The first oyster I tried was in Paris late one night at a Brasserie called the Pied du Cochon. It was my first several months in France, and thus it was important to be in the spirit of trying new things.

While they may be a bit of an acquired taste, they’ve since become one of my favorite things to eat. Paris may is landlocked, but the shores of Normandy and Bretagne with some of the best fruits de mer aren’t far away, which is why it has some of the most renowned seafood restaurants in the world. Some of my favorites are the oyster bars. I follow the oyster rule and refrain in the months that don’t end in “R”, but as soon as September rolls around you’ll find me back at a few of these spots...

La Cabine Aux Huitres feels much like being in tight quarters on a boat, hence the name. The menu is mostly oysters, served by the dozen and accompanied by a house selected bottle of white wine. The communal tables and always friendly staff give the place a cozy family vibe, especially appreciated by foreigners abroad like myself.

Paris Rendez-vous

Le Mary Celeste serves up a rotating selection of mostly wild oysters. Befitting the oyster offering, its nautical name pays hommage to the great maritime mystery of the “Mary Celeste” ship, who’s crew disappeared at sea never to be seen again. Have no fear though, the staff at his bar is still very much on board seven nights a week serving up great cocktails along with those oysters, the perfect pairing!

Huîtrerie Régis is a culinary pearl near Saint Germain serving oysters exclusively from Marennes d’Oleron. They’re characterized by the blue green algae that cover their gills, and a refined nutty taste. Huîtrerie Régis’s great selection of wines are the perfect compliment, and prices reasonable so you can enjoy as many oysters as you like as they’re shucked before your own eyes.

Clamato is has a 20 foot bar that serves up oysters on the half shell from Normandy, Utah Beach, Maldon, and more. If you like your oysters with all the fixings, you’ll enjoy their spicy homemade tobasco sauce and shallot vinaigrette.

Can’t wait to get to Paris to try out these spots? In Los Angeles, La Poubelle is my favorite French café for them, while in New York Hotel Del Mano is my go to place to order up some oysters!

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