Go For Gold: Absolue Precious Oil

One of the things I love about Paris is how it withholds its beauty from no one. Its best assets aren’t hidden behind closed doors reserved for the elite, they are on display in the streets for everyone to see. Parisians often complain that living in Paris means apartments are small, which is true. And while this may inevitably mean that for most of us our home lives are simple in humble abodes, there is no shortage of ornate glamour and opulence to more than make up for it once you step outside.

Every where you look the city is detailed in gold: the dome of Les Invalides, the details of the Pont Alexandre III, the gates of the Petit Palais, the fences of the Palais Royal, and the statue atop Bastille just to name a few. Paris is woven from east to west with gilded accents for the city’s dwellers to marvel at. Belonging to no one and everyone all at once, it is one of Paris’s luxuries that brightens daily life here. That is one thing Paris has certainly taught me over the years, a little bit of luxury in life now and then can go a long way. It’s also something us women deserve.

For me, that’s just what Absolue Precious Oil is all about. There is always room for a little luxury in our beauty routine as well, and this spring and summer this golden elixir is it. Whether it’s something you choose to apply everyday, or once a week for an extra special treat for your skin, applying Absolue Precious Oil is an intensely luxurious moment. The oil delivers moisture revitalising ingredients to your skin for a satiny finish with the delicate scent of the Absolue signature fragrance: Majestic Rose Heart.

Paris Rendezvous

The result? Your skin’s beautiful golden glow is revealed giving you a dewey and luminous face to show off in the sunshine. With Absolue Precious Oil, you’ll be as radiant as ever just like the little rays of gold shining throughout Paris.

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