of your everyday makeup look.

Our L’Absolu Rouge Lipsticks are perfect for creating this look as they contain a combination of hyaluronic acid and grand rose extracts. The cream formula contains a 30% moisturizing balm that provides up to 8 hours of hydration. The formula is also long-wearing with up to 18 hours of wear time, so its combination of comfort and long-wearing properties make it an ideal product to create a peachy nude lip that lasts all day. For a matte finish our L’Absolu Rouge Drama Matte Lipsticks swaps out the moisturizing balm for jojoba oil and has an ultra-matte classic powder matte finish and a powdery soft texture.

For a peach nude lipstick shade try L’Absolu Rouge Drama Matte Lipstick in the shade 510 Divine Idyle a warm peach nude lipstick or L’Absolu Rouge Cream Lipstick in the shade 274 French Tea for a dark peach lipstick shade.

Peach Lip Gloss and Coral Lip Gloss for a Shiny Summer Lip

For a fresh summer lip that gives an understated and effortless edge try swapping out a full pigment lipstick for a sheer peach lip gloss or coral lip gloss instead. A sheer lip color is often easier to wear, and a peach lip gloss or coral lip gloss can be a great way for those with a cooler or fair skin tone to wear the peach lip trend and coral lip. Our Juicy Tubes Lip Gloss are perfect for adding luminous shine and gloss with intense shimmer – and they’re great for creating a beautiful sheer peach lip or sheer coral lip. The formula contains Vitamin E for cushiony soft lips and up to 4 hours of lasting hydration and with just the right amount of stickiness to ensure lasting color. Try the clear shade “Jelly” for an easy clear gloss, Framboise Pop for a peachy gloss with a little sparkle or Orange Flashback for a sheer coral lip gloss with a glossy jelly like finish.

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