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Lip Gloss Trends Through the Decades

But if you're drawn to the shiniest, prettiest lip gloss, know that it's not just a modern fad. Beauties wearing lip gloss have been around for decades, and no wonder, if there's one product that makes lips appear fuller and larger - as well as illuminating your complexion, making eyes sparkle and giving your confidence a boost all at the same time – it must be a lip gloss.

As with everything in beauty, what is considered a cool lip gloss has changed throughout history. From girlish to powerful, pretty to elegant; we chart how the beauty world has viewed lip gloss during the last six decades.

60s and 70s Lip Gloss

With the revolution, the trend for opaque or frosted lip colors was the epitome of Parisian chic and it ended up becoming a worldwide phenomena. During the 60s models like Brigitte Bardot and Twiggy wore pale pink and nude shades of lip gloss to contrast with their statement eyes; always made up with black eyeliner and lashings of mascara (try siren eyeliner for a ‘60s vibe). Art-inspired beauty was hot and so the notion of playing with different lip textures, such as gloss, to take a break from the 'classic' makeup look.

During the 70s shimmer was the go-to look as pearl was added to everything from blushers to eye shadows – and of course lip glosses. Perfect for the disco era, lip gloss reflects the light. Those nude lipgloss and pink lipgloss shades of the 60s mutated into pearlescent shimmers and the 3D nudes and browns of the party decade that was all about opulence and fun!

Dark chocolate brown lip gloss in an 80s shade worn on a model with dark skin

80s Lip Gloss

Welcome the era of big hair, power-dressing and power lips! The 80s saw Parisians embracing the empowering effect that a strong lip look can have on a woman's confidence. Cue serious shades of deep brown lipgloss and red lipgloss during the daytime and at night a pop-tastic plethora of electric oranges, vibrant fuchsias and neon pinks.

For an updated version of 80s power lip gloss, try Lancôme L’Absolu Sheer in Rose Printemps, which envelops lips in a vibrant, satin-soft hue, the color of Parisian roses in the spring. The sheer texture and elegant sheen is a modern equivalent of the 80s Parisians' makeup weapon of choice. Shoulder pads are optional of course!

90s Lip Gloss

Lip gloss really came into its own in the 90s and was a particularly cool trend if you were in your teens and twenties. Glossy lips reigned supreme, from sugary pink lip glosses worn with pink blush and ultra-straight hair, to the dark lip liner worn with light lip gloss look that was popular, if somewhat unadvisable in hindsight this decade.

The Nineties also saw the onset of clear lip gloss layered on top of every lipstick shade you owned.

2000s and y2k Lip Gloss Trends

As the millennium dawned glossy, glittery lips in sheer pale hues became the trend. At the same time, the 'futuristic' trend was also huge, with new innovations and technologies being developed in the beauty industry to ensure that lipsticks and lip glosses not only felt comfortable to wear, but were also long-lasting with strong pigments and beautifully, flattering colors. For a sheer gloss with sparkly finish and a y2k style try Juicy Tubes in 05 Marshmallow Electro (Sparkle) or 09 Hallucination (Sparkle).

Close up of a classic light nude pink lip gloss worn on lips

Current Lip Gloss Trends

No longer seen as just girly or youth-inspired, lip gloss is now an absolute makeup bag essential that every stylish Parisian adores. Tapping into the power of lip gloss and the allure of glossy lips, Lancôme L’Absolu Gloss celebrates the intensity of living in a manner that is unashamedly feminine, passionate and bold. Taking the Parisian ethos of living your best life or 'la vie en rose', it's about pursuing happiness and seeing beauty everywhere you go. Celebrate with a slick of Lancôme L’Absolu Gloss Cream #132 Caprice. This heady, rose-red shade is luminous and enticing – perfect for modern day Parisian beauties.

Learn how to layer lipstick and lip gloss.

Juicy Tubes lip gloss texture

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