RENDEZVOUS WITH INES OLYMPE MERCADAL: Beauty & Design Through Generations

Take it from me, stepping into the life of a Parisian designer for a day is a pretty dreamy thing. Since I discovered them, I’ve quite literally been stepping into the gorgeous shoes of Atelier Mercadal, one of my favorite Parisian brands. With creative personal style, lively attitude, and a keen design sense for what women want, the mother daughter duo behind the brand sparked my fascination.

Mother Marie-Laure Mercadal and daughter Ines Olympe Mercadal not only seemed like the perfect team, but also the greatest of friends. “Biensur…Mom taught me everything” Ines explained to me at my recent rendezvous with her in their Saint Germain flagship boutique and showroom. “We work together in perfect harmony now, two brands each unto our own world collaborating everyday to carry out our projects.”

Paris Rendez-vous

While design is a fifth generation legacy in the family, it’s evident that beauty is as well. With the striking resemblance between the two, I had to ask what French beauty secrets Marie-Laure taught Ines in addition to design while growing up…

When it comes to beauty, their “Best secret is to sleep well and drink lots of fresh juice! Of course skincare is of huge importance to French women, from the general to focused products like special creams. Splurging on a skin treatment now and then” like at Lancome's Institut de Beauté for example “Is definitely worth it” according to them. But the best beauty secret from this Parisian mother to daughter? “Mom taught me to be beautiful by smiling even through the tough times.” Such grace I am sure comes in handy when running a global brand.

And on designing in the French capital? “Paris is the framework of my design. I understand the desires of all sorts of women to remain beautiful across the challenges of the city, from the metro to paved streets, our heels take everything into account.” said Ines. Of course Parisiennes are also her muses with their “old-fashioned femininity and quaint charm.”

In the atelier I could see beauty is an integral part of Ines' days, touching up her pinup inspired makeup and hair at her desk throughout the afternoon. So to no surprise, after a few hours she waved goodbye to me as fresh faced as when we began, back to work on another great collection…

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