The Perfect Rouge

I have a small confession. I’m guilty of doing a little bit of shopping for myself while out and about in Paris the last couple days looking for Christmas gifts. A little refill was in order for my go-to red Lancôme lipstick, so I stopped into the Lancôme Institut de Beauté on the rue Saint Honoré. As a Parisian beauty essential, it gets its fair share of wear...

Paris Rendezvous

A bold red lip is a timeless classic that can be paired with so many different styles. It’s also my little beauty trick for looking done up and put together on the fly when I’ve had little to no time for hair and makeup. Just slick your hair back in a tousled ponytail and swipe on a bit of rouge, et voilà , no one will even suspect you popped out of bed ten minutes ago! Red lips can look great on anyone, as long as you know how to pick out the right rouge for your skin tone. Of course we can play with all ends of the spectrum with lipstick to achieve different effects, but for a classic red rouge à levres look here are the general rules of thumb...

• For fair skin tones like myself, go for cooler reds. Also sometimes referred to as blue reds, they won’t clash with our pink undertones so as not to look shocking or bring out imperfections. In terms of brightness, the more fair your skin is the less bright you need your red lipstick to be, as it’s already going to stand out. I found L’Absolu Rouge in Rose Lancôme is a great match.
• For medium skin tones with more olive complexions, a true red in the middle of the spectrum is perfect for you: not too cool and not too warm. It’s okay so go slightly brighter than fair tones would, as you’ll need a bit of oomph to make your red stand out. L’Absolu Rouge in Saffron Silk will look gorgeous on you. in Rose Lancôme is a great match.
• For darker skin tones , you should lean towards reds that are warmer, with hues of orange in them. Brighter shades will contrast with your skin more, and make your red really pop out from dark skin. L’Absolu Rouge in Absolu Rouge is a classic warm and bold red that is perfect for you.

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