Awakening the Senses at The Lancôme Institute

Every now and then I get so busy that I’m swept away by my work life and the hustle and bustle of my 20s here in Paris. At night I turn up exhausted and fall into bed, skipping my skincare routine entirely. In the morning it’s back to go-go-go, and for several days I feel there’s no time to relax and look after myself. My skin shows the first signs of such stress, but soon my mood follows. I struggle to find my center, my focus, my peace of mind. Since a vacation isn’t always feasible to remedy such a rut, the next best thing I know to snap me out of it is a visit to the spa.

Lancôme’s invitation to get acquainted with L’institut Lancôme (The Lancôme Institute) here in Paris came just in time. I was in one of those ruts and my skin was fed up with too little sleep and no tender loving care. It was about time I took some cues from French women, who seem to have mastered always making time for a bit of pampering, or soin as they say. By now I was in desperate need of it, and penciled in a few hours for a morning at the spa.

Paris Rendez-vous

At The Lancôme Institute, science meets the senses. The experience begins as you walk in the door. After a friendly greeting you’re led up the spiral staircase to decompress with a hot herbal tea before beginning your treatment, the first step on your journey to awakening the senses. The relaxing treatment rooms have a comforting cocoon-like feel, draped in cloth and illuminated by an ethereal glow of blues, pinks and lavenders coordinated to each step of your soothing session. I opted for a Rehydrating & Replenishing treatment, restoring the moisture and nutrients my skin had been deprived of, and smoothing the fine lines that appear when I’m too busy to stay hydrated throughout the day. I’m sure the Génifique and Génifique Yeux my therapist applied had something to do with that. After just an hour and a half, I felt rejuvenated, rested and ready to face the rest of the day. Conveniently, on my way out a makeup artist gave me a quick touch of makeup to complement my newly fresh face. Finally, after a light misting of my favorite La Vie Est Belle fragrance, I was ready to face the rest of the day in Paris.

Perhaps you’ll make a rendez-vous at one of Lancôme’s Institutes yourself. Everyone deserves a lovely little indulgence once in a while. Treat yourself — you earned it.

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