Rendez-Vous with Nathalie Colin: Parisian Beauty & Style with Swarovski’s Creative Director

Nathalie Colin is one of those women who is really doing it all. She is shimmering with style, raising a family, and has an impressive career. I started following Nathalie two years ago on her blog WINK, where she shares her sparkling daily routine as Swarovski’s creative director.

For me Nathalie has always embodied Lancôme’s French philosophy, that happiness is synonymous with beauty. When I met Nathalie for a rendez-vous last week at Swarovski’s design Head Quarters in Paris, she was chic, smiling, and enthusiastic just as she has always come across to me. As one of my favorite parisiennes, she was so kind to share some insights into her lifestyle and some coveted French style and beauty secrets!

Paris Rendezvous

What’s a typical day in your life in Paris like, as a mother and creative director?

My daily beauty routine is very focused on cleansing. With my makeup each morning, I always decide based on my mood as well as my agenda of occasions I know are filling my day at work and after. Before heading to the office, I try to prepare ingredients for dinner to make cooking for my family easier when I get home from work. It’s important for me to find time to do that with them. At the office we’re constantly working ahead of trends, identifying colors, themes, and styles emerging in culture and dream up ideas for future collections. For example we started on our spring collection, Crystal Gardens, almost two years ago. The pastels are very much in style right now, with floral inspirations for a timeless and romantic look. We also brought a bit of edge with some plexi glass and futuristic accents, and its been so rewarding to see it finally released this spring!

What are some trends and styles you love for this spring and summer?

When it comes to jewellery I really love the “ring party”, mixed and matched stacks of many different rings. I love to see them paired with bright nail colors especially. I also love maxi earrings, really large ones that make a style statement to contrast a simple outfit and clean makeup look.

How do you design with the modern woman in mind?

Women today are so multifaceted. Like me, they are raising a family, working hard in their career, and also love to play with their style. I always strive to design jewellery that are simple solutions for woman and their busy lives. My designs are fun and versatile that women can easily wear to feel beautiful and empowered by their accessories.

Some beauty essentials always in your handbag or desk drawer?

I always have two lipsticks in my purse. One bright with a touch of orange for day time, and one a bit darker to switch things up later after work. Lipstick, and jewellery really are two of the quickest ways to look put together and infuse a bit of style. When I’m often travelling for work, skincare is so essential and I make sure to always carry a hand cream and lip moisturiser for the plane.

Any French beauty secrets you would be willing to reveal for us?

I believe beauty also works from the inside out. It’s so important to eat right. When I’m stressed and feel I look tired, I have a little remedy that always helps. I brew some ginger in water and add lemon juice, for a great detox drink. Sometimes I add herbs like rosemary, thyme, and lemon grass as well. It works wonders for your well being and skin.

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