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How to Use Makeup Remover After Halloween

Woman showing how to remove Halloween makeup and waterproof mascara using eye makeup remover.

Spooky season is upon us, which means it’s time to start brainstorming Halloween costumes and stocking up on eyeshadow, eyeliner and other Halloween makeup essentials! Whatever costume ideas come to mind, Halloween is the perfect time for dramatic makeup, be it in the form of waterproof mascara (may we suggest Monsieur Big?) or bold eyeshadow looks. That, of course, makes removing Halloween costumes a little more challenging. Fortunately, the right makeup removers can help.

Most of us can agree that applying makeup for your Halloween costumes is much more fun than taking it off. But Halloween or not, how you take off your makeup is as important as how you put it on — and especially so if you’re wearing more than usual, or if you’re doing a test-drive of costume ideas before the big night.

Keeping your skin healthy and clean comes down to your makeup removers (and eye makeup remover, if you have one).

First, finding a good makeup remover requires a little chemistry: Basically, like dissolves like. So, an oil-based makeup remover can dissolve an oil-based or long-wear product such as waterproof mascara, waterproof foundation and, really, many other types of waterproof makeup, whereas water-based formulas best remove impurities and grime from the day. Ideally, your makeup remover should have some combo of both.

Enter Bi-Facil Face Makeup Remover. Facil means “easy” in French — and it’s the name of this ultimate makeup remover because it makes taking off all those extra layers of makeup easier than ever.

Bi-Facil Face Makeup Remover has unique bi-phased characteristics, beginning with the oil phase to dissolve makeup, followed by the micellar water phase to cleanse and remove excess residue while refreshing and calming skin. With the power to dissolve even stubborn waterproof foundation and face makeup, the waterproof makeup remover also cleanses your complexion and leaves it feeling refreshed for the next products in your skincare routine.

Bi-Facil Face Makeup Remover can be used all over, but for special attention to stubborn eye makeup — bonjour, waterproof mascara — the award-winning Bi-Facil Double Action Eye Makeup Remover gently whisks away all types of eye makeup, such as eyeshadow, with minimal effort so you can be gentle on the delicate skin around your eyes.

So, as you’re dreaming up Halloween costumes, stock up on both makeup remover and eye makeup remover to have refreshed skin once you’re home. Whatever Halloween looks you create, Bi-Facil Face and Bi- Facil Eye will be sure to have you effortlessly back to normal by morning.

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