“Your New Sexiest Color Red”

Whether it's lipstick, an accessory or a whole ensemble, red exudes confidence and style. I shared with you earlier this week the cayenne shade of red I’ve been reaching for lately to warm up my wardrobe and beauty look. If you’re ready to do the same, here's an article I've handpicked for more ideas on wearing the vibrant power color this Valentine’s Day, and all season long...

Your New Sexiest Color Red!
Red lipstick should be every woman’s sultry secret weapon. These tricks customize red makeup for your skin tone—you’ll love how it looks on you.
By Tram Kim Nguyen

Everyday red
Even the least shy makeup color on the planet can be worn subtly. Apply a deep red. Blot until you’re left with a pretty berry stain. For cheeks, “run a fluffy brush over red-wine powder blush, swipe it across a tissue, then dust on,” says NYC makeup artist Ana Marie. Your finishing touches: black liquid liner and black mascara.

Your New Sexiest Red

Make your red last
On lips: A weird-but-good trick: “Once you’re happy with your lipstick, take an ice cube and run it along your lips,” says Ana Marie. “As cold and watery as it is, I swear it works—the color will never bleed.”
On cheeks: If blush tends to slide off (often the case with oilier skin), try a cheek stain; dab it on with a sponge.
On nails: Be sure they’re clean or your red won’t stick. Singleton does this on every client: (1) Remove old polish; (2) wash hands with soap and water; (3) swipe nails with a pad soaked in astringent. Then do your two coats. For extra chip protection, “swipe the polish brush horizontally across the top edge of your nail,” she advises.

4 ways to wear it
1. Scarlet fingernails and a black suit
2. Classic red lipstick and jeans
3. Rosy cheeks and very black lashes
4. Deep red toenails in peekaboo pumps

Your most flattering shade
Fair skin: A pink-y red looks best.
Medium skin: If you have medium coloring, reach for a true scarlet red.
Olive skin: Choose a deep wine red.
Dark skin: Pick orangey or brownish reds to play up skin.

Kiss-ready red
The how-tos: (1) Go sheer but shiny; try Lancôme Color Fever Lip Gloss in Mercury Rising. (2) Wear said color around cute guy. (3) You don’t need us to tell you what to do next!

City-chic red
“This season you’ll look put together—not cheesy—if you match your lipstick and nail polish,” says Ana Marie. To get lips lush, line yours with red pencil, then apply matching lipstick straight from the tube—it’s the only way to get such intensity. Keep nails short and round.

Reprinted with permission from Condé Nast archive: “Your New Sexiest Color Red.”

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