Auda[city] in Paris: A Little Bit of Paris in an Epic Eyeshadow Palette

Audacity (n.) — a willingness to take bold risks

By now you know about la rentrée in Paris, this won’t be the first time I’ve mentioned it. It’s the time of year the Parisians come back from their annual month long holidays, and return to the city feeling refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the year. Much like the New Year, it’s a moment for new resolutions and new outlooks, and for me the perfect time to reboot my wardrobe and beauty arsenal. Right now my coup de coeur cosmetics obsession is the exciting new Auda[city] palette from Lancôme.

Paris Rendezvous

This epic offering of eyeshadows designed by Lisa Eldridge is inspired by the city of Paris and the parisennes that call it home. To be audacious means to be fearless, bold, and willing to be however you want, whenever you want. French women are the masters of this, always brave enough to be themselves with no apologies. Fittingly, this palette is all about liberating your style, and giving us the ultimate beauty resource to experiment with the many facets of our personality through makeup. What better time is there than la rentrée for us to play up our personalities through this amazing new Auda[city] eyeshadow palette?


1. It’s an all in one — Especially when I’m traveling, I often find myself packing a handful of eyeshadow palettes just to use one individual color from each. For the beauty junky, Auda[city] simplifies this giving you a huge selection from light to dark and matte to shimmer, so you always have what you need in a one stop shop.

2. Perfect for layering — Whether you’re feeling sweet and simple, or sultry and sexy, this palette is perfect for layering looks throughout the day. You can start out with something subtle in the morning, and as the day goes on and your agenda evolves, you can keep layering darker shades to create bolder night time looks. It will easily take your makeup from day to night without ever having to start from scratch.

3. Endless possibilities — Lancôme has dreamed up twelve fabulously French looks for any occasion that you can easily create with the Audacity palette. The possibilities are endless though. With 16 shades in the palette, it’s all about being fearless and experimenting to create looks to suit whatever style you’re ready to try.

4. A larger mirror — From a practical stand point, I loved having this palette with me on the go as the mirror is nearly triple the size of the average compact. The bigger size makes it so much easier to do all my makeup whenever and wherever I need.

5. An amazing brush — There’s no minuscule sponge brush that comes with this palette. Auda[city]’s amazing double sided brush is the real deal and amazing to work with!

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