HATS OFF TO PARIS: Top off your beauty look with this perfect Parisian accessory.

When you first think of hats and the French, the beret always comes to mind. Over the years it has become an iconic symbol of the French abroad, a cute cliché if you will. But it would be a shame to limit the French to just one style, when they’ve mastered this accessory in so many styles throughout the years.

The hat fashion for women was perhaps most outrageous in France during the 1700s. Marie Antoinette is most famous for such flare during this time, when women’s hats reached great heights attached to the tops of wigs, and sometimes took as long as two days preparing for a party!

Nowadays, the French woman prefers styles that are a bit more reasonable, but the art has not been lost. A gorgeous hat is still the perfect accessory here, and Paris is home to artisan hat makers and vendors very much appreciated by its stylish population. Here are some of my favorites you must visit when you make it to Paris. If you leave with the perfect new accessory, try pairing it with a bit of liquid liner to make your eyes pop and luscious berry lip like I did today…

Paris Rendez-vous

9 rue St. Paul, Cour Verte, 75004 Paris
Tucked away in the Village Saint Paul this little corner shop is packed to the ceiling with all the fixings for a gorgeous custom hat. Stop in to create your own custom design, which they assemble in the shop right before your eyes.

11 Rue Cassette, 75006 Paris
In Paris’s utlra fashionable Saint Germain neighborhood, La Cerise Sur Le Chapeau specializes in customizing classic hat styles and adding a cherry on top, a little decadence if you will from a selection of colorful ribbons, feathers, and more. In just a few minutes your hat is ready to wear!

23 rue Saint Sulpice, 75006 Paris
Marie Mercié’s Paris shop has been open more than 25 years, and has since made her an icon of this accessory, collaborating with the greatest fashion houses. Her Saint Germain shop houses both practical and whimsical designs all handmade in her Paris workshop.

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