SOLDES: Paris’s Semi Annual Sales Heat Up Winter!

While the holidays may be over, the shopping frenzy in Paris doesn’t calm down with the debut of the year. In fact, quite the opposite.

Hot ticket items are piling up at the registers for the semiannual sales all of the Parisians look forward to. Any given day of the year, Paris is one of the world’s most incredible places to shop. Its beautiful flagships from the world’s top brands, Lancôme included, take our breath away and small boutique creators are ready to be discovered. Just like the shopping, the sales here cannot be rivalled!

Paris Rendezvous

SOLDES means sales in French, and France restricts them for all stores in the country to take place only twice a year. That’s right, twice a year for one month businesses are allowed to mark down prices and advertise sales, but the rest of the year they’re legally forbidden from promoting with discounts. So that means when the sale window comes around each January to February (and each summer in July) they go all out, and so do the shoppers! SOLDES season here is practically a national sport, and definitely one of every Parisienne’s favorite pastimes. Sometimes people get so heated power shopping for amazing prices that things get a bit out of hand. I once saw a woman faint shopping in the frenzy of the SOLDES and escorted out of the store by a paramedic.

Parisians hold out for months trying to resist buying some of the season’s best items, knowing that when the sales roll around now they can score them at amazing discounts. If you’re a shopaholic coming to Paris, my little word of advice is to schedule your trip during the SOLDES for some serious souvenir shopping. My favourite places to check out the sales are at the grands magasins , including Galeries Lafayette, Printemps, and the Bon Marché, as well as rue Saint Honoré and the Palais-Royal.

In the spirit of the Parisian SOLDES, Lancôme is set to let you in on some great deals online too, with their Friends & Family sale. But you’ll have to stay tuned for more details on that... à bientôt!

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