Ma Vie Quotidienne: Life is beautiful in Paris

“What is it like living in Paris?” I’m often asked this by new acquaintances on my travels. Moving abroad can begin as a strange and overwhelming experience. In a new country, it may seem as though everything is different. Inevitably though, we begin to settle in and call it home.

But what makes a place our home? Is it where friends and family are never far? Is it where surroundings feel safe and familiar? Or is it simply where our mail goes and our Wi-Fi connects automatically? Only you can answer that for yourself.

Paris RendezvousFor me, it’s the little things. My daily life, or ma vie quotidienne as we say in French, that make me feel most at home in Paris. Like knowing nearly every street name as I walk across the Right Bank, which shop to browse in Saint Germain for the perfect summer dress, or where to find the best baguette near Canal Saint Martin. These are the things that make me feel like a local, like day in and day out that Paris is my home. In fact, the last couple months I’ve been hard at work on a guide book featuring all of my favorite local spots for such things, and my daily life has played out much like this…

I charge my batteries each morning while sipping on a cup of tea, then pack my bag for a full day out with a few beauty essentials. The city is simultaneously my office and my muse, as I run about town snapping scenic photos between rendezvous with press contacts or small business owners whose shops, restaurants, galleries and more I chose to feature. I may have as many as five to photograph in a day, but in Paris we always make time for a friendly conversation, and for me, to commute everywhere on foot. It’s an essential part of my daily life to see and get inspired, and to burn off those croissant calories. In between, I stop into my favorite cafes and coffee shops to refuel and open my laptop to write a few pages. After a couple of months like this six days a week…voilà! My book is done.

La vie est belle in Paris, most of all when the fruits of our labor pay off. And so now, after nearly two years of sharing some of my best address in the city with you here, you can own some of those and many more in paperback with my local guidebook The HUNT Paris! It features nearly 150 of my favorite places, for eating, drinking, shopping, strolling and more. Happy exploring…

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