80 Years: A Lifetime of Lancôme

This year Lancôme celebrates its 80th anniversary. Can you imagine the lifetime of stories they could tell from eight decades of excellence in their field? Stories of chemists constantly at the forefront of science and innovation in skincare.

Stories of creatives continually on the cusp of trends and style. The story of a man named Armand Petitjean who began with a fragrance and a dream to make happiness synonymous with beauty in the French way, and ended up creating an empire. Those are all great stories, but to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Lancôme I’ve chosen to tell you a different one.

Like many great stories, it begins with lipstick. Three lipsticks in fact that showed up in the mail last week addressed to me. I took out the shades of L’Absolu Rouge created for Lancôme’s 80th anniversary in coral, red, and pink. I tried them on and thought about this very assignment, wondering “What’s in a lipstick?”.

You see, over the years beauty has become my business too. Day in and day out I write, photograph, and film the world in and around these products we use everyday as women and why. Some might say that’s superficial. That makeup and skincare are only about what’s on the surface. That beauty is an industry just skin deep. I disagree.

Paris Rendezvous

Because in a lipstick, a serum, a fragrance, I see the hundreds of millions of women that have worn Lancôme through the last 80 years. Like a young girl who smiled at the odds and left home to start a new life in Paris and chase her dream of becoming a photographer and writer. Or of Oscar wining actresses with blushing cheeks and tears of joy before the world as they accepted the highest honor in their field. Or the stories of the millions of women who have fallen in love in a Lancôme fragrance. Or the millions of lipstick kisses mothers have planted on the cheeks of their family to let them know they’re loved. I see the millions of women who between starting and ending their day with Lancôme, have shaped the past, present, and future to be a better place. They are the architects of their own happiness, the women who choose to put their best face forward each day as they make the world go round.

These are my stories and they are yours. We as women are the incredible life of Lancôme each day for the past 80 years, and that is something worth celebrating. Life is beautiful with Lancôme, let’s continue to make it an incredible one for many years to come...

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