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How to Apply Foundation Sticks as Concealer, Highlighter & More

When it comes to foundation makeup, nothing offers ease and versatility quite as well as a stick foundation like Teint Idôle Ultra 5-in-1 Foundation Stick. Its small size and cream to powder foundation formula make it easy to apply on the go — and it just got a makeover (complete with a built-in foundation brush) to make application even more seamless. Not only that, but there are multiple ways to use the foundation stick beyond your usual foundation makeup. Whether you’re looking to use it as your everyday foundation or a natural-looking bronzer, this foundation stick can help.

First, what sets this apart: The new built-in kabuki brush allows for finger-free, fast and flawless application on skin; depending on where you brush on foundation, you can get a different effect. Simply blend it in a circular, outward motion for even, natural-looking finish.

For multiple uses, you may need two or three shades of the foundation stick. First, find the right foundation shade for your skin tone. (Here’s a guide to doing just that.) Once you’ve determined your foundation match, you can use that as a baseline for finding your best shade for concealer makeup or contour. You can also use the stick foundation as a stick concealer, highlighter, contour stick or bronzer over a liquid foundation, such as Teint Idôle Ultra 24H Long Wear Foundation. Keep reading to learn exactly how to apply this multitasking foundation stick.

How to Apply Foundation Stick as Foundation Makeup

For full-coverage foundation, apply your foundation stick all over the face, starting with less and adding more as you go.

1. After cleansing skin, apply face primer like La Base Pro Makeup and Face Primer, which blurs the appearance of pores, fine lines, wrinkles and other skin imperfections for a flawless foundation application.
2. Apply Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation Stick onto skin and build as desired for custom foundation makeup coverage.
3. Use the built-in kabuki brush to blend in and brush on foundation.

How to Apply Foundation Stick as Concealer

For extra coverage — to hide blemishes or under-eye circles, for instance — follow your foundation makeup with concealer.

1. Choose a foundation shade two shades lighter than your usual foundation match.
2. Dab Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation Stick to “spot correct” under-eye dark circles, redness, blemishes and other imperfections.
3. Blend into skin with built-in kabuki brush

How to Apply Foundation Stick as Highlighter

For a gleaming highlighter look, which adds dimension and radiance to the face, apply the foundation stick on the high points of the face.

1. Choose a foundation shade two shades lighter than surface skin tone.
2. Apply down the center of the nose, on the upper cheek bones, cupid’s bow, the center of the chin or other desired areas for a matte, non-shimmer highlight effect.
3. Blend into skin with built-in kabuki brush

How to Apply Foundation Stick to Contour

For creating a nose contour or the appearance of sharp cheekbones, use the foundation stick to intensify the natural shadows on the face.

1. Choose a foundation shade two shades darker than base surface skin tone. (A cool shade is recommended.)
2. Swipe the contour stick under cheekbones, across jawline, along outer edge of forehead and sides of the nose to sculpt desired features.
3. Blend into skin with built-in kabuki brush

The beauty of the foundation stick is that you can customize it based on your skin’s needs and the look you’re going for. With it in your makeup arsenal, you’ll be ready for any occasion.

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