Fool Proof Nail Art for Spring

You know those women who always find the time to get a manicure, the ones whose fingernails are polished and shaped to perfection any day of the week? I wish I could tell you I was one of them but I must confess, I’m not and I never have been.

Someone said to me recently they think a woman’s fingernails say a lot about her. If that’s the case then mine probably tell the world that I’m very busy. That is true, but when it comes to my nails I do always make sure they are clean and evenly filed. But polishing them is something I only occasionally find the time for, let alone an appointment for a proper manicure and some fancy nail art. I’ve had no trouble getting away with it here as French women are surprisingly low maintenance when it comes to their nails. But beauty trends go both ways between The States and the French capital here, as frequently now I’m finding my Parisian counterparts doing more with their manicure.

So along came a rainy day in Paris and a little time to stay inside and find a moment for my fingers. I invited my friend Ana over to test some foolproof, do-it-yourself, nail art looks I dreamed up and see if I might be able to find the time for them in my day-to-day life after all. Turns out beautiful nails are not as difficult as I thought! Maybe you too will give these looks a try...

Paris Rendezvous

Tiny Hearts (with heart stickers and two shades of polish)

Apply two coats of the background color of your choice. Let it dry thoroughly and then place the heart stickers in the center of each nail. Paint over with the second color to fill in the heart. This works both ways depending on what stickers you have, either painting around the heart to create the shape or filling in the negative space. Let them dry thoroughly and then gently apply a clear top coat.

Linear Fade (with tape, one base color, and varying tones of the same hue)

Apply your neutral background color and let it dry. Place the pieces of tape at an angle covering the bottom part of the nail to protect the base polish. Then, with varying colors ordered from light to dark, paint over the tips and let dry thoroughly before removing the tape. Finish with a clear top coat.

Half Moon (with circular labels and two shades of polish)

Apply one or two coats of the color you want for the half moon shape. Let dry thoroughly and place the round stickers to cover the lower third of your nail. Then paint over it with one to two coats of the second polish. Let dry thoroughly, remove the stickers gently, and finish with a top coat.

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